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> The headache today to write the contents of setting a bit more, the forehead is hot,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, be postponed until noon, the other from the penalty plus more chapter. Www QUANbEn com ...... Prynne Ye Chen et al introduced one by one, some of which Jane drug in the last days after birth, such as quenching spiritual fruit,Nike Jordan 2 Shoes, Aoki leaves and other herbs, be able to find in the modern and Vulcan fruit, Long vanilla is already extinct. "Days Xianglian, a total of 12 lotus Year 12,000 years, each lotus can be increased by 500 combat effectiveness!" Blood dan, red spots lotus, dragon dates as well as many other materials from the deployment of taking down, active blood gas, adding air force "Prynne point to a black Danwan, said:" This is called the miasma Dan, three hours after taking down of the body pores emit a very unpleasant odor. "Yue Heng stunned and said:" odor? "Prynne smiled and said: "Although this can not enhance its own power, there are some special purpose, in a dangerous environment, in order to prevent the body blood gas monster smell, you can take this to cover up their own blood gas." YUE Heng Huangwu over the. With that introduction, Ye Chen selected some senior herbs, to White Dragon et al., Are to enhance physical fitness, or increase the use of pneumatic, when the effect of a strong body to a certain level, lower herbs greatly reduced. Leaf morning alone find Zhaoleyichu the open space, sat down cross-legged, right hand Vulcan fruit, the body's burning of pneumatic storm poured forth, turned into a fire lotus the Vulcan fruit wrapped in inside. Incineration! Hot burning gas forces such as a roads wherein were fiery serpents, and shrouded fire the fruit of God, the rapid uptake of the energy inside, along the palm inhaled, the body's pores open, emitting a Road heat. The flame energy with a strong energy in the meridians walk, air force, such as a lake, slowly growing, originally reached the second order of the air force of the late, more and more full this pure jīng of energy. Just a moment - Boom! Ye Chen mind while buzz, trembling body skin pores peristalsis, the body of flesh and blood, meridians, bones, in the extrusion grown cells to rupture, and then rebirth, re-rupture, like a snake molting, necrotic cells crowding out, come together to form black sè liquid, gurgling flow along the pores, covered the whole body. With the strength to break through to the third order, the constitution also enhance the many, whole body bone from Mori white sè, become crystal clear, as if a piece of jade, the fibers of the flesh is more dense, meridians, such as jade, interwoven in the body, intricate, etc. 5000, the body will be transformed to an extreme, to the point of the "jade bone Bing Ji. Time flows slowly ... after a day! Ye Chen opened his eyes, the Vulcan in the palm fruit has been completely refining, even peel did not leave such a treasure, even if leaves are huge energy. Air force division to break through to the third-order interim, just short of that will achieve late, the destructive power of the air force alone, will reach 1.6 million KG! "Ye Chen clenched fist, eyes of jīng light bloom," physical break through to 1300 650,000 KG forces! "he slowly stood up, air force a move, put the water god chain to open a curtain of water from the top of the head emerge out of thin air vent down, the whole body wet with the skin motility, remaining in the pores The in black sè of impurities are squeezed out, rinse it, along the foot of the outflow on the ground, leaving a black sè Shuibo. Leaf morning the body burning gas force a turn, put the body of water were evaporated. Clean the body, Ye Chen turned around and looked, they saw the White Dragon, who is also refining their own things, not long before, YUE Heng first opened his eyes, with a surprise sè. "I swallow the Bi panacea, the constitution increased by 50!" Yue Heng excitement. Ye Chen nodded slightly, Bi precious silver bullets, is a rare immortality, hundreds of materials, before refining, such an effect is not surprising. Soon, the White Dragon, who woke up one after another. "My body reached 500!" White Dragon exciting, he was taking two of immortality, an increase of 80 physique. "I'm 550!" Zhuge who chuckled, before of all people, the weakest since the last siege of the war, and his the body is xìng monster corpse very much, leading to his strength from then, beyond the White Dragon and her identity. "530." Mo Feng Road dull. "600." Leaf bamboo laughing road. Today, the the original weak, Fish hiding in the Ye Chenyu wing, wings are plump up to become work independently strong, look no base city, are regarded as the first strong, even in the base city of China, there is no few people can resist their Xiong Wei! However, for land creatures, so the strength is still in the lower level, and in the vast sea monster, even the middle and lower reaches are not really. Ye Chen looked at the treasures of the library, eyes flash, migraine Prynne said: "This is the first what?" Prynne sweet smile, said: "It was a dragon Dan, a mixture of many materials with from , the inherent energy the too jīng pure, unusual physical taking down easily blasting to death. "Dragon Dan?" Ye Chen help Yizheng, Mouzhong jīng flash of light, looking Prynne Road: "How much physical, in order to taking? "Prynne thought for a moment, said:" at least Jinpin third-order physical fitness for the job. "3000 job ......" Ye Chen slight frown, he thought for a moment, nodded and said: "I first reserved, and after I come to take. "ah!" the Prynne gentle nod. Subsequently, the crowd left the Treasures Gallery, Ye Chen looked at Prynne, said: "the city rì often maintenance requires a great deal of energy, and if I'm not mistaken, in the city center, there should be an energy sacred tree?" Prynne startled for a moment, could not help but looked him, eyebrows Weicu, said: "How do you know? Pollin City core secrets,Nike Air Jordan 9, know that people are not more than five!" the Ye Chenping static Road : "From the other remains in the know." Prynne looked at the next White Dragon et al, some hesitation, but see Ye Chen does not have any indication, they only said: "Yes, the city has an energy sacred tree, is white teeth Venerable to win over the world from the wood line, the year is not long, only 120 million years. "" 120 million years! "White Dragon, who fell deep breath. A tree can live for 120 million years? You know, the development of modern civilization so far, also only just over a thousand years, 120 years time, the number of the rise of civilization and destruction? Leaves morning eyes of jīng, flash of light, calm and said: "lead the way." Prynne faint Yi Tan, said: "Well, anyway, you now remains master, that's all you have the right to know and use." Then, take the lead along the waves channel to go to. The crowd followed. YUE Heng Ye Chen puzzled and said: "What is the energy of God tree?" Ye Chenping Short Road: "This plant is rather peculiar, is a natural energy intake instrument." His trip to the ruins, is intended primarily for the strain energy sacred tree, This is an amazing plant, its trunk, branches and leaves, from the air intake of a variety of mysterious energy of the free light and fire of material elements, dark matter element into the into the trunk, washed into the purest energy between the leaves condenses into energy fruit. Energy collected by the civilization of Atlantis, by the light energy into compressed into crystal energy, are artificial refining energy grain, energy sacred tree is a natural refining. This ruins the device in operation shows that the energy is sufficient, the Energy God tree can maintain the normal operation of the entire city, the wealthy energy can be collected to down to Ai Erwei for refining weapons. "Ye Chen eyes flashing in the attack City after the war, the base city reserves the dead monster, but did not take refining weapons and armor, mainly because not enough energy grain! Now, as long as this remains energy sacred tree, they can be those monster corpses refined into Bingjia to into the market, will definitely lead to a wave of mad cháo! Moreover, Butterfly Effect, Bingjia a lot of trafficking, to have more people, humanity as a whole to enhance the strength of the faster! It is also virtually to help accelerate the development of the human! Soon, everyone came to the Pauline city center. Prynne take the lead back and forth, came to a majestic main hall, I do not know where she is pressed, cracking slamming, a stalwart in the hall, where the metal statue slowly turns around, revealing a passage. "Go." Prynne take the lead back and forth. A pedestrian steps along the channel, down the line to go, not long before they came to the stairs at the end, presented in front of a faint channel, stopped a metal goalkeeper channel. Everyone went over. Prynne a little finger, the metal door Bianxiang be open on both sides, about 100 meters away, there is a metal door, set up multiple checkpoints. Continuously open for nine metal door, Prynne with everyone stopped at the end of a metal in front of her turned Ye Chen said: "This channel protective door I do not have the right to open, we must trace the owner personally allowed to open you will pass on the burning fire source unfolded, protective door will automatically open, but the rest of the people have no right to go. "last words obviously Mo Feng said. Ye Chen did not insist on the sister said: "You here waiting for me." Then, in vivo the incineration air force a turn, the forehead slowly split slit, a slowly opened his eyes, the eyes were blood red sè ; like a ball of flames. Click! That the protective door slowly opened, leaving a blanket of darkness wall, isolated from the line of sight of everyone, can not see inside. "Do not be careless, be careful." Ye bamboo worries. Ye Chen nodded, looked a White Dragon, who, it turned into a blanket of darkness, had just entered, they feel as if through a layer of water waves, strong light shining up from the front. Ye Chen looked up, and this hope, suddenly breath. I saw in front of a furrow go trough, great area, about 1000 ten feet in diameter at the bottom, there is a towering tree, about little knowledge, the diameter fifty-six feet, such as a mountain, lush top of the tree, such as mushrooms, whole body glowing like water crystal clear blue, leaves, such as jade, green drift. (<
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