Rouge back Mana home to find their own rouge box

October 25 [Tue], 2016, 22:04
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Combo Zip Low Top Sneakers Velet Blue back Mana home to find their own rouge box, Liu Ma revealed that he had seen the rouge box when Mrs. Feng snapped, causing the rouge suspicion. Rouge and Mana first chat gossip love, then Manna revealed that Feng Zixiong once told his Japanese will immediately air raids. In order to find information, rouge secretly sneaked into Feng home study, found Mrs. Feng did not burn the writing of intelligence writing a small piece of paper, just at this time Mrs. Feng and
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Leather And Suede Studded Sneakers Black suddenly back to the study, rouge quickly hiding under the table, Mrs. Fung found that she had also heard Mrs. Feng's voice
Giuseppe Zanotti Hommes RDW331 47294 LONDON opening a safe hidden in the fireplace. Rouge back to the mai bureau reported the situation. Although there are suspects Feng Zixiong, but Wan Chi-chao in order to avoid wavering the military do not grab him, want rouge to help them find information, rouge sternly refused. Song Mian to find Rouge Ruanmoyingpao let her help the KMT's busy. Rouge and his joke on the occasion of his fiancee is his long-lost students Lin Tian Mu, Song Mian with to find her. They found Lin Tianmu in the church, and the choir orphans spent a happy time together. Rouge and a little girl playing hide and seek to play to the streets, suddenly encountered Japanese air raids, everywhere bombing ruins, flesh and blood flying. Song Mian arrived rushed to throw her two. Injured rouge admitted Enji Hospital, Song Mian apologized to the rouge, that will no longer be involved in the war of the innocent rouge.

Rouge now has a new task, she should be placed in the three bugging house Feng. The Song Mian outside the house in order to protect their fruit shop for the establishment of a collusion point, you can use the banner before the spread to convey information. Rouge once again came to the Feng house to install bugging, do not want to Feng Zixiong already in the building materials to do the anti-monitoring measures, Wan Zhi Chao
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Croc Embossed Sneakers In Black can only do manual monitoring, Song Mian rouge with a lemon to write a secret letter to convey information. Back to the Feng house, just postman sent a "shadow" of the letters over. Rouge learned and Manna and the communication turned out to be the CMC's staff very curious, but Manna is more offensive, let her see the letter. Rouge excuse to take the envelope, but the stamp was Mrs. Feng in the name of philatelic cut down. Rouge checked a half-day envelope did not find any tricks, it touches to hear Mrs. Feng in the study in the phone, over the past when the eavesdropping
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Leather Metal Logo Sneakers All White almost exposed her. Rouge can only go to find a letter in the end Manna exploration in the end to write what, Manna think she was very strange, or did not show her. After a while, Feng Zixiong returned, he and Mrs. Feng in the study of the development of the stamps behind the secret letter that the shadow of the news is that Chiang Kai-shek will take the British embassy vehicles in Shanghai supervise the war, Feng Zixiong immediately re-apply technology so that Liu adjutant with a stick The information to Aoki chief. Rouge listen to Mana said Liu aide always holding Feng Zixiong's cane out of suspicion, in the bathroom with a lemon juice to write a secret letter.
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