Cao Yuan Jie truth killed unwarranted exercise convicted

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:40
Gong Xi Rui wayward crying on the street to test whether they still apply to exercise love, she knows how to exercise at this time of the application has to be together and Cao Yuan.
Cao Yuan Shen told the ancient color tricks to exercise meets the eye with the truth, to remind him not to be the bad guys use. Cao Yuan admits that he really looked Jianggong Gong, because the king wanted to harm Jianggong Gong, Liu Jin was sent to protect him, but, it was pre-emptive killing Jianggong Gong. Cao Yuan Shen told to exercise, in fact, Liu Ji Zhang Shijie not undercover, is the opposite of his brother Uncle Liu Ji Qi Wangan inserted in the side of the undercover; Zhang Shijie three of them find things brought to light, overnight escape, Liu Ji decided not to pursue; not to mention Liu martial arts into the killing of Jiangling simply do not use hidden weapon; everything is for smart people bully trick. Heard here Shen Lixing rounded the corner to the moment no, I do not know should believe he is still Cao Yuan. Since that explain clearly Cao Yuan just go on being kidnapped, martial arts is not high Shen exercise had watched the mysterious people marched Cao Yuan disappeared into the night. Shen Lixing chase out very far, simply ignored in the street waiting for their Gong Xi Rui, and chase out very far to see Cao Yuan was plot. Just checking Cao Yuan Shen Lixing corpse time, Sun dried with the Guard rushed out to get him into the prison Sho. Cao Yuan Liu Ji that had died from the Guard of sight, secretly met Shen Lixing, Shen decided to set exercise to death, convicted of the night cut prison Hou.
Dawn the next day, to exercise complete disappointment Shen Gong Xi Rui decided to return home in Tongzhou, and she also made meticulous care of their parting winter.
Shen Lixing arrested for things unbeknownst to his son Shen Zi Mu carefully prepared snacks, then, under the report Shen Zhen Fu exercise was thrown into jail Division, six door system with abnormal shock. Shen Zi wood naturally know, his ability alone is difficult to rescue his son out of danger, he rushed to the palace Qi please the king to help, and fearing for the king because they usually ignore the king will lead to self-preservation. Su Yi-Shen Zi Mu Qing told, the king has to apply to the Board of Punishments to exercise care relationship.
Here, the king to the Board of Punishments waiting a long time to realize that Liu Ji has long called to the Board of Punishments Book Xu adults questioning, Qiwang Ming know he is deliberately avoid seeing. The king is preparing to leave, the king asked the Board of Punishments Chen adults share those concerns. Chen adults told the king, bringing the critical moment, should make up broken wrist determination. After the two men conspired to pretend lonely king returned to the palace, to Shen Zi Mu said he could do nothing. Let the king to step down after the crowd to show their early Shen Zi Mu court, isolated and weak. Shen Zi Mu worried about his son safety, to tell the king Shen to exercise a lot of things to help the king, the king knelt down and rescued
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Trainer In White Shen urge to exercise, as long as the king promised Shen Lixing rescued, he was willing to obey the king's disposal.
Yan also lied winter has entrusted the Board of Punishments friends find out about, see if you can apply to spend a sum of money to exercise. Shen Zi Mu took all their savings plus the sale of their land to make money income statement also packed up and down in winter, winter also made clear quickly find Su Yi-Shen and his son as soon as possible to arrange to meet. Gong Xi Rui Shen Zi Mu that the entire process of home estates, realized Shen to exercise out of the event, and hurried to six door looking statements also inquire into that winter, a few rounds down, the words also apply to practice winter to admit there is some thing really.
Punishments adult Chen Yan also lied winter and Su Yi-Ching is his cronies, who stopped a lot of money, the jailer finally agreed to arrange to meet families and Shen exercise. Shen prison exercise careful scrutiny of every detail of things, too, that his father had said was right, it is a pawn in the hands of the king. Just when Shen exercise painstaking scrutiny, pretending Guard Shen Zi Mu into the prison, severely reprimanded his son for a pass, and then let the applicant to exercise his own clothes to change into, escaped from jail
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Suede Wedge Sneakers Black Green to find out the truth of the case and find innocence. Here, the words are also many winter ED jailer stuffed silver, his best words of flattery, take the opportunity to jailer drunk, the words also apply to exercise and winter quickly ran out of jail. Soon after, Sun dried jailer found drunk, exercise has been replaced by Shen Shen Zi Mu, immediately tortured Shen Zi Mu, asked Shen to exercise whereabouts.
Shen exercise that replace his father in prison has been exposed trap, to save his father insisted. Then, surrounded by six doors to arrest Guard exercise Shen, Yan Shen also advised to exercise winter escape from the city to find Gong uncle. See Shen Lixing escaped six doors, also made winter, led the congregation Detective Guard and tit for
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Shen Lixing just ran six doors, the Guard was found, thanks to the exercise has been worried about Shen Gong Xi Rui riding timely appear.