knelt down toward Liu argued

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> "Put A packed congregation under. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM compare bloc's body, feeding the poor to take sharp Shaw!" Heart and Zen finished, despite the struggling and shouting Jushou, strode toward the hall, and suddenly he stopped and tilted his head to look to the Wade: "Yes, put Zhao often tortured look that will give me all of his belongings to get out of a paper money not to leave." Liu argued very need money now, but he was ready to build a strong six or seven arms, good to realize their expedition count Ge thugs. But these require a lot of Reiki, relying modifier own collection, I do not know until one of these years the! So now Liu debate is able to accumulate it. Is a little. "I know!" Wade gulped, then filed Zhao Chang before ending at least twenty-three pounds this big fat man, and then facing the ferrous told: "This deal to you, I went to interrogate this guy . " For Wade put so tricky thing to own, iron gold only helpless smile a lot. But we can only accept, it is the boss who told Wade? Lying on the floor looking at those soft panting soldiers. Iron gold mouth gently raised, approached a soldier kicked ass kicked, shouting vicious mouth and said: "Give me all of it! Ye dare offend my lord junk, give you an hour. Put me here clean up, or else I put you removed all!, iron gold fierce countenance,Coach Handbags Sale, and tone of voice is full of murderous, these considerations for their own small life rebel soldiers, only dragged weak body, suppressing nausea feeling, packed up dead colleagues. Liu argued earlier remarks sided massacre, so that these rebel soldiers had lost consciousness of resistance, and just be able to Daihatsu kindness Liu debate, around his life, although very slim hope, but Anyhow, have the opportunity to ah! not it? Liu argued carrying Jushou left county, he shocked to discover that the whole county are actually controlled the Dragon Wei, inside and outside the county government to force those who are Long Wei County wide soldiers We, four patrol scene. Liu argued carrying Jushou came to a spacious place, readily will Jushou lost on the ground, watching Jushou angry expression, Liu argued helplessly shook his head and said: "This assassination is yours arrangements it? . "Yes." Jushou looked fiercely Liu argued, do not hesitate to nod admitted, Having also look angrily said: "I hate look down upon you, otherwise I will certainly have spread a dragnet in the letter, such as when you enter the city, they to strangulation! "" Do you think there might be what?, Liu argued heard this, his face looked Jushou ridiculed,oakley sunglasses store, triumphant smile: "wing of the state has long been my confidant eroded. Wings Reign Huangpu Song, it is my Wangnianzhijiao, you think you might have spread a dragnet in the letter what? I'm afraid you have not action, it has been won "Jushou suddenly silent, and he will not know how Huangpu Song and Liu argued deep relations, or else he would not have to return home mothering deliberately name; returned to Canton look on Zhao Ping Chang, set a trap. Jushou just did not think that he still look down upon Liu argued, did not think Liu defense force, has been completely out of the range of human! but cunning far beyond his imagination, and finally come defeat in the end, not only did not hurt Liu argued nothing, but lose his own. "I told you no injustice Wu Chou, why so hate me? "Liu argued helpless with a wry smile, he did not expect so many people are actually thinking about the First the sheets jaw, it is now Jushou, who will be next?" It seems that the future income, it must be used to modify is recognized in goodwill and loyalty, or else the guy mixed with ulterior motive, it's difficult of two assassination attempts by Liu argued. Suspicion began to increase, and has rein talent aside, afraid to later Touxiao his talent, there are those who dissent pregnant ah! "While you and I Wu Chou, but if left unchecked, your words. Bring disaster will certainly be a source of the world, in order to the common people, a willingness to sacrifice their lives for justice." Jushou said righteousness, Liu debate will be pushed directly to the "evil one will blame themselves at the side of righteousness. Than Zhang jaw argument. Jushou argument seems to be more" just some. "Haha. Liu argued originally thought Jushou would say a good word. Never thought would be such a childish statement. Suddenly holding holding his belly laugh." What are you laughing! ! "Jushou see Liu argued that mocked his own cause, suddenly angry and forget that he and Liu argued the gap between the use of force, rushed over! Results by Liu argued fiercely pressed on the upper and eating a mouth full of mud. "Do you really know what? The world would kill me to restore order? No kidding! "Liu argued mocking eyes looked Jushou, watching Jushou humiliation expression, Liu argued sneered:" I am not the source of the world and bring disaster, but rather fatuous rulers, and it has long been under today's confusion. Able to lift this burden, the situation, so I was the only Han toward prosperity! "Liu argued loosened according Jushou hand, looked up at the sky, looking proud, said:" This is already doomed, no one can change! "" Nonsense. "Jushou will spit out the mouth of the mud,Oakley Store, regardless of their depressed look. Pointing Liu argued cursed:" Do not say you seem to know God in general, I do not believe these bizarre Jushou things ! "" But why is some bizarre things, oh. "Liu argued mystery towards Jushou smiled:" Why do you think I am obviously holds in hands red Xiao Excalibur, but do not change from within the decadent Han? A lot of things, not so simple on the surface, this is a mortal being sad ah! Will never know the truth. "I do not kill you! Just what I say, you forget left!" Liu debate what to think of it in general. Instantly put away the smile, a touch of the amount of the Jushou one sweep. Just watching Jushou childish look, Liu argued a Chase can not help but say, now that I think there are some impulsive. Fortunately did not say anything confidential, or else leaked it. He can not hold Jushou little life. "Uh." Jushou froze for a moment, then recovered. Liu argued against meddling and said: "You do not kill me today, in the future I will look for opportunities to kill you!" "You want to kill my reasons, nothing more than people think I will bring disaster to bring it, if the heart of several harmonic it? seeing me you did not do the things you know how they shout Ah Jin is the truth? Liu argued listened Jushou threatening discourse, that this monkey still a little thin lovely place, then lowered his head carefully eyes looked Jushou. "This Jushou heard suddenly shocked, he heard a Weiyang Liu debate in the house of things, together with previously collected some intelligence, after the analysis with several friends, before arriving at a Conclusion, Liu argued people will bring disaster. But he never thought that if there was some intelligence is wrong, they conclude that it is also wrong? "Come with me to the letter all right! Ears, seeing is believing, you still do your wing of the state do not drive, I was good to see how the state of governance wing, what is a blessing or a curse, use your own eyes to see it. " Liu argued stretched out his hand toward Jushou, a Zhang Junxiu face, revealing a charming smile. Liu argued sky looked normal eyes, Jushou shocked, subconsciously put your hands on the hands of Liu argued that when Jushou recovered, Liu argued that he had been pulled up and coming. Liu argued high glamor, once again played a role. "If you will harm the common people, I will kill you, when it is not so easy to escape the up!" Ju Shou Liu looked stubborn defense, but askew depressed look, people do not think much convincing ah! "There will be a day, you're dead right on this heart!" Liu Ju Shou debate grinning patted on the shoulder, which was then looked disheartened poetic drama then said: "Go wash it! Quang Binh things tomorrow to you in dealing with your own break the curse, they themselves, things to do, and you can have a reply. " Liu argued Jushou reason to make things to deal with, is nothing more than his ability to see it, if Jushou capacity is insufficient, Liu argued that he would not be reused, and vice versa! After experiencing this, just a little pressure to hone it. Jushou loyalty will soon soar to their work. Han Fu Liu debate is not the kind of incompetent, not Understand use to deal with this very immature guy Jushou for Liu debate concerned, is simply easy ah! "Uh." Jushou heard a bit shocked, then thought I was thrown to the ground several times, is certainly sweating filthy. Helpless smile with the check up the next day, Liu argued with Linger out and after any outing, Quang Binh things all handed over Jushou treatment, Liu argued Jushou determined to try to know their talents, the idea is dedicated play. When Liu argued outing came back, went to the county government to find a Jushou, but stunned the discovery of more than a pound Jushou side, white robes teenager, is it not all the way to the trailing his brigade Zhang jaw do? Zhang looked and talked and laughed Jushou jaw, Liu argued thinking to myself: "They are people of Hebei, does long been recognized, and even the assassination of Chang jaw is Jushou schematic? Indeed a possibility" seen princes . "Jushou see Liu debate came in the next moment the cold face, reasonable manner, to do a series, they no longer speak. Zhang jaw more arrogant than Jushou, met Liu argued later, snorted, closed on his own mouth. "fair and Jun Yi long acquaintance? . Liu argued for Jushou apathy, do not complain, just gently smile, pointing to the thin sheets jaw asked about. "Jun Yi but I close friend. Jushou looked Liu argued a faint, then said:" Zhao Guangping lord often for many years, has long attracted everyone unhappy! Assigned a new county bearing, Zhao normal Zudi. Zhao Yang "." Oh? . Liu argued nothing left eyes flash, his face looked Jushou interesting, I hope he can give yourself an explanation. Liu debate seemed to know what they thought, Jushou flatly said: "Although Zhao Zhao Zudi normal, but the two are not always and, in Quang Binh quite Zhao Xianming, very popular! Plus Zhao Guang flat forces and prestige. Zhao for the county in order, is the best measure of. " Jushou alluding to. Zhao ingrained in Quang Binh, if delegated to others for the county order, I am afraid will cause no small trouble. "Family of children ah!" Liu argued Connaught Road, the one look a gift horse, then light, said: "The real and bring disaster on the source of what you do not see it yet? Wing of the state I have not fully control the move tentatively regarded as properly, do not let Zhao a single large, became another Zhao Chang, poisoned local people went away! "Jushou listened to the words of Liu debate, suddenly felt a rush of shame, which was then eyeing watching Liu argued, would what to say. But yet I do not know what to say. Ranging Jushou answer, turned around and looked Zhang Liu debate jaw: "Surely you have heard the fair said, if you want to see my future as the words, Wade went there to report, give him today's deputies." Zhang Qing suddenly jaw face suddenly a burst of white, turned to look at the Jushou. See Zhang Ju grant looked at his jaw, then gently nodded his head, indicating Zhang Liu argued jaw can promise a request. Zhang jaw fiercely bite, knelt down toward Liu argued: "See princes!" Zhang said Liu jaw is not dominated public debate, what is the meaning of words, we have a few hearts, but did not point out it. "Tomorrow you can leave.'s Letters are! Is there anything to be done, do it quickly!" Liu argued smiled a small jaw and Jushou not see Zhang's face, turned and left (the last one is more of the existence of dragons draft also announced an emergency, the nearest computer always been tyrants, does not have much time to a codeword To strive, or else the next month, three days early outbreak of trouble, hehe. third volume is also coming to an end, Volume IV began the idea, originally the fourth and third volumes of the same Jumbo, but think about or forget this time or with a brief afterword, of course, will guarantee a thousand words or less. postscript after all, only with to transition to use, if you also want to earn our money though dragons are sorry chapter would like to thank everyone hair free, but one does not know how to send. originally known method to die dragons tried many times not possible, two to subscribe to it very bleak dragons also not up wide for everyone to send free chapters, chapters can only fight in the back of the multi-send a few hundred words. hope you forgive dragons mean, hey ......) 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