when recruiting large arms

May 27 [Mon], 2013, 17:44
> A shadow passing on the cupola. wWw, QuANBEn, Com severely hit the ground, setting off a burst of dust, will pull the pillow was a few Hun cavalry Ran pikemen to lift to fly out! "I do not say it. Ye few in number, when to utilize mobility! Must not be army dumplings!" Shadow's back came the voices of discontent Liu debate, so that edge pillow suddenly ashamed of the lower guide his head go. "This is even a! Everyone in a circle, take turns to rest, recuperate, pull pillow, you go to the rear guard, do not leave me radius of two hundred meters distance, two hundred meters inside my longwei be effective!" "Yes, sir , the great master! "for pillow guide nodded respectfully, bring your own spring machetes, killed in the past toward the rear. "Linger, you go left guard! If you encounter danger, returned to consciousness space!" Liu argued patted arms Linger head, put her to the ground. "I know!" Linger nodded politely, dragging down red Xiao big sword. A laughing face toward the left. Cavalry guard in front of pulling pillow. "The poor are odd, you go to the right guard, do not let the enemy cavalry near Stubbs pillow and let them recuperate as soon as possible!" Liu argued emancipated the poor odd tiger jump back, then patted its head. "Roar!" Poor odd excitement howling loudly, bolted away toward the right. All dare to block it forward Hun soldiers. All by its horns to poke a hole, and then thrown into the mouth and chew it a few times, then swallowed the belly. "Then can slaughter! Reiki today they can gain a lot of! Ha ha ......" Liu debate left hand clutching his forehead, crazy laugh a few times. Liu argued horrible laughter. Let those Huns pikemen, heart panic. Finally re-muster morale. Has been suppressed back. "Wing of the state King!?" From a distance looked at frovatriptan, see Liu debate broke, the heart can not help but burst of cold, then gritted his teeth and said: "As long as he can be removed today, when can I remove the Huns confidants scourge! certainly can not scruple casualties! "" Let archers ready, when necessary, do not scruples, to the wing of the state killing of the king! "vicious look at frovatriptan bodyguard looked around, the next one crazy command, but for his injury healed. I'm afraid the first one to archery bow is his! "Royal Highness, if accidental injury to a bodyguard hesitation brothers looked at frovatriptan, let him start killing fellow, he really can not do." Friendly fire on friendly fire! If today does not remove the wing of the state king, the future is what I like the hapless family, I Hsiungnu also possible delisting from the world! We Huns warrior, how can fear death! "Crazy in frovatriptan shouted, Liu argued against the fear, let him speak somewhat incoherent." Kicked! "Found frovatriptan into a state of madness, all the janissaries know not restore anything, just hope there's compatriots can successfully kill Liu argued, lest archers attack!" Come on! "Liu Zhen Xiao debate single hand and dragon halberd, a few waving freely in the sky over a Leiguang Leighton time, accompanied by loud crash, tenrai heaven, Liu debate will be in front of dozens of Hun pikemen turned into a prepared powder in addition to relying brandishing a chance to provoke tenrai when outside, Liu argued also can take the initiative to use this power, but have to consume a certain divine! Even as strong as Liu argued, now up na divine point we can only use tenrai it twenty times, but Liu argued with modifier tenrai want to use many times no problem! "Go to hell! Go to hell! "Liu argued arrogant, laughing, night dragon killer earthquake hit crazy. Stout thunder down the number of road, suddenly there are hundreds of people into a coke." Mou! "The smell of burning smell coming from the nose, Liu argued quite far from the Huns pikemen, and a look of panic back a few steps, his face looked away fear black robe boy! Can be so wanton use of Thunder the force. that is how the power ah! this is the man? Linger other side. Huns are wantonly slaughtered pikemen, from time to time there is a huge Jian Qi flew to the dozens of gunmen Huns divided into two halves, but compared to all the Hun Liu debate deterrent, let Hun gunmen timid half-step, Linger pair of dexterous hands, but a mysterious did not stop. Linger beauty for those who forget the Huns the hearts of fear, loss of the so-called rational, one Liuzhuokoushui toward Linger fury! Although the outcome is bleak, but they hesitate spirit, but very worth Liu argued admiration which color do you want, but the typical life ah! these idiots not to think, not what they Linger weak little girl, that's the same with a master Liu debate! mere delusion to take liberties with some of her trash, and die What is the difference? these idiots Huns. Linger seen all the strength, but also duty-bound to flutter in the past, is it too his own life too long? than Linger stop killing Hun soldiers, poor odd but imposing more, where a stop to the whole beast, there no one dared to close the Huns, just rely on momentum, it will Hun soldiers to scare these Huns not to die. to annoy the poor is odd, because they do not come up, no way to eat a big meal odd poor because poor Church received command is the guardian pull pillow cavalry, came naturally bad wantonly slaughtered! "Roar! "I saw the poor Church howling loudly, mouth spit out a huge red light, there are two moments of the Huns pikemen were vaporized." Wow ah! ! "Looking at such a terrible poor Church, Hun gunmen fear, one by one. Timid dare not to be approached. Either supervise teams behind them, maybe they flew away his weapon and ran away. Speak!" Look the far outside of the riots. Dry frovatriptan cold, Hang the sound, bumper around waving drink: "Let people try back in front, archers throw!" "Yes!" Bodyguard heard in frovatriptan commands. Quickly blew the horn, so that a public Hun gunmen retreat. Put teams of Hun archer. "Throw!" As for frovatriptan large waved his hand toward the sky arrows bashing debate Liu et al, as well as some of the late withdrawal of the Huns gunmen. Linger Xianshibumiao, quickly turned into a streamer. Liu argued hid the body. Beat and run, this move really enough shameless! But very practical, is not it? "Archer What?" Liu argued watching the sky flying arrows, mouth gently raised, Dragon halberd by his single-handed spin up, with the tinkling sound sounded, all the arrows are not close to Liu Debate half step. Did not recover from the pull pillow cavalry, have also huddled in a circle, fast waving machetes. Dance in airtight. Stubbs pillow command may cattle, directly against arrows, rushed to the Hun archer stabbed in a while! There's nothing for melee attack archers, and instantly died one and one's. While the poor Church commanding more arrogant than pulling pillow, body hairs stood up and turned into a root black needle,Coach Bags Store, shot arrows in its body that are not useful, even it did not shoot the next hair Root! "Roar!!!" Seems to be a bow and arrow is impatient, poor odd sky and roar a few times, his mouth a few red light, suddenly hundred meters archers vaporized! Liu, who argue there is transcendent strength to resist, too late to retreat Hun gunmen who may not have this strength. But quadrupled in bursts, there nearly a thousand Huns gunmen died in the hands of their own people! This makes the hearts of all the congregation Hun appalled Xinqie. "Archer is not okay!?" On frovatriptan to see their last resort is useless, but also shot and killed himself this way a lot of people, suddenly hate bitten lips are bleeding do not know. While pondering on frovatriptan, Liu argued that how to deal with this over a number of people, when a burst of soaring battle cry came from outside the camp! Let other people's hearts in frovatriptan, and instantly fell to the bottom. "Oops. Careless!" At frovatriptan Anjiao uttered bad, he actually ignores other ambush. Is really a flaw. "Royal Highness. Has scored big stocks enemy camp, cock has been broken!" One scout disgraced Huns horse riding, went on frovatriptan side, loudly announce his road. "Iris Chang reinforcements it? Our Rangers do? Does not mean approaching it?" Folder Lo angry at the scout grabbed the collar, his eyes staring at the boss's boss, watching scouts hearts burst scared. "Iris Chang's camp issued a fire, is likely to have encountered attacks! Rangers do not have any news. Went collusion scout, did not wait for them!" Scout quickly will they know the news, said everything out. "What!?" Driven to distraction in frovatriptan loosened scouts look incredible fall to the ground. Successive blow finally let him sober him! In frovatriptan now regret, why should fend off the cold obsession with wine recipes, why must kill Liu argued. If you get those early fend off the cold wine, they went back to it, where there is now such a big loss! Just over one hundred people, then he will kill more than the army and indirectly caused more casualties over thirty thousand! Husband brought out one hundred thousand troops, and few people can survive to go back? "Newspaper!" Another scout came depressed. Kneeling in front on frovatriptan announce his identity, said: "There are an unknown number of the military wing of the state heijia reached my camp. They fear death battle, very brave! Kill Diukuiqijia army, defeated! Hope Royal Highness sent troops to speed aid! "" radical newspaper! "another scout horse to report:" Iris Chang Camp compromised, there are three thousand cavalry to come here! Please princes do work against an enemy! "" telegraph! two ten miles outside and found traces of fighting. Rangers banner found at the scene, three thousand Rangers estimated to have annihilated! "spate of bad news, so that his face becomes pale in frovatriptan, he knew he did not stand a chance! Iris Chang army destroyed the Rangers annihilated,Jordan Flight The Power Sale, and now this has been a large array of stocks enemy invasion. Now they are already isolated it. "Royal Highness, we retreat now!" One bodyguard could not resist opening to persuade the road, this time he is also the face pale, his legs kept trembling. "Retreat?" On frovatriptan smile a cry, pointed to the soldiers to go around fighting the Huns, and then pointed to the distant battle cry, a look of bitter shouted: "listen to this voice, are our compatriots whine! they have come prepared! want to catch us! presumably forts there ambush outside our how to withdraw!? "" To this measure, we can only keep warm with wine surrender! perhaps also keep these Kenjiro life! "one looks at frovatriptan aides Hun man whispered. Although he is in frovatriptan aides, but they too carried away, the Huns have this defeat, he wanted to bear half of the responsibility! "Mr. King states that the wing will be spared us all things? Wing of the state to kill the king of the name of God is the furnishings you? In his eyes, we are aliens, alien initiative provoked him! Face in order to keep their order has been boosted his prowess, he did not exterminate us; is not going to give up! "moment in frovatriptan is already desperate, he will become the South Hsiungnu sinner, then died in battle! His name will be public Hun spurned! "Princes wrong, as long as we surrender, boosted his prowess as you can! Only some of our sincere attitude is also possible to let him save face! Which tens of thousands of lives Kenjiro far as an idea in general," one is not pregnant bet bet. Now look to the Lord for the! "The aides spoke on Cieszyn stretch, stretch out a jade inlaid dagger." Sir what to do? "See aides pulled out a dagger, a look of puzzled look on frovatriptan aides. Shoop!" Overwhelmed defeated, I want to take full responsibility! The only certain way, only one died! "Aides pulled out a dagger, you who are heading to insert chest." Mr. impossibility. "In frovatriptan quickly pulled the aides, his face anxious, said:" This time the defeat, but my responsibility, how can blame Mr. ? "" If I do not die, princes in the family's status Ho? This time defeated, your brother will have the opportunity to become Chanyu heir! I die, princes can give all the responsibility onto my head, which might be able to keep the princes to one! I'm dead. Please surrender wing of the state princes king Chanyu will send your redemption! Then please take care of my family, some thanked him! "Aides broke away in frovatriptan hand, face a bitter smile, that frovatriptan consternation in the eyes of the dagger into the heart of his own, one blood sputtering out, covered in frovatriptan aggressive faces. "ah ah ah! ! ! "Aides at frovatriptan holding the bodies of some sweltering, unwilling screams up kneeling on the ground, bystanders heard shed tears." Princes please grief! "People Guards and Scout knelt down on the ground, his face looked Zhuangruo crazy grief at frovatriptan." My apologies to you, if overwhelmed able to go back alive. One must take care of your wife and children. "In frovatriptan wiped tears from his eyes. Eyes red in front of a few Guards told:" ordered to surrender! "Say those three words in frovatriptan time, as if the body strength to run out, powerless collapsed on the ground and let that dust soiled his face." Kicked! "Everyone teeth spit out the word, leaving a bewildered at frovatriptan, turned to proclaim in frovatriptan command to go. Everything is so smooth, full surrender when the Huns in public, has left Less than three million people a! thousands of troops from the beginning, and now thirty thousand remnants, have to say is a great irony, but is most depressing to edge pillow cavalry, they only just recovered strength , ready to slaughter when the Huns was declared surrender! while Liu argued also accepted their surrender! Liu argued that although kill these Huns, you can get a lot of Reiki, but Liu argued Hsiungnu want to get more money Call them! such aura will return more, but for him the 30 000 prisoners may have far-reaching effects. As a result, these prisoners have been killed afraid, they will go back later spread around Liu argued Wal-Mart, when those Beyond the Great Wall barbarian to dare argue a sword to Liu! after all, Hun this. criminal record before us. Secondly, Liu argued intend to redeem captives Hsiungnu people come before, on the part of people to brainwash. subsequent attack on him Kill the Huns have Dayong! have a saying what, home thief difficult to prevent it? Huns Huns can not imagine how someone will betray their own race now! Based on the above two reasons, Liu eloquence did not kill these Huns otherwise in accordance with Liu adversarial character,Air Jordan New School, has long been ruthless, anyway, a clean kill, you can make yourself a little more comfortable, but also access to hundreds of thousands of Reiki too! victory and go, Liu argued armies back to the true convergence of fixed, counted about this war casualties and harvest. God Guard three serious injuries, no deaths; Long Wei cavalry two hundred people were slightly injured, no serious injuries, 60 people; wing of the state regular three thousand people were slightly injured injuries. thousand people injured, two thousand people died. kill Iris Chang rebels million people, Iris Chang rebels captured four thousand, seven thousand rebels incorporated Iris Chang; kill Hun soldiers forty thousand Yuzhong, captured three thousand people; seized seven fine horses one thousand, thirty kilograms fend off the cold wine, numerous weapons and armor, forage several, several gold and silver valuables. Finally Liu argued that individual harvest, three Qianlong Wei cavalry, one hundred cavalry pull pillows, Guan Zhao three brother Reggie plus Liu argued, Linger, poor odd kill people, fully let Liu argued harvested more than five hundred thousand aura. modifier Reiki officially declared broke thirty million points! watching these days soared over one million Reiki modifiers, Liu argued had to sigh, no wonder everyone says, war profiteers best hair! when recruiting large arms, to provoke a world war, then it is well developed in the refurbishment of two days really set , wounded three God Guard also recovered completely, and Liu argued they can recruit units of the new! Today God Guard's four arms, deducted their guide, each hundred and twenty soldiers for many God out of the eighty Guard, the hearts of everyone was curious, Liu debate exactly how to do it! but Liu flap does not say that they are not good questioning, even the most trusted Dian Wei Liu debate went to ask, Lau has also been a debate: "In the future will know! "Give avoided. Renovated two days, Changshan fight enemy out of fifty thousand troops officially return to aid, troops precisely Zhou Cang and Pei Yuanshao! Now they have around, but Zhao red, because conscientious and quite capable, So Zhao won reuse. Otherwise Zhao nor will the state of the military wing of fifty thousand, handing them to go fight enemy. suddenly realized that the war ended, the transition to a few chapters, it is necessary to enter a full-scale war is not know will not control is good, hey thanks to three big today provide valuable pass, "Sichuan six natural enchantment's Dream" and "ant pressure elephant ride. "Ants greatly too generous, the former genius cast two votes yesterday cast a vote, not grateful berth booking <
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