Dior key three Dallas Mavericks 2-2 Spurs failed to fill the pit

May 09 [Fri], 2014, 0:38
NBA regular season to continue , relying Dior 32 seconds before the whistle in the key third, the Spurs to 93-89 win results hold beat the Mavericks , the big tie 2-2.

Data : the Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki had 19 points , seven rebounds , three points and 15 rebounds and Samuel Dalembert , Ellis 20 points, Jose Calderon 13 points, 12 points and 11 rebounds Blair ; San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili 23 points and five assists , 10 points and 12 rebounds in Split , Duncan 14 points and 10 rebounds, 17 points Dior

Technical Statistics

With a magic whistle before Carter pointer by the Cavaliers , a poise on the Mavericks to a 2-1 lead. However, in the face of strong Spurs , Mavericks still mention advantages.

Nowitzki has three consecutive games of 20 points or less , this is his first time , was on the face of the Spurs for the first time since the 2001 playoffs . Nowitzki played not bad, but the Spurs defense was too strict, did not give him too much space , more time, Dirk Nowitzki select pass.

After the opening, Dirk Nowitzki in good condition, shot twice in a row , the Mavericks to a wave of 12-2 start. Spurs played the game for nearly seven minutes later , only to hit a ball, put on after Ginobili made ​​an immediate effect , GDP turns three succeeded, quickly closing the gap . Spurs Ginobili one arranged last six points in this section , this section only in their 18-23 behind.

Section II became the Spurs dominated . Ginobili on a continuation of the state , but played two minutes after being benched to rest. Spurs offensive unabated , 7-0 after the middle of this section , to 34-27 exceeded them . Ginobili returned to the field after , immediately hit the third, and then sent assists , the Spurs in this section last 2 minutes 23 seconds to play after the 6-0 , 14 points to lead 50-36 .

Section 3 minutes to play , the Mavericks have not been able to hit a ball , the Spurs to 58-38 obtain 20 points advantage. Mavericks tenacious counterattack, Ellis and Calderon have two-thirds vote , after a wave of 14-2 shot , when more than half of this section only to 52-60 behind. Nowitzki hit before the end of this section two goals after the Mavericks to 65-73 at a disadvantage in this section .

Mavericks fourth quarter continued to fight back , the game there are 5 minutes and 29 seconds , Dirk Nowitzki fadeaway shot , chasing the score became 79-79 . Spurs 20 -point lead vanish, Leonard throws a ball, Blair layup , the Mavericks to 81-80 lead.

The two teams back to the same starting line , and into the life and death with Bo stage. Ellis in the game 52 seconds even scored three points with a fine cast , to tie it at 87-87 .

Dior hit a record third after Nowitzki tipped succeeded , the game still 19.5 seconds , the Mavericks to 89-90 behind.

Ginobili missed the first critical moment . Ellis layup , but the ball bounced on the rim after a couple of fall out .

Mavericks had to foul, to keep the same game , and is 1.7 seconds . The Ginobili hit two free throws , and finally seal the victory.