Tennis ace Maria Sharapova showcases athletic figure in tight white dress at Evian launch

March 03 [Fri], 2017, 17:23
Meldonium was banned by the World Anti-Doping hot mini short prom dresses 2017
on January 1 due to its ability to increase the delivery of oxygen to muscles, in turn improving stamina and endurance. 

Maria admitted she received an email from the agency on December 22, reminding her of the alterations to the list of banned substances but claimed she did not bother to click on the link provided.

The International Tennis Federation said in June, upon announcing her initial two-year ban, that Sharapova's use of meldonium 'is only consistent with an intention to boost her energy levels'.

The 29-year-old's comeback has failed to win the Mini Short Cocktail Dresses 2017
of men's World Number One Sir Andy Murray, who expressed dismay at the number of wildcard entries she has been offered to tournaments.

The Scot said: 'I think you should really have to work your way back... (but) If they think having big names there is going to sell more seats, then they’re going to do that.'

Last year the five-time grand slam winner claimed her two year suspension for taking drugs being reduced by nine months by a Court of Arbitration for Sport panel was a victory, despite the fact she concealed the fact she was using meldonium from tennis authorities and even her own team for years.There are few things purer than water.

So it only makes sense convicted drug cheat Maria Sharapova should be the star of the show at an Evian advertising campaign launch in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The Russian tennis ace was looking in fine form as she flaunted her athletic physique at a venue in the trendy West Hollywood area.

Blonde beauty Maria, who is gearing up for her return to the WTA Tour next month, looked fit as a fiddle in a right white dress as she stood in front of a wall of water bottles.

Her sponsors mainly stood by her, with racquet Head going so far as to publicly congratulate her after the ban was reduced.

The former Wimbledon champion said, upon the announcement of her failed test, that she used the drug for health issues after being given it by her family doctor.