Great Advantages of Micro Grid System

December 26 [Thu], 2013, 16:49

Our frequent tiny wind turbines and wind energy generator belong towards the micro grid system. But what is the micro grid system?

Micro energy grid (Micro - Grid) is translated into Pico nets, is really a new sort of network structure, and is a technique unit composed of a set of Micro energy provide, load, and power storage program and handle devices. The micro grid is an autonomous program which can recognize the self manage, protection and management; it can either have a parallel operation with all the external psower grid, but also can possess the isolated operation. Micro power grid is really a concept relative for the regular energy grid, referring to the network composed of a number of distributed power supply and its associated load according to specific topological structure, connecting towards the normal grid by means of the static switch. The improvement and extension of micro grid can totally promote the distributed energy and mass access of renewable power, realizing the higher trusted provide of loading many forms of energy. It's an efficient strategy to comprehend active power distribution network, is the traditional grid producing the transition towards the intelligent 1.

Micro power grid can be a small energy distribution system composed on the distributed power provide, power storage device and energy conversion device, assembled the relevant load and monitoring, protection device together. Many of the energy of micro energy grid could be the distributed power provide of smaller sized capacity, which is the modest unit that contains the power electronic interface, like the micro gas turbine, fuel cell, photovoltaic cells, small wind power generators and super capacitor, flywheel and battery power storage device, and so on. They are connected around the user side, possessing the qualities of low expense, low voltage and low pollution, and so forth.

Due to the double pressure of environmental protection and energy depletion, we're forced to vigorously create clean and renewable energy. The improvement potential and interests of efficient distributed power sector (cogeneration) space is big. It drives setting up the corresponding energy supply close to the load center for needs of improving power supply reliability and power excellent plus the constraints of lengthy transmission. By micro electrical controller we can recognize the centralized manage in the entire energy grid, and we do not demand the distributed nearby controller, but only use the conventional measuring devices, and make use of the rapidly communication channel in between the measurement device and regional controller. The distributed power provide and also the nearby controller of load are adopted to comprehend the micro energy grid transient handle, making use of the hybrid solar wind power to achieve steady state security and economic operation evaluation. The weak communication is used for the micro grid centralized power management program along with the nearby controller.

The micro grid is definitely an autonomous program which can realize self handle, protection and management, utilized as a total power technique, relying on its own manage and management for the energy balance control, energy system operation optimization, detection and protection of fault, energy excellent governance functions, etc.