Hope For The Best  

January 14 [Thu], 2010, 14:47
The first few rmt-qa days of 2010 have passed in a blur of day-in, day-out routine. rmt-news The sameness blended them together in a rather tight schedule, news-rmt so I got only a peripheral acknowledgement of New Year’s coming. Today when I sorted through the old binders and created new one, realization hit me like a blow to my stomach: 2009 has really gone;rmt777 time ticking by and there is nothing I could do about it.
What can I say about the year of 2009? r--m--t Anther 365 days and nights passed by without any trace left behind? No goals have been achieved,arcadiasaga-rmt no challenges conquered, and certainly no miracle happened. However, I should still be grateful for a year of safety and peacefulness. As for the regrets, life allows no what ifs, no woulda coulda shoulda. So get off self-pity train, and it’s time to look into the c9-rmt future.
What's my plan for the year of 2010? I hate the word resolution, because looking back I realization that a few New Year resolutions I had really stuck to in 2009. Therefore, let’s talk about my wishes for this bland New Year.
First of the first, Lose Weight, just losing several pounds would be great. I am 1.62 meters in height, weigh 98 jin, Only slightly overweight for my height. But as someone nicely pointed out: losing weight is a lifetime project for a woman. I am on diet now, and I keep on half an hour’s Pilates or Yoga every day. Hope it will do the trick.
Expand my reading in the area of News, Politics and Critics. I hate those, so it would be a great challenge for me. But I am desperately needs to expand my knowledge if I want to improve my English to a higher level.
Cut Back dragonball-rmt or Make More Money. rmt So far my bank balance is still healthy,rmt but definitely not healthy enough to reach financial security. I still need more to help me through the middle-age crisis.
Try to be a good mum. The first thing I need to understand more is discipline theory. My son is a normal, bright, romping, and generally obedient two-year old, which means that someday he is a real pain. I know I am too soft, and I should stand firmly on my feet sometimes. The real challenge will come when he goes to kindergarten. There are so many things I need to learn about being a mother.
Learn to drive. ffxiv-rmt It's ridiculous that I still can't drive two years after I got my licences. rmt-cc How hard it could be?
Improve my oral English---it's almost a mission impossible. rmt-go How could I achieve this goal when I am so helpless shy?
Buy a house in the neighborhood for my parents. I admit I am a selfish bitch and I want to live close to my parents. It would be a great relief if they could babysit for my son sometimes. rmt However, with such a sharp rise in house prices, it would just be another wild goose chase. rmt I can only hope.
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