End Mills

March 28 [Fri], 2014, 11:06
1st, the milling cutter has many kinds of commonly used patterns according to the use discrimination.

1) cylindrical milling cutter: Uses on the horizontal milling machine processing the plane. The knife tooth distributes in milling cutter's circumference, divides into the straight tooth and the helical tooth two kinds according to the tooth profile. milling cutter Divides the thick tooth and the denticle two kinds according to the number of teeth. The helical tooth thick tooth milling cutter mentions few, the knife tooth intensity is high, allows the filings space to be big, is suitable for the rough machining; The denticle milling cutter is suitable for the precision work
2) face milling cutter: Uses in the vertical milling machine, on the face miller or the planer-type milling machine processes the plane, in the end surface and the circumference has the knife tooth, also has division thick tooth and the denticle. Its structure has the integral type, inlays the teeth-formula and may index type 3 kinds.

3) end mill: Uses in processing the trench and the stair surface and so on, the knife tooth on the circumference and the end surface, when work cannot along the axial feed. When on the end mill has passes central the end tooth, but axial feed.
4) three edge milling cutters: Uses in processing each kind of trench and the stair surface, in its two sides and the circumference have the knife tooth.

5) angular cutter: Uses in the milling becoming certain angle the trench, has Shan Jia and the double angle cutter two kinds.

6) metal: Uses in processing the trench and the cut-off work piece, in its circumference has the many knife teeth. In order to reduce the mill cuts when the friction, the knife tooth both sides have 15 ' ~1° vice-angle of deflection. In addition, but also has the key way carbide end mill milling cutter, the dovetail slot mill, the T shape slot mill and each kind of form cutter and so on.