2007年11月12日(月) 13時59分

I was on standby from 6 am on the 1st of November and at 6:40 am, I was called out for MEL-AKL 6 days flight. This is my 3rd time to do this flight.
In auckland, we stay at one of the best hotels, the ascott. we get a kitchen and laundry and dry machine in each room. However, this time, I got a strange bathroom since there was no glasses between the shower and the toilet...On top of that, I could put up a small bench. I felt wired when i took a shower. I thoguht that was the newest designe. Later, I found out that it was for handicapped person
with wheelchair... That make sence.


2007年11月07日(水) 23時16分

Views from Burj Dubai (134th floor)
I am getting cold feet even though I am just looking at pictures....


2007年10月14日(日) 14時55分

I went to this beautiful beah with my friend.
My friend and I had the same flight on the different date, so she flew to Sydney
3 days earlier. When she flew back from Christchurch to Sydney, I arrived into Sydney from Dubai. We had a half day together. I didn't expect that I would go to the beah this time, but the weather was getting warmer. She went into the water, but it was too cold for me to swim. On top of that, it was really windy.
Just looking at the water in the sea made me feel relaxed.

take 373 bus from city
takes about 20 minutes to get there
costs 2.90 AU $

tallest building in burj dubai 

2007年10月13日(土) 22時40分

This is the one which is going to be the tallest
building in the world
I can see this building from my room.
My building has 58th floors. I thought Mine is
quite tall, but...this one is way too tall
Everyday, it's growing. It's still under construction.
It will be too tall to be taken a picture of
anytime soon
This area will be the busiest place in Dubai in a
few years

Something new 

2007年10月05日(金) 19時15分
I went to Sasha (nail salon) yesterday to get my nails done.
I had to get my nails shorter since I decide to start playing piano in Dubai.
I decided to do french nails with gel again as my nails get strong with gel.
This lasts for more than 2weeks even after many flights.
I didn't plan to do pedicure, so I wore a pair of shoes.
However, I changed my mind to do pedicure, too. I paid 180 Dh
(after discount) for pedicure and manicure.
My pedicure got spoiled as I walked to home.
I should've worn a pair of sandals instead of shoes...
In order not to spoil my pedicure more, I decided to walk barefoot.
Actually, nobody has ever walked barefood on that street.
This is kinda unheard-of thing, eh?
I was embarrased but I couldn't stand with my pedicure getting spoiled after 10 minutes...


2007年06月16日(土) 14時33分

Off to Manam in Bahrain with my best Japanese friend.
1hour away from DUBAI by airplane.
This is the palm island under construction in the middle of the see in DUBAI.
we stayed in a star hotel for a night
(about 9000yen per person).

It was similar to Dubai but smaller an less tall buildings.
What pissed us off was the taxi fare.
It cost us 8 BD(2400yen) from the airport to the hotel.
That was rip-off coz it usually costs 5 BD (1500yen).
We don't pay that much for a taxi in Dubai, either.
We should've negociated the cost before we took the taxi.
We turned out to be typial typical nice Japanese tourists.

what did we do in Bahrain?
Of course, sightseeing on the 1st day.
Next day was relaxing day at the pool on top of the hotel.
It wasn't crowded at all.

201 NY 

2007年06月16日(土) 13時57分
I New York

12hours 30minutes flight to NY, 26hours andhalf in total
On the way, passengers were about 150, but the flight was almost
as busy as a full flight.
Since we arrived into NY earlier, we got extra 23$ for a allowance
The weather was not perfect ( a bit colder than I thought),
but still it was better than
in Dubai as we could walk without sweating

On 7th AVE.
So many cars so many shops.

Walkng on the street in NY was beautiful.
I prefer walking on the street to walking in the gym.

Singapore 2 

2007年06月06日(水) 17時37分
On the lastday in Singapore.
I had some Indian food and Chinese fish balls.
Why did I have Indian food in Singapore???
Anyway, the indian bread ROTI was really delicious.


Fish balls 1.50$


2007年06月06日(水) 16時11分

My second trip to Singapore. I stayed there for three days in total.The weather was really nice as you can see from these pictures.

On the way to go shopping on the Orchard street.

I just opened my purse. Oh my...I noticed that I forgot my wallet again.
I forgot it yesterday, too....
I ended up walking back to the hotel to get my money.
I walked a lot today.


2007年05月02日(水) 16時44分
I got Kimchi from my flatmate, so I decided to fix
Kimchi fried rice
for dinner
I also made miso-soup and SUNOMONO
with Mozuku & cucumbers
My friends came over for dinner and we enjoyed eating
and talking as usual

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