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October 21 [Mon], 2013, 21:44
(www.electrocomputerwarehouse.com ) An electronic digital compass watch is a great gift idea for the gadget-loving, outdoor adventure. Whether the lucky recipient spends weekend hours and vacations hiking through mountainous terrains, biking through forest trails, or swimming through underwater caves, or perhaps all three, he can use a watch that does more than merely tell time. Though there is some disagreement on the direction-telling ability of digital compass watches, the weekend warrior is sure to appreciate the thick gadgetry that can be attached to his wrist by a mere leather strap. After all, these timepieces have come a long way from grandfather's mechanical pocket watch. In all likelihood, the time-telling, direction-pointing watch will come with a lot more sports and camping-related features. It's practically a given that digital compass watches will be both weather-resistant and water-resistant. However, the serious diver will want to check the specifications for how far down into the seas this water-resistance will last as it can vary by a couple of hundred feet depending on the particular watch.Purchasing such a multi-function gadget, whether as a gift for someone else or for one's own personal needs, can be an adventure in itself. Just how many different functions can <リンク:"> a person strap around one wrist? In one word -- lots! There was a time when telling the time was enough. Then the time came when everyone just had to have a watch that showed the date. But these are quaint reminders of days gone by. Today's timely technological wonder has a chronometer and lap recording feature for the runner and altimeter for the mountain climber. The barometer, thermometer, and small symbols help with weather forecasting. Multiple concord watches alarms keep the multi-taker on track. And an electro-luminescent backlight allows the adventurer to see all these features even at midnight.Not surprisingly, the electronic digital compass watch loaded with these extra features comes with an instruction manual. It's no longer as simple as pushing one or two buttons to set the month, date, and time. Even the simplest feature, the clock, can be set in either a twelve-hour a.m. and p.m. format or the military twenty-four format. The runner training for an upcoming 5K will need to know just how that lap recording feature works and the camper needs to figure out all those weather forecasting symbols. The compass needs to be calibrated, and considering how some compasses seem to work better than others, it also needs to be compared to an accurate compass. This is why some reviewers of digital compass watches suggest buying a cheap wristwatch and a high quality compass instead of the combination. The directional ability of compasses can be affected by proximity of batteries and magnets so the explorer will most definitely want to ensure the reliability and sturdiness of his north-pointing gadget before entrusting his life to its accuracy when hiking through the mountains.An electronic digital compass, without the time-keeping and other extraneous features, may be a better choice for the serious explorer. The explanation for the differences between two-axis magnetic and three-axis magnetic compasses involves understanding axis sensors, gravitational vectors, and tilt-sensing elements. Suffice it to say, that highly-sensitive, accurate, and dependable compasses are available for the serious outdoorsman and sports enthusiast. They may not tell the time, forecast the weather, record laps, or wake up the sleeping, but they will, when properly calibrated, serve their navigational purpose of pointing the way. Compasses can also be purchased that are specially designed for small aircraft and marine vessels. Of course, the advent of global positional technology has created a quick-growing market for GPS products to be used in automobiles. These devices do much more than show the driver which direction the car is heading; they tell the driver how to get to where she wants to go. The latest models can assist the driver in loca
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