Wind-driven generator is converting wind 

March 30 [Wed], 2011, 11:12
Wind-driven generator is converting wind energy to power devices, mainly by the blade, generators, mechanical parts and electrical components. According to the different axis, wind-driven generator mainly divides into a horizontal axis wind-driven generator, and vertical axis wind-driven generator two kinds, on the market at present of horizontal axis wind-driven generator mainstream position.
Wind turbine are a great source of renewable energy. Basically, it converts the power of the wind into electricity that can power up your daily appliances such as fridges, microwaves and washing machines or provide lighting. We usually see a form of wind turbine generator in farms, where they are known as windmills. where they are used for agricultural based activities.
Although wind generators varied, but are summed up and can be divided into two types: (1) the level of rotor axis wind turbine, with the wind axis parallel; (2) the vertical axis wind-driven generator, perpendicular to the axis of the rotor of ground or airflow direction.
According to the difference between axis wind-driven generator, wind-driven generator can be divided into a horizontal axis wind-driven generator, and vertical axis wind-driven generator.A horizontal axis wind-driven generator, a horizontal axis wind-driven generator: axis and leaf vertical, general and ground parallel, the wind generator is horizontal axis.The vertical axis wind-driven generator: axis parallel with blades, general and ground in a vertical axis vertical, blow the wind generators.
The power cord is transmission wires. Current Usually current transmission mode is peer-to-peer transmission. According to use power can be divided into AC power lines and DC DC power supply cord, usually AC power cord is through the wire high AC voltage, this kind of wire due to high voltage need to unite authentication party may obtain safety standard formal production. And DC line basic low voltage is through direct current, so on safety requirements and no AC line strict, but safe, most countries still beg unified security authentication.
In the power the power cord twisted-pair performance For twisted-pair cable, the user is most concerned about the performance indicators characterized. These indicators including attenuation, proximal crosstalk, impedance characteristics, distributed capacitance, dc resistance, etc
The wiring harness the connection is car circuit wiring components, electrical equipment, the insulating sheath, terminals, wires and insulation wrap materials etc.Automotive wire harness automobile circuit is no Internet subjects wiring car circuit is also not exist. In the current, no matter be luxury cars or economical ordinary cars, harness into form is basically the same, are made by wire, united plug-ins and parcel tape composition. Automotive wire low voltage wires, it also called with ordinary household electric wires are not the same. Ordinary household electric wires are copper wire, have certain ChanRui hardness. And car is copper cables soft line, some matches the more soft line fine as hair, a few and dozens of soft copper wire wrapped in plastic insulating tube (PVC) inside, soft and not easily broken.
Our plant specializes in producing standard sockets, plugs, indoor and outdoor extended lines, extension cord, emergency equipments, and hot melting gun, providing the variety of over 200 products. Thanks to the novel design, complete specification, safety and reliability, reasonable price, our products boasts of strong competitiveness and popularity in the Europe, America and the Taiwan and Hong Kong area as well.
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