Week 1

March 02 [Fri], 2012, 21:17
Whoa. Week 1. Done. And over. Over, I said! What a week. Man, I should really give you the details. If there's nothing more I like more to seeing the noob newbies struggle with finding their class, or don't know how to operate a printer, then there's something wrong with me. That sentence was just total fail. So yes, I did help a girl use a printer. She had to reason out with me that, 'She's new' so. Ta-ta, no problem at all says super Suzanne.

I attended all lectures, and somehow made through them all without falling asleep. I had to ask Karen what it meant to be falling asleep, like the difference between that and closing one's eyes. I concluded I was just closing my ears during those lectures, I swear! So umm, I guess I could just be closing my eyes and still listening and hearing things. (Oh gosh, not those horrific voices though!)

Another fun thing that happened at uni- the W201 room has a ghost, I swear! No really, I'm not trying to be funny here. The room literally shuts its lights and computer off and on all through the lecture today. It was bizarre. Surely ticked the lecturer off too.

Another off-topic: I completed my first round of the Viet Ball Ao Dai Pageant. It was an interview for in front of....PEOPLE! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I had to attempt my speech three times, it's not really that funny. Actually, there was a part I said that was followed with laughter. A part that I stuttered of course hah! Here was my speech:

My name is Suzanne Tu Mi Dang.
I am 21 years old.
I am a student studying nursing at Queensland University of Technology and I am currently working at Green Vegetarian Restaurant as a waitress.
My hobbies include listening to music, vegetarian dieting, photography and surfing the Internet.
My future goal in life is to maintain compassion and generosity towards others, the environment and myself.

Em tên la Đạng Tú Mi.
Em là hai mủoi mốt tuới.
Hiẹn tại em học bằng y tá ở Queensland University of Technology và em làm một ngừoi phục dụ ở nhà hàng Green.
Em thít nghe nhạc, ăn đồ ăn chay, chụp hình và dùng Internet.
Mục đích trong đời cũa em là có yeu thuong với cho mọi ngừoi với cho thú vặt và moi trừong.

And here was my friend, winner of the Miss Tourism Vietnam '09 (?) edited version:

Lời đầu tiên, em xin gởi đến Ban Giám Khảo cùng toàn thể quý vị khán giả lời chào trân trọng nhất! Em tên là Đặng Tú Mi, năm nay em hai mươi mốt tuổi.
Hiện tại, em đang theo học ngành y tá tại Trường Đại Học Công Nghệ Queensland (QUT). Với ngành học này, em mong muốn trong tương lai sẽ có cơ hội trở thành một y tá giỏi, được làm nhiều việc có ích cho cộng đồng, như là chăm sóc người già và chăm sóc sức khỏe cho mọi người.
Về sở thích cá nhân, em thích âm nhạc và nhiếp ảnh. Em cũng rất thích nấu ăn, đặc biệt là các món ăn chay, vì em tin rằng các món chay không chỉ có ích cho sức khỏe mà còn mang một thông điệp đầy tính nhân văn là bảo vệ môi trường. Em cảm ơn sự ủng hộ của toàn thể quý vị!

Oh dearie me, now if you understood you'd say that the second part (edited version) is like a written piece at university level. Or even higher. Like Harvard level. LOL.

I didn't end up using that one.

It's apparently 'too complicated', 'too long', and 'too unnatural for Suzanne'. Boooo. So no.

So anyway, with the competition I'm entering I guess I got what I wanted and that is - to get a photo in the newspaper, and I did!!! See below.

Nursing nursing nursing!

February 25 [Sat], 2012, 22:45
My re-entry to nursing school! Yes, nursing school. The time I dropped out half way to 'take-a-break-and-study-something-else' thing. Yes, it was not the most informed decision but it happened. I went and studied photography soon after....which only lasted six months. Looks like it wasn't my 'passion' after all, hmm. Anyway I think it's best I do nursing as it's definitely aligned with my character: compassion and generosity. I hope so anyway...that my character won't change much by the end of my degree.

So classes start in less than two days! Blue card. Not check. First aid course. Not check. Hepatitis B Immunization. Check. Tuberculosis Check. Check. I think. Student Deed Poll. Not check (?). Stationary. Check.

Check. Check.Check. Check.Check. Check.Check. Check.Check. Check.Check. Check.Check. Check.


A Reflection on the Last Post

February 19 [Sun], 2012, 20:38
Blood boiling...emotions rollercoastering...silent hatred....all I can think of is negative things right now. Since my last post I have been 'better' as in able to think clearer. The more I read the last post, the more I understand about myself and what sort of person I can be like. I don't blame myself for having these emotions and maybe anyone else but it seems to not be the best way to reflect on things - blaming people for situations whether it turns out good or bad. Anyways I don't feel any different from last night - emotions of hatred, anger, disappointment and sadness. All clumped into one I guess.