my dear wanye 

May 25 [Sun], 2008, 12:15
i've got my love.. chuk man
he's a lovely and sweetie pie
whatever our future
i'm yearn madly for this

and howabout him?
he got a gf.. did i wrong to get my love?
i feel confused


March 12 [Mon], 2007, 15:19
dear holly//

I've been 18 years old..this day I felt so much happiness and welfare
in the morning,i hv oral exam..that was awful (I'm not talked about them),,becuz they didn't say anything in the exam.I hope i can pass in the exam.
Then I gone hm and dress up..met them..I'm so tired ,maybe I'm not gd at relationship.
back to SAISAI home..I'm so surprised that kwan called me..we chatted a while..
I felt so welfare becoz they hv prepared a party for me and prepared a lovely gifts for me,,their idea were great
I got
THEN blow the candlesate the beautiful and delicous cake
I'M already 18
thc for everyone who gave me a u all
my family my friends

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