Han Shen suddenly face s è

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 15:36
(midnight, for support......The recent things up......The explosion could not achieve the promise......Say you're sorry......Will soon become a mortgage slave......Big pressure......Efforts to make money......For support...)The LGA qingliu!Wang Hengxiao's eyes narrowed slightly, the car gently start, toward the front drove by.Two J ng by its hastily took a step back, and said: "Sir, what are you going to do???I did not let you leave??"A j ng observes its hand with a belt holster.Its "J ng Mr. Cha, keep your hand, or you will regret it."Wang Hengxiao lightly says, the car did not stop: "I just saw an old friend Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo, want to the past."Two J its ng observation to see one eye, not far from the CIA, and the FBI man walked to come over, as seems to happen." Canada Goose Citadel Parka Cheap;Sir, stop your car, I order you to stop."A CIA Chinese agent to sink a voice to say, a fist grip tightly, s è mismanagement.He is Han Shen from the Hongmen bring own personnel, can be said to be half an apprentice Han shen."Chinese agents, it is rare."Wang Hengxiao suddenly said a sentence of authentic chinese.The car still did not stop, the back came to the front of the car business slowly, Chi stopped.Chinese agent with a thud tapped on the window, a window catch into, to Wang Hengxiao by the collar: "boy, you give me honest, now not peace, I kill you Canada Goose Youth Freestyle Vest, no one can say anything, you know?"Wang Hengxiao looked at him with his collar hand, light tunnel: "let your hand."The Chinese agent.Whether in the Hong door, or in the cia.It is arrogant sidle exist, even in the face of Elena.Feel no pressure.Even to the extent that.This guy is thought to have a day to Elena, sitting on the beauty, the palm.Hear Wang Hengxiao so oblivious to his words, suddenly fly, increase the strength of the hands.At tunnel: "you have a death wish??Boy.Wang Hengxiao no nonsense, shoulders slightly shook, an effort was passed to his arm.Bang..................The boy suddenly heard a scream, the whole body strange inverted out, once rowed a curve.Throw in a few meters away, fall on the ground out of several meters away.Bent arm, apparently fracture."I want to kill you, catch him......Kill him......"Chinese agent called loudly.Han Shen Bang opened the door, walked to come over, sink a track: "seize them, they are our goal."In fact, Han heavy just saw Wang Hengxiao, felt a thrill of the heart, but in the blink of an eye, Wang Hengxiao ignore their law enforcement, directly attacked his disciples, his anger.Commercial vehicle, Iga Kiyoru some anxiety, but to look at a card, but not dare to break through the past, because at the junction of two states in the earlier, a garrison, recently transferred, is to seize New York escaped prisoner.Business car, sat a few people, Mitsui Nobu is among them.After several days, Mitsui Nobu and others have had the huge change, as Yang Dingtian et al., everyone became a middle-aged man's appearance, the body is no longer as thin, although compared with westerners, is still weak, but its underlying strength is shocked the world community.Wang Hengxiao opened the door, stepped out, standing in the way, ignoring the surrounding several gun J ng observation and its agents, but see black s è business car to the front, even Han Shen, he did not put in the eye.A warrior just contact m ō to mythical realm only, he recently seem too much, kill too much."Iraq's brother, do not see a few years, hope that you are well."Wang Hengxiao to the commercial vehicle light tunnel: "did not think of the LGA brother was the American plot, still alive, well, Iga Take dojo is still rely on Iraq brother can be based on and carry forward."That is the authentic chinese.Around the j ng to observe its all stared blankly for a while.Han Shen s è more y ī n sink, even heart shivered.Wow......Wang Hengxiao van open, Yang Dingtian, and Li Shucheng went down, other people in the car."You......"Han Shen suddenly face s è surprised.Wang Hengxiao three people did not hide his arms.
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