I pretend not to love you, so you have to pretend to be happy  

January 26 [Wed], 2011, 1:28

I do not care that thought, the original time when the love go, everyone is the same ... ... I asked, not me, you used it? Just a touch of that person, and habits that has nothing to do ... ... Kids Air Max Shoes, When love becomes a habit, no longer foolish headstrong, proud, there is capital, perhaps the inertia of love will be continued......

Before your birthday is very special. I would like to remember. Now your birthday even more special. I have to special to forget. I want you to come, you will come. I want you to go, you'll go. You say I control you. You come, I am very happy. You do not come, I worry. Now you're gone, I felt extreme. You say who controls whom? There are many things it is difficult to describe in words. Women Jordan Fusions 13/23, For example, the joy of love. For example, the pain of losing you ... ... after the loss. I first pain. Again helpless. Finally growth. I do not want you, really. I just went to a junction when you can think, I just look small dish see half of the time will think of you, I only heard half the songs when you can think, I really do not want you I just do not think about you when I think of you.

This very good, I do not want you, I do not think you want to go crazy, I just want you to wet the eyes. I went to sleep, sleep, reading magazines, open book when think of you, can not sleep, I shook my head to get rid of your shadow, but it printed in the magazine, so I threw away the magazine. Jordans shoes for cheap, I turn out the lights, you look in the dark is so clear, so I called the lamp. I do not want you, just can not sleep when I wanted you, but I can not sleep like you do not know, or think you could not sleep. I do not want you, I do not want you, even if he did not want you, nor to the degree you want in the time before we have nothing left. This time to waste, I do not feel bad; do not want you when they become blank when I think of you happy. Paul Smith Shoes, When I do not want your lonely, not happy little more than the mechanical repetition of memories, loneliness always a bit strong, do not want your time had less and less. I do not want you, I'm just happy when I think of you, think of you when I'm unhappy. I recall memories of people who will not be deceived; the memory of people would be deceived by it. Sweetheart's balance at heart, the weights slight like send the silk, you have smiled, my clear sky, you have silenced, I was disheartened. I catch you any look, whether judged your also like before general warm, cheap sneakers jordans, I collect your all short note, whether weighed your also like before generally was attached to, dear, I am handling these bored and the interesting matter, Puts on the spacious clothes light foot to count in the room, then waits finally a one day of answer to tell me to be possible to stop these. I do not want you, well, I want you, but just want you, not to bother you! I pretend not to love you, so you have to pretend to be happy.
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