and they both eliminated

April 06 [Sat], 2013, 17:29
Fukuda Songgang angrily stood up, came to the side of the Shi Xiaofan whispered in his ear: "Boy, you're kind of, but I'm afraid you can not do without the tanker."? But I really do not want to leave here to eat, drink, girl! "Shi Xiaofan directed at Futian Songgang laughed. Futian songgang pointing Shi Xiaofan, red he nodded his head, full wroth left. He followed behind the bodyguards, the eyes reveal infiltration of coolness, and gazed at Shi Xiaofan. Looks like they want to Shi Xiaofan engraved in my mind, and Shi Xiaofan become a corpse in their eyes, but a matter of time. "Mr. Fukuda eliminated, start the next game." The dealer said a high-pitched voice. Loud and high-pitched voice, to put it and already sitting the VIP ZhuanXi Fukuda Songgang red in the face, he was anxious to kick dead dealer. Mercilessly irrigation under the table a glass of Remy Martin before he breathed. At the moment, Futian Songgang with wanton eyes looked at Shi Xiaofan, his heart has long played a murderous Shi Xiaofan initiation. Gambling continues, Shi Xiaofan chips have up to 327,500,000, Shi Xiaofan is determined to win the league title in everybody's eyes. Again after the two Councils, Shi Xiaofan by virtue of the many advantages of their own chips, and they both eliminated. A person to get 400 million chips, the audience cheered for this horse kill halfway out of the dark horse. "I declare that the the epic contest winner is the Mr. Han Zaishi. While he has all the right to buy gold to, but if not afford to buy,Coach Bags Store, shall be deemed a waiver of all the international notary spoke. At the same time, the notary come up with a contract, it is the piece of land purchase contract. "Credit card?" Shi Xiaofan weak weak to say one thing. "Of course." Said the notary. Moment addition to Feier Luo, a dark and stormy and Futian songgang, are Shi Xiaofan glare. Dark and stormy immediately stepped forward,Coach Madison sale, Shi Xiaofan aside smiles: "little brother, that piece of land for you, in fact, not much use, better 1 billion to sell me!" If you have such a piece, I'll give you 2 billion and then sell me one. "Shi Xiaofan said with a smile. "Do not talk to his nonsense, but is a proud and arrogant kid only young man I see, but have not seen you so mad clamor, so defiant." The wroth of Futian songgang hearts apparently did not calm down. At the same time, he was a dark and stormy winking eye sè the obviously intended Shi Xiaofan adverse. Dark and stormy the surface sè immediately become cold, the eyes become strange, two coldness almost straight through the heart. "If I remember correctly, it seems that you have been in front of me din mad all you get older, not quick to anger, furious body from time to worthy." Shi Xiaofan said nonchalantly. The Fei Erluo it all to see in the eyes, but he did not say anything. Just punch Shi Xiaofan nodded his head as if to say "I quite you. "Mr. Han Zaidan, if possible, a copy of the contract signed. Brushing card, the land will become your life-long private property." Said the notary. Shi Xiaofan big step came to the notary side, the contract was signed. For the local zhèngfǔ, who bought the land is not important, they just want cash. Watching Shi Xiaofan pen down a few strokes on the contract, a dark and stormy Futian Songgang heart at the moment do not know how much anger. But they did not dare to attack in such a scene, notary are invited in the international work of the Organization. For the United Nations Organization, a dark and stormy and Futian songgang two but ants nothing more. The face of such strong backing, naturally, two of many honest. Shi Xiaofan Korea signed the contract in the name of the stone, and then credit card to pay for everything OK. But in this era of open money, no one will care who bought a piece of land, the local zhèngfǔ will not interfere with the God of Wealth. In this era of proliferation of counterfeit goods, the body which can be false, not to mention an identity. After signing the contract, Shi Xiaofan feel refreshed. One a go, he almost did not pay anything for nothing more than a piece of gold. His hand in addition to the original Fu-field side that got the gold, coupled with the win today, there are more than 41,000 million. The money is enough for him to take root in the piece of land full of gold. Shi Xiaofan how much you want at the moment immediately rushed to a piece of land for large-scale development, but he was still a pimple. That is Nightcrawler organizations, by virtue of their power of now is not enough with mysterious abilities to organize to compete. Want to protect their parents, he must keep powerful. Bid farewell to the notary and dealers, gambling at an end. Shi Xiaofan took Lin Yun children walked toward the outside, he knew that the other party is likely to start their own. Lin Yun children absolutely can not hurt, her own side will affect his own. "You get out of here," Shi Xiaofan Lin Yun children ear whispered,Oakley Fast Jacket Outlet. At this time, the Fukuda songgang behind a bodyguard seemed to hear Shi Xiaofan say. Walked forward, blocked their path. Hall all the crowds have dispersed, leaving only a few of them. Children, you take the initiative to contract for the transfer to me, or I forced you to transfer the contract to me, or I'll kill you? "Fukuda songgang at the moment brazenly said. Shi Xiaofan, but in his eyes is one of ants, just the money only. "This will not be a little too kind!" Shi Xiaofan looked Futian songgang said. "Well! Kind? Now what morals? In this troubled world by virtue of the strength to speak, you do not have the strength to handing over the contract to go back and do your second-generation rich." Fukuda Songgang laughed. Surrender the contract! Lest suffered, you still have a lot of green chūn can splurge, why lost a gold xìng life! "Dark and stormy immediately stoked Road. Obviously, he has made clear its position. "Dark and stormy brother, brother Fukuda, forget Do not give him a hard time, recognized gambling is necessary to admit defeat." Feier Luo finally stood up and said. Here, too, only he knows Shi Xiaofan's strength, but not enough to deal with a dark and stormy and Fukuda Songgang. The old fee, a shame, mafia godfather? Is older, and do not let the bit! People beneath you wish you were to step down! "Fukuda songgang looked Feier Luo said one. At this time, the Fei Erluo behind long hair young Muguangruju the surface sè getting cold. I saw he walked toward the Futian songgang, but Phil Rolla back. "The Futian brother man To know contentment, not greedy, or will not end well." Said Fei Erluo. ;
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