Xu Yilun of fighting skills

September 26 [Mon], 2011, 13:45
Similar to the distance when suddenly a bomb kick out of the mine's lower jaw at the front of Ouyang hit.
Throughout his campaign very smoothly, the flow is made between transformation moves, there is no sense of incomprehensible. Bing and Chen, looking one, is not help the slight nod, secretly admire this man's Smart quick. From
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This recipe for rabbit from the falcon off the grips of view, Xu Yilun of fighting skills is obviously very strong, even if they own relative, if not Shazhao while fighting alone to the theory, then, will not be his for

Hand. They want the same mind, invariably are worried for the Au mine. Chen is opening their eyes, pay attention to the moves of Xu Yilun routine, preparing for a showdown next. In the

Some hearts, it is clear from the beginning, Ouyang Lei passive, until now, almost lost the initiative, unless there are miracles, or defeat has been set up.
While everybody was just thinking that the next to suffer this Ouyang Lei down ruthless, and is surprised to find Ouyang Lei foot slipped and elegant natural, like left and right in essence, micro-back half a step back first, then turn half of the body, not only to avoid

Opened Xu Yilun kick this high-handed, is to lean to the left side of neutral at the Xuyi Lun.
Soon everyone scared Hey, are not aroused. Speak, Ouyang Lei Ganggang avoid this step, a great mysterious. Do not rely on the Liberal fighting, and boxing surprisingly similar. In fact, kickboxing is a mistakereplica fendi handbags

Incorrect translation, the translation should be the real kick boxing, leg attacks and lethal attention, regardless of kickboxing, boxing or judo, karate, in fact, belong to the fighting range. But each
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