Li Ning SWOT analysis

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 18:14
Li Ning SWOT analysis
Li Ning's advantage
Li Ning's advantage by four points: first of all, Li Ning gymnastics Prince Li Ning, a small company started by relying on, today became the first Chinese folk sports brands, with Li-Ning personal influence and the strength of the company accumulated by a dozen years, the establishment of a very wide range of public relations resources, has a high level of awareness and brand affinity. Li Ning followed by distribution network, the company currently has the largest distribution network in the country, more than 700 certified shops and more than 200 dealers, and provides dealers with training bases. His three under "pyramid" type of promotion, Li Ning by sponsoring sports events (especially the top international sporting events) and the sports team, ties with foreign sports stars (especially the NBA player) to promote brands, the growing influence in the market. Markedly elevated levels of consumer brand preference, brand image and brand value increased dramatically, sales and profit growth, after the last match for the enterprise began a comprehensive sports marketing to provide financial security. Finally in the high-end market, relative to such international brands Nike, Li Ning lower price, price competition has the advantage, "people have my honest"; in the low-end market, relative to the local brands such as Anta double star, Li Ning has a clear advantage on quality, technology, "people have my work."
Figure 2 Nike and Li Ning's pyramid
4.1.2 Li Ning vulnerable
Li Ning's weakness is also available from the following four points to note: first, Li-Ning brand at a lower price, because they are deeply to increase profits by raising the price of space. Followed by the company in product design, image and product advertising, sponsorship activities, open style, and even the choice of image representative exists to convey information not uniform, not continuous on the brand inconsistency problem, causing consumers was impressed with Li-Ning, a mess. Splashed on its three Li-Ning sports sponsorship, auxiliary work was far from ideal, "sports marketing" is equivalent to "event marketing" tendencies. At several world competitions, we can see the "Li Ning" logo, but after the match the brand management and brand maintenance had been done is far from enough. Extended mode is however, one-third funds to sponsor one-third for the promotion of sponsored projects, one-third object maintains sponsorship and sponsor relationship customers (contrast NIKE: Sponsor: extension =1:3), proportional allocation is unreasonable, lack of brand strength and intensity. Conclusion lack of effective communication with target consumers, target without losing customers, actual consumer and target consumers dislocation. Companies that locate the target customers are between the ages of 14~28sui, mainly students, cities, sports enthusiasts, advocating internationalization of fashion and fashion trends of consumers, but actually buying consumers are between the ages 18 to 45, living in the second-tier cities, middle-income, not severe of sporting goods consumers.
4.1.3 opportunities for Li Ning
Li Ning opportunities can come from the following description: first sporting goods brands advertise, aroused consumers desire to buy together and survey, consumers of Nike, adidas, Li Ning's intention to buy relatively high, but the majority of sports brand's intention to buy these three differences are not obvious. This will provide access to all sporting goods company advertising, selling their products to its advantage. Li Ning lit the Olympic main venue as the Olympic torch relay hand followed by flame, leading to Li Ning, and the company's keen interest again. Lee Ning company in the big campus, and enterprise, and community in the organised established "together to movement," sports community, regularly organization community between of exchange game, carried out new launched advertising language collection, and personality clothing design, activities, for the aspects of information exchange built good platform, promoting universal movement fitness, both "Shun public opinion", also for Enterprise set good reputation, strengthened social parties face enterprise of concern and understanding, for future of development opened more broad of space.
4.1.4 threats Li Ning
Li Ning's threats can also be illustrated from the following aspects: first occupy local sporting goods market for adidas, Nike and Anta rising share of the low-end market, Li-Ning brings a lot of competitive pressure in the market. Secondly the marketing programmes of high quality in the early public relations staff in coordination with schools, businesses, community, sporting league form also need to train managers, personnel quality, affinity, charisma is very important, otherwise not only remain ineffective, will also have a negative impact.

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