A Conglomerate Of Retail And Choices Online Shopping

July 23 [Tue], 2013, 15:03
A Conglomerate Of Retail And Choices Online Shopping

Online shopping has caught the fancy of human beings all over the world and it is also slowly but surely finding its way into the perception scenario of the Indian customer.

Online shopping in India, has grown to a decent level in the recent years with many shopping websites becoming successful in not only establishing a foothold but in gaining a fantastic presence in the Indian sub continent.

The online scenario, therefore, now is one which is witnessing lots and lots of competition with many well known names in the manufacturing industry having decided to utilise this golden opportunity.

There has been a growth in the frequency of shopping online in India. Shopping is now a host to a whole new platform or rather a whole new point of purchase. The possibilities for the customer while shopping using this platform are infinite.

B2C transactions have, therefore seen an increase with more and more number of human beings resorting to the online option rather than the offline option. They have, therefore, finally realised the advantages associated with shopping for things using websites.

This is a feature which has proved to be an encouraging factor for more and more number of entrepreneurs for setting up shopping websites in India and the resultant feature is nothing but the blossoming of online shopping in the Indian subcontinent.

The traffic figures of these Indian shopping websites are increasing with every day and most of these websites also have the bounce back rate to be quite low. Moreover, the number of loyal customers of all the major websites is also on the rise. Hence, the revenue generation of each and every one of these shopping websites is certainly witnessing a period of bloom. This is quite a fantastic phenomenon when one considers the happening of his event amidst the globally prevalent financial meltdown.

The customer has been one of the key factors in the flourishing of online shopping in the Indian subcontinent. All the websites that are doing well today are primarily customer oriented in their approach and, therefore, they are extremely user friendly websites.

All these websites have had their respective business models patterned in and around the customer oriented approach and, therefore, there are many features which, although new, have been integrated on these websites.

One of those concepts is social shopping and the integration of this concept on the online shopping platform has turned out to be a boon for the customer. The concept of social shopping is nothing but the integration of the features of social networking with the features of online shopping.

Hence, online shopping, when considered in view of the Indian scenario is now a host to multiple websites which, despite being shopping websites have various social networking applications and sections. A brief outline of the features present on shopping websites, which have implemented the aforementioned concept would bring into light, features such as blogs, forums, Q&As etc.

Hence, the Indian buyer can now have a pleasant conversation with another fellow buyer with the subject of the conversation being the decision of whether to buy a product or not. The subject of the conversation can also pertain to the discussion about the features of any product.
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