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September 07 [Sat], 2013, 10:26
Li Conggang put down the phone; brother-in-law came in, saw the brother-in-law Li from the thought of the security thing, just say no to this and have the spending, but it is necessary, we can only pray God please, for good weather, the sun generous to me. Wenxuemi. Com president, you call me contact the security company almost, tomorrow others to us this interview, my initial ideas is the two factory needs forty security guards, I contacted the two big companies, is the province is famous, most of the members are retired non commissioned officers, have their own training. Li Cong asks everyone to call him president of the company, but it is also suitable for his brother-in-law Liang Chen, others to Li Cong's mother and his older sister unless the meeting, otherwise he a mention of the name must be. We are the army retired, their training. However, the party's military education people ah, tomorrow we in the company they have a look, I who can take our big sale. Lee from aggressive said, but also no wonder, general unit to five or six security can, he this one to house fifty really is big business. But the military retired employment cost is high, our country is not allowed to appear mercenaries, but these security company with mercenaries is no difference, but also paid. Liang Chen looked at the Li from the lazy to gas, the Vice President shall not do hate Canada Goose Men's Tremblant Full Zip hoody Parka is entire firm thing, he utter words can, heart with middle finger looks down a. Nothing in law, I have plenty of money, and we here is rich, inevitably some Jiminggoudao generation around about us, spend more money to buy a Christmas, I am not afraid of them mercenaries, is the best, as long as I can afford to give money is not the boss. Was anyone with money they only believe in money, Lee from is no exception. Words can not say, we have to let these people find a sense of belonging to it, didn't you watch the news said the thief stealing, security to wind things? We should form their own security company, their staffs, and that is good, but it is a vision, I know your sister just said that you spend too much, you also fear, but this money is must spend tomorrow. Liang Chen was afraid to Lee from scared afraid to spend money, but don't know Lee from is also a love of money master, two people chat a few agreed to come in Women's North Face Windstopper early tomorrow, accept any two companies. The very next day early in the morning to Lee from came to the company courtyard, God, a few bus to pull the nearly hundred hole, don't want a fight here? No, this help soldiers may not put his own company to open, everyone was so strong. Li Congye specially from the Internet to know about the two companies, a company called Annwa security company, mainly to the government to see the door, is the province's largest security companies, relationship with the government is good, heard that sometimes invited police guest, its business throughout the province, even Beijing Shanghai also has connections, the company has tens of thousands of employees. Another is called Lu Thai security company, with the same number Mens North Face Denali Fleece Sale with Annwa Province, different is Annwa is recruiting veterans, Lu Tai mainly recruit retired special forces, personnel and business far Annwa, but fame!
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