around Dayton when the body

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 17:22
"I thought it was who?It is you."But in see Han Yi moment, haughty face disappeared when the panic of Shaidun.Although do not know each other why would sneak into distance himself so close to the distance, not to let his discovery, but proud to be sure, the other is about what can shelter itself atmosphere of the equipment.For Korean Italian strength, pride but personally tested before.Is no better than a hunter only, let alone play, in front of him, even not enough room to turn a somersault."I wanted to ask you, but since you out, so I left a kung fu."A brooding the haughty eyes, watching Korean Italian light: "then, how do you want to die?Rest assured, to the palace security, I will not abuse you, will give you a most efficient, the most beautiful death.Of course, you do not need to thank me, this kind of heart, how much I still has a little bit."Face a chuckle, Han Yi at Pride: "don't you think, I dare to stand out, will mean I have confidence, you can't kill me?""Jie jie."Hear the Han Yi replied, his face suddenly a haughty disdain smile: "you said to grasp, but is informed the forces behind you to.I think you are out for them?Afraid I will them to transfer the place?"Face a deep pride at color, pointing to the exposed nine training tank."The value of this thing, you, me, behind you master compared to know.So now you out of the goal, is in order to delay the time, let you power, catch up with as soon as possible,Baby's Elijah Bomber."Here, haughty laugh out of direct channel: "unfortunately, you are doomed to disappointment, because your mistress came when, you have become a corpse, were placed in the ruins of a small body.I'll take it all, fly far and high, hide, until the moment of arrival of hero bully the world."Here, proud also seems to be very satisfied with their own ideas, a direct wave: "well, today I am proud is generous, give you a layer."He tried a direct, close to 100 billion battle Dayton from his palm ran out, towards the Han Yi ran.At this moment, all the treasure, centuries of family dream, and his personal ambitions of hair, already let pride that only a reason, disappear.Even he did not find, standing opposite his Han Yi, face always hanging smile, never changes.At this moment, the coming glory surrounded him, right, is seeing.Swish!The attack, if it enters the artificial ruins, dragon remains before it, South Korea might really be at a loss what to do some.But for now, it is drizzling rain.Dark step mirror schlieren two clicks, Han Yi body suddenly like melted into water, directly from the other side of the battle force through the middle of the past.The hand,Canada Goose Hybridge Lite, head."Red palm off gas!"From the five year after the first, to blow.Also more than 100 billion fighting force in the Korean Italian palm before together, not only such sites, to Han Yi behind as a starting point, more than five km in diameter within the all air has been Han Yi pumping air, direct compression in his palm.Carry palm, spit.Crisis, crisis of incomparable.Shadow, the shadow of death.Almost in Han Yi head the next quarter, will be completely will almost excited mad pride to woke up.However, sober him, but not seen in the Han Yi.Because in front of him is a head with his mouth open, already honed canine is a beast, a head can take his life to devour the super beast.Suddenly a bite, walk in Pride fighting around Dayton when the body together, PERT went up."Storm thunder,Canada Goose Expedition!"Also, a hand is he Gao Lei Ting hit eight of violent thunderclaps, most attack.Palm with thunder, and the pentium.Moves out, will immediately that great beast brings arrogant oppression to dissipate a lot.Detonation!!!A loud explosion was shaking heaven and earth, between the two blow.Pedal, pedal, pedal....Han Yi back ten steps, and the pride of intersecting the right palm sleeves, now already by two powerful forces stirred up, not only that, along with the Han Yi the jitter of the skin, sometimes also appeared in little Dianwang.Apparently in the storm lightning strike, was not light injury.
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