at least for their present

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 10:52
The soul; Taoism, take the boy, for the soul. Poise is gold, beam is wood, swimsuit is water, red for fire, for soil. Gold, wood, water, fire, soil, five missing, the facilities of its use. People have the soul, the soul is the soul of respectively three days, soul, the soul, spirit and seven respectively. Fu Shi, a dog, Yin, let thief, non poison, removing dirty, smelly lung. The soul of * * seven desires, no flesh in seven soul does not exist, so the seven soul does not consider, but in three the soul after death after seven days of those days, to die, to die in the human soul to wander. While the boy body off the ground, ground soul into cannot bind the feet; falling weight day soul, soul to the heaven not; so the killer is the three soul want this child, and the soul of three seven days before the road trip, for which scattered soul needle forced three soul separation, so instantly away. The first is the boy uniforms, dress him lock soul red, on falling weight this is soul, leaving the soul. And then some strange method, boy kill, and with the soul needle into his forehead, which is purging the soul. Estimated perpetrators should a soul like Taoist magic, such as gourd, such as soul of box. Finally, hanging in the beam, because according to Taoist view, the soul could not be completely removed, so must let him off the ground (left), hanging in the beam is because the wood represents life, a soul leading effect, so that the child's soul to take the net! Is that two people with all the crazy brother Trojan and open the door said, why will the murderer gave the boy wearing a red dress, red fire, lock soul for the skirt. The three soul boy locked in vivo, avoid the leakage can not obtain three soul complete. The boy's forehead small pinhole, also can explain clearly, this is a magic weapon with a needle inserted into the soul as his clay house, forced three soul separation, convenient for the one one. Even Timberland Boots Sale though the Trojan brother did not know that the murderer is to take the boy soul what use, but such horrible things, is the two day of the mad and the door startled. Just see what one has never seen before, have never even heard of it! Open the door with a mad all day, I don't know why the system put the thing to move to the game, but he sure is, this is definitely not a good thing, at least for their present situation, and not a good thing. They may have to face, or are about to face, is Canada Goose Montebello CG55 a Taoist enemy. Taoism! In reality, perhaps is a bit ridiculous, or just in our cognition is not enough, so I couldn't see what. But here is a game, let alone all day is crazy, open the door, Tang Wansha and the knife four game player, even as NPC Murong smile, but also know that this is just a game. In such a game, what is impossible? Will surgery only, is not what strange things, but to face a Taoist who opened the door, say they have stepped into the unknown risk, that is wrong? All crazy will hear from the horse brother mouth things generally with all said again, but there is still some conceal, that is the murderer is Canada Goose Reese Bomber likely to kill the soul boy with a kid. Trojan brother said don't know he must collect the soul what use, but he did say such a view. But this view, has.
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