Zheng Keji cadres but a year

August 16 [Fri], 2013, 18:23
Guan Lu gallop 427_ Guan Lu gallop full free reading the 427th chapter from the book _ retreat () three people together, carefully analysis and Study on the Countermeasures of the Guan Ling era after the next step, eventually forming a triangle Baotuan heating engineering. / / Baidu search books new chapters / / the iron triangle Baotuan heating engineering, it is Jiao Guangen of secretary of municipal Party committee as the core, equipped with the executive vice mayor Yan Canada Goose Alberta Vest Men Junlin and the Municipal Economic Development Zone and its surrounding a plurality of Mashan County Township new combination of vice level town town Party committee secretary Chen Buyun. If you really can keep the three triangle construction completed, the Shanghai City, at least in Mens North Face Down the interior is not too many problems, and Womens North Face Pink Ribbon Outlet also can be out of practice, in order to compete with external pressure. But, for now, and only Jiao Guangen's position is readily available, but also according to the truth of words, nor will he adjusted to leave, after all he had just arrived in the city, but for three years, and did considerable achievements. If this were to be adjusted, it would be too difficult to eat, too not to face Guan Ling. Yan Junlin and the executive vice mayor should difficulty is not great, after all in Mashan County, performance, the Secretary of county Party committee and county magistrate a shoulder figure was promoted to deputy is also very appropriate, without any difficulty. After all, this adjustment, you can spare two take charge as chief of power at the level position, even if is used to exchange also has a certain appeal. At present, the most difficult is Chen Buyun the deputy director of the town party secretary, wants to Mashan County for the area, it is not an easy thing, let alone now, Guan Ling to leave the situation, and then to be opened by the District, Mashan County and several surrounding towns stripped out, into a deputy director of the town, let Chen Buyun this promoted to Zheng Keji cadres but a year was promoted to Deputy place class cadre, it is even more difficult things. So the promotion, not only need the top leadership of the attention and support, also need a certain degree of exchange of interests, otherwise, it is very difficult to take place, and the iron triangle, the most crucial one annulus is Chen Buyun here, this let Yan Junlin and Jiao Guangen all feel a slim. The atmosphere all of a sudden, some silence, half the day, Jiao Guangen takes a table stood up, to the severe forest and Chen Buyun said: let's make personnel, by fate. Yan Junlin and Chen Buyun nodded, each one eye and said: we are destined to succeed. Of course, these words are only between incentives, according to the truth, for they are level, these inspiring and encouraging, already immune, but at this time today, they still be overcome by one's feelings to each other out loud, just like is red blooded young general. Hands held together, firmly shook. Three men face are resolute expression, you know they order this plan has prepared a lot earlier, when Ling in, this plan may sound is crazy, but also have the hope of success, and now Guan Ling away, but they have to be the plan will become a reality. Also important than Guan Ling in this. The >
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