Hello again! 

June 09 [Sat], 2007, 11:10

I'm so sorry for not keeping this blog... I have been too lazy.. Sorry!

These days what I have done was to get my passport! I went to Seattle. A really kind woman took me there and everywhere in Seattle!! I'm so thankful to her... That picture is when I went to top of the Space needle. You can see all way round the Seattle! That was really cool!!! I would like to go if possible.

I'm gonna graduate tomorrow! Woo.
But I'm going to school next week too!!!!;-()
It's because I didn't finish my final tests, and Oreo said "Hitomi
! You have to learn as much as you could!!" yup!yup!

Anyway it's only 11 days left till I go back home... I'm so excited to see my family and friends in Japan, but I also sad that I have to say 'good-bye' to people in America!!! I believe no matter how far we are, they are in my heart and soul and I hope I'm also in their heart and soul.

Hey, everyone in Japan! Wait for me!! I'll go to see you soon!

I love men 

May 24 [Thu], 2007, 8:30

This is not me, my friend did it. Actually she asked me to write "I", "women", and "men" in Japanese, then she added "I " to men which I wrote, so technically that was not me! But I think it's cute!XD That was in French class by the way.

I'm going to Choir tour from tomorrow! I'll put picture when I come back!


May 16 [Wed], 2007, 10:22

This pizza is to take back to home and bake with oven at home, so you can eat hot pizza! Isn't it big?? I thought it ws big for the first time... This one, called Chicago, I believe, is like pie, has more stuffs inside, and it's very yummy....XD I love this.


May 14 [Mon], 2007, 9:50
I went to prom yesterday! It was held at museum in downtown nad it was three stairs. top for dance floor, middle for eating, and bottom for photograph. That was so much fun.

I wore this dress and curled my hair. And you know what? This dress was just $20 with tax! How inexpensive!! (Thank you Miki's dad!XD) I really liked it!

At second floor, there was a chocolate fountain!!! and there were many strawberries, bananas, marshmallow and more stuff to dip in! I ate a strawberry and dropped a chocolate on my dress!! ;-( Well I washed it out, so it was gome almost now.

I was wearing high heel, and I was not used to wear those, so my feet were killing me so bad and I took off them just for a whole and took my host sister and friends to outside!

This is dance floor! So crowded!! and everyone was so crazy! I loved it!XD I hope we have prom like here in Japan.

This is real flowers to put on list when you go to dance party like this. I think this is kinda tradition that boys give to their dates, but I didn't have a guy ;-( , so mom gave me this.

Anyway I had really good time!

My French gramdma! 

May 10 [Thu], 2007, 11:10

She is my French grandma, and I always call her Mamie! She went back to France just last month, but she's been very kind to me. I really love her! She and I already made a promis that one day I'm going to France to see her and she will show me France! I can't wait it!!

Japanese idiot 

May 09 [Wed], 2007, 13:56

Don't say anything about my weight. You know, that day was pretty cold. I was just.... wearing, wearind the coat called "F". Yeah, pretty funny, isn't it?

Last week, I bought a prom dress. It's pretty cute and cheep.(Here is important!!) That was really cheeper than my shoes!! It's ice pink color, and long dress. I'll puc picture this weekend because the prom is on saturday!

Anyway I've been fine!!

Presentation again! 

April 28 [Sat], 2007, 11:22

Miki and I had an another presentation in history class today!! Mr.K, a history teacher in last tri, offered us for his 2nd period class, and we accepted it and also decided to wear yukatas! I was kinda embarrassed because I was actually like stranger!! Who the heck is weariong such a thing to school!!! The good point was I was not the only one wearing yukata! The presentation was pretty good! Miki worked hard! (Not me!XD) We talked about mostly school, and what teenagers do... I think. Well, everyone was in that class was os kind and nice!!! WE didn't have enough time to take pictures, but Mr.K said we could go and take picture of them whenevr we wanted! He is really nice too.

This is a chocolate for easter! I think it's a little bit scary... Don't you think so?!


April 25 [Wed], 2007, 7:34

He is my dad, Bob. He is always teazed by saying he looks like Japanese! According to mom, he looks like Mr. Miyagi. (I don't know who he is but he is an actor in America.) Anyway he likes funny things, and he's being funny. Sometime it's fine, but he can't feel others moods, so sometime that makes us so annoying, but he's really nice man. He's a painter, not drawing picture, but painting walls with inks. All over his hands are always covered with inks for day's work. He smokes and drinks alcohole, and I don't like that. I told him to quit them many times, but he can't. That's alway problem I have about him.

Haven't you? 

April 24 [Tue], 2007, 6:45

Haven't you had such a weird experience?
Today in English class, we were taking kinda quizes and I got something to tell to Miki. I was pretty sure I would better tell her about that, and I thought I was gonna tell her that after class. As class finished, I walked into Miki, and I forgot what I was gonna say!! I remember that was something concerning aout her, and a little bit gross... I told her that and she was so curious what I wanted to say, but I really forgot!!! Haven't you had such a weird experience?

Anyway this picture is when I was on the way to go to shopping with mom, I found a dog on the track and he looked... tired, so I took picture of him. I don't think you can see like this in Japan often, do you?

garage sale 

April 23 [Mon], 2007, 11:50

It's a garage sale, people sale what they don't need in their garages or yards. They are pretty good prices, some times you may find nice one, but some times you may not. It's depends on houses. The warmer it's getting, the more people have garage sales. It's American, isn't it? You can't see that in Japan.
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