Goodness me!! 

2007年04月10日(火) 14時56分
I was surprised

When I came back home, there was a visitor
She is Kiwi who is teaching English at my father's school

Of course, I was happy, because I lived in NZ for 8 months.

However, she said unexpected things.

"My hometown is Christchurch
Do you know the Champion street"

Of course yes, because the Champion street is the street which I lived for 5 months It is a coincidence, isn't it

How small the world is

The Cherry-blossom front 

2007年04月06日(金) 21時29分
My favorite season, spring is coming in Japan

Cherry blossom is really really special for Japanese people
We just love it
I myself fell in love with this flower, too

Today, it was a lovely day I saw people laughing and drinking
at their 'hanami' parties which is a kind of very important
Japanese event (picnics under the cherry blossoms).

I am lucky, because I enjoyed cherry blossom two times a year
thanks to NZ' cherry blossoms

Bad day.... 

2007年04月04日(水) 18時05分
I went to the dentist today
Even though I am 22 years old, I hate dentist
because the sound inspires dread in me
However, my uncle is dentist
and he said I have a very bad tooth, so I have to cure them
as soon as possible

As soon as I sat down, I really want to go back home
I even thought I could live with them

I felt sore just as I expected during treatment
I have to go there in 5 days

What I learn today is I have to care my tooth very carefully
not to go dentist……

Fruit Cake 

2007年03月29日(木) 12時25分
Today, I made a fruit cake by myself
I am really satisified with my cake.
If you want to eat my cake, please come to see me

My Bestfriend 

2007年03月26日(月) 23時03分
Today, I met my best friend
Seven months have passed since I met her last Someone might say "Oh, just seven months" However, I felt it was a long period for us.....
We went drivingand had a dinner together. As soon as I met her, she shouted “Oh, you have a nice tan, don’t you” Especially she has a beautiful white skin, so if we walk side by side, it might look like “Othello”
We talked a lot, a lot, a lot about school, friends, family, love and job
Even though we lived separately for a long time, she hasn’t changed much since I saw her last, so I was HAPPY

Welcome to my diary 

2007年03月24日(土) 21時26分
I decided to keep my diary on website, because I have a lot of people who I really love all over the world . I want to tell them what I think now and what I do now.
Besides, my favorite teacher who lives in New Zealand said to me that she will miss my writing I will try to contribute my diary regularly. Therefore, please check my diary

I got to Japan on 22nd of March. I felt really strange. Because EVERYONE SPOKE JAPANESE You might say," Of course, Hisae Don't be silly" But I felt interested

When I came back Japan, I had to stay in Singapore for 6 hours.....It was boring for me. I had nothing to do, so I fell into a doze on a lounge However, it was triggered a problem.....When I woke up, it was almost the end of bording time Needless to say, I was really really upset

If I wake up 10 min later, I will miss the plane Well done, Hisae

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