Happy Thanksgiving!

September 06 [Thu], 2012, 16:17

5 Tips To Make A Gracious Guest ( out of your child).

Today we are going over to a family friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. My son has never met this family who my husband grew up with so he will be a little out of his element to say the least. Add on travel time and unfamiliar food... you get where I am going?

Add in that he is already having a meltdown as I write this and I admit I am really afraid I won't be sitting eating turkey and pie so much as trying to keep my craving for comfort and familiarity 4 year old from melting down.

Here is my 5 part plan ( I'll come back and let you know if worked).

1. Pack Snacks.

We are eating at 2pm - not a regular time my son eats so , I will be feeding him a little in the car on the way and have lots of food ready for the ride home too.

2. Have a chill day before you Homecoming Dresses

I am really trying to do this one, but he is already worked up. How do they know ?

3. Practice your please and thank yous.

We have been talking about saying please and thank you a little more often than we usually do.

4. Prepare for the unknown.

My son is a picky eater, maybe yours doesn't like crowds or is like my infant and is afraid of men with beards... whatever is prepare them for what lies ahead. Make a game plan. I told my son that he doesn't have to eat anything he doesn't want to but he must say "No thank you" to every offer he rejects.

5. Take books and easy to pack quiet toys.

Take along books that your child has not read too often but likes and are still novel, and small quiet toys. That means leave the police car with flashing lights at home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ps I hope we all get to eat some Wedding Dresses online and pie without too much drama!

Update :

Happy to report he did wonderfully other than a reminder to pick up his socks he used his manners saying "No thank you, but thank you for offering." and even tried a new dish! It helped that our hosts were wonderful and accommodating.