stuff it with the trunk 

August 17 [Mon], 2009, 22:47
I went to the Fuchu station and Shimokitazawa, today.
I bought a sunglass.
It is too hot and the ultraviolet rays is strong of late.
The sunburn is too bad to my skin.

I came an e-mail today.
It was e-mail from Hiro.
He bought the iPhone and got an e-mail address.
We can contact by mobile phone each other.
He seem to be fine.
I relieved.

I also bought a suit case today.
I also got a application of a passport.
I am going to have everything in readiness for the trip.

3 years anniversary 

August 14 [Fri], 2009, 19:53
Today is anniversary.
I have gone out with Hiro since today of three years ago.
He confessed me in his car.
I remember this scene very well.
I can't forget it.

I'm lonely because I can't meet him.
I cried yesterday night after a long separation.
I hope that I will celebrate this anniversary together next year.

winner bread 

August 11 [Tue], 2009, 19:05
I take a rest from working, too.
I will go to my office tomorrow.
It may be many many many・・・・・・my works.

Today, I made bread.
My hobby is making bread.
I have made many kinds of bread.
I will challenge new menu.
I made the bread of sausage.
This bread was very good and tasty!
I will take it for lunch tomorrow .

And, I continue to study English everyday.
I don't know English word.
And I can't listen to fast English.
I work hard to study English.
I wanna become so as to be able to speak English when I meet Hiro in America.

influenza 3 

August 10 [Mon], 2009, 13:26
Today, I also rest working.
Tomorrow, I will rest , too.
My body temperature was down from yesterday night.
I stopped runny nose and sore throat.

My office is back like before.
I will work from Wednesday.
I care about my patient are fine.

The medical officer is just going to go to my room.
Because he come to research about influenza.
The influenza may is new type.
If it is new type, I'm afraid of it.

influenza 2 

August 08 [Sat], 2009, 19:29
I am down with influenza.
My temperature is over 37.0℃.
I suffer from a headache.
I have five days holiday.
My nose don't stop runny nose.
I am very very tired, now.
I will go to bed so much.


August 08 [Sat], 2009, 11:22
Yesterday, I caught a cold.
My body temperature was 37.1℃.
I had a sore throat and a runny nose.
Today is same ,too.

My office are the influenza virus in vogue.
I don't want to go to work.
But there aren't man power, I should go to work.

Today is free. 

August 06 [Thu], 2009, 17:40
Today is holiday.
I cleaned the room.
Because a cockroach came out the book stands ysterday .
The beautiful room is comfortable!

I went to Fuchu station by bike.
Those closes of summer were inexpensive.
I bought two closes.

I will cook the "goya chanpuru" today evening.
Goya is bitter squash in Japanese.
Chanpuru mean mixing in Okinawa.
I like this dish so much.

Today, I talked Hiro by MSNmessenger.
I think that he is fine.
I want to meet he fast.

Today, I use the electronic dictionary to write this diary.
That's all.^0^

It's first diary! 

August 05 [Wed], 2009, 22:07
I start to write a diary at English.
My English is very very very poor><
Hiro went to America,Miki is going to stay Japan.
I will go to America at October.
Then, I can speak English only a little.

I want to meet Hiro everyday.
He studies English everyday in American English school.
Therefor, I also study English in Japan by my style.

Now, I'm listening to music by Coldplay.
Their music is very good sounds!
And I play majan to my PCvv