obsessed with food 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 1:52
OMG this is so scary
I was randomly surfing around
trying to find info about lost ez-link card
i.e. http://www.ezlink.com.sg/lostcards.htm
and then suddenly...
I realise I've surfed until

Omg I really got a shock
I was thinking "omg why did I get to here?!"
it's like, I just clicked upon seeing the beautiful M word.
shitxz I'm such a greedy pig :(

Anyway I'm at a loss
my ez-link expires either on 31 Dec'07
or 14 Jan'08 if I'd extended it, which I think I had.
Still, it's only 2 weeks la.
but the thing is, my ez-link is after all my student's pass
with my identification number and fugly primary sch photo
WHO TOOK IT?!?!!!!!??


January 01 [Tue], 2008, 0:24
I just lost it a few days ago laaa
but I was lucky enough to get it back
cos I left it in the restaurant the night before.
Shit I can't say that I'd be lucky this time round
What if it can never be found.... omg
Did I leave it in the toilet before work when I was making my hair?
hmm I don't know shit I have no idea where it is
I pray that it's lying safely in the locker
or somewhere that I'd be able to get it back tmr

wtf la so pissed......T_T

jessleen's birthday 

December 31 [Mon], 2007, 14:22
a special birthdate for a special someone.
This is someone...
who is the most angelic person I've ever seen
who feels really bad after bitching
who doesn't really bitch about ppl except coughs*H*coughs
who eats really slowlyyyyy
who has a nice figure (cleavage omg)
who still has the pic of my nice side view with spongey
who plucks sesame seeds off her burger buns
who secretly loves bird thong chai
who will not be in singapore in 2008 :(

I'll miss you lots, little kid
I love you!

Here's a virtual present for you:
haha omg so cheapo.
Open it up, wow look it's an expensive heh :P

of korean actors 

December 31 [Mon], 2007, 3:33
Hi, this seems random but
I want to talk about my favourite Korean actors
They are:
Lee Wan, Park Jinwoo, Kim Dongwook, and Jung Kyungho!

Lee Wan is the special one,
he's born on 03/01/1984 yay his bday is nearing~

The funny thing is that
Kim Dongwook's birthday is 29/07/1983
Park Jinwoo's is 31/07/1983,
and Jung Kyungho's is 31/08/1983

hahaha that's so cute right!
They're all born in 1983,
and Jinwoo was born 2 days after Dongwook,
and 1 month later, Kyungho was born!

So interesting hehehehehehe :P
and my favourite Korean actors are all still young
hence they haven't acted in that many dramas
and aren't as popular as some ppl like Shermin's ksw HEH
but I think they act damn well
esp Lee Wan omg you should see how he cries
Whenever he cries, I cry along haha.
I'm just curious why he's always starring in Japanese shows.
and he's Kim Taehee's younger brother,
his actual name is Kim Hyung Soo
I still think he really looks like Eric ;)

i do stupid things :( 

December 31 [Mon], 2007, 0:38
Shermin treated me to Macs for dinner!
yay!!! I love her!!
I shall treat her to Burger King

Work was so-so *CS not working haha*
Alvin gleefully told me that Ya-san shouted at cleaner today.
haha so bad. but cleaner deserved it

I had a flu so I wasn't feeling at best :(
And so I kept hiding in the kitchen
You know, when you're not feeling well
you just don't feel like doing anything
and esp when I kept wanting to sneeze!!!
So actually I was damn slack at work tonight.

Alvin kept kajiao-ing me. tsk.
He disturbed me over anything and everything
and Ah Yap stuck the sticker that looked like him
on the metal thingy where he works near.
omg so interesting
Customers who sit there at the counter would be able to see it!
then they'll realise the sticker character looks like him HAHA


December 30 [Sun], 2007, 1:00
Back from work haha it's exactly 12am now.
Work was shit (what's new)
omg CS pissed me off la!
I didn't want to be mean and pick on him
but really he gets on my nerves.
and it's not just me,
Shermin feels the same about him too.

And once, I happened to keep an order sheet in my pocket
Alvin just had to say smth, though not in the serious manner
but I felt so sad la.
hahah so I got damn angry I started shouting
about how I'm like doing everything,
I don't even have time to go put
the order sheet at the cashier.
I mean, really leh;
"kelly pick up food, kelly clean this, kelly take that" wtf.
Then so many staff for what, might as well whole restaurant
I be the only waitress la.
Wtf I was so pek cek :(
I earn only $5/hr okay. not like I get paid a lot.
CS behaved like a snail as usual, he's so much worse than me
and half the time he's wasting time and not being productive -.-
and he kept blocking the way and slowed us down.
Alvin also asked him why he kept washing his hands omg.
He totally behaved like some weirdo.
Although I felt bad being bitchy,
it felt comforting when Ah Yap got back at him.
Like, half my injustice has been redeemed ha~

I think I behaved like some emotional wreck.

haha and omg, I think Shermin and I think so alike!
We've got similar thoughts and opinions
but somehow we're still different.
I love Shermin :)


December 29 [Sat], 2007, 17:40
I'm back home ;)
Got the father to pick me up and send me home
but later I've to go back to work again.
What a hassle....
but this is what you get from a 3hr break.

Initially I wouldn't mind floating in Central during break
but cleaner uncle pissed me off so bad. wtf.
I didn't even have the mood to eat lunch

Coming home was a good thing though.
The sister bought KFC!!
just nice, I've been craving for fast food :D

I guess I like guys who'll protect me 24/7.
What's the use of standing up for me only
after I've been stepped all over by other people.
All the empty talk of "you can tell me and I can scold him back"
doesn't matter anymore.

It's useless, you've become useless.


December 29 [Sat], 2007, 4:08

I am badly Kusano-deprived :'(
haha such a bad picture of him *as always*
but I love him all the same.

Come to think of it,
it's been more than a year since Kusano's gone.
He simply disappeared into thin air.
Never underestimate the power of mass media,
not to forget the power of authority.
How intimidating...

I think I've always suffered from depression.
I have too many emotional thoughts within me.
Perhaps one day I'll just crumble and fall apart...
just like the cookies I'd baked :(

Recently I've been listening to a new boygroup.
Korean, of course. my only choice :D
They're called "I the tri top's" haha what a name
but they're pretty good.
I really love ballads.

I wonder if I'll make it to work on time tmr.
10.30am, haha and it's already 3am now.
I'm wide awake~

Anyway, I smell really lovely now :)
I accompanied the father just now on a trip to get perfume
and he excitedly sprayed different perfumes on me.
The father's very very cute,
never mind the bad temper and empty promises.

I love my family, even if they piss me off 24/7.
cos after all, they are family.. right


Hi Shermin, I miss you.
I think of you and I hope your thoughts don't run wild.
Funny isn't it. I'm struggling to handle myself
yet somehow I feel I have the responsibility to take care of you.

of snails and tortoises 

December 29 [Sat], 2007, 1:15
It's midnight! and I'm back from work~
Turned out that Shermin had to work too.
hehehe it feels better with her around

Before work, Shermin accompanied me to go down
to Bugis to collect brownie + cheesecake.
Everyone at Bugis was so serious
heh Central is obviously more homely :D
oh ya, just realised we didn't see Stanley

Work was super sianzxzxz
but I talked to some nice customers~
Alvin was emo and troubled haha.
My hair must have this label that said "play with me" today
cos both Alvin and Jeffrey just had to pull my hair.
Alvin seems to like bullying me a lot :(
I think he enjoys being beaten by me AHA.
I enjoy hitting him anyway~!

Oooh this young Japanese ah beng whom I saw
and spoke to on Xmas eve came to eat today!
He was with his gf like that day again :(
hahaha he's not good-looking but kinda cute la.
but he made me so awkward when he fed his gf in front of me.
Tsk I want a bf like him *jealous*

And. CS pissed us off tonight, tsktsk.
I hate people who malign others to save their own ass.
Shermin, don't bother about him ok :)

Tmr full shift *yawns*
Someone visit me at break and treat me to Long Johns' pls.....


December 28 [Fri], 2007, 2:45
At this hour....
I'm watching a Korean drama
and crying to the laptop alone
Lee Wan is so hot btw omg.

Time to find myself a husband heh.
so lonelyyyy

/edit @ 2.44PM
I don't feel like gg for work later!!
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Kelly
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1990年10月19日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:O型
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
    ・音楽-Korean boybands :P
I love Hironori Kusano and
all things Korean.
I want to be a hime gyaru haha.
Grow hair grow~