Walk Into the World of Cloak Style Clothes

November 04 [Fri], 2011, 18:09
People like a cloak for all sorts of reasons. It has a strong sense of presence, very eye-catching. It makes people feel themselves in another era, it completely wrapped body, let people immersed in their own world. It remain free, do not pick the stature, everyone can wear.
Usually, the super hero save the planet will be dressed in a cloak, but there are still some heroes like not the same dress, such as Holmes, Harry Potter, as well as the Jedi Knights, they are more like a cloak cloak and -- although this did not in fact too much.

Say, this sleeveless hooded cloak, thigh, or a longer coat can be completely wrapped around his cloak, compared to the more mysterious, and in the field, with ears and puff ball a little shawl is unable to compare with it. At the 2011 winter series, Mociun, Lindsey Thornburg and Derek Lam brands releases appeared on cloaked figure.

" Cape gives elegant feeling is ordinary jacket and windbreaker do," Ashley has Olsen, Pen, lope Cruz and Jessica Biel Estee Stanley said the star shape. " Like many designers have recently from the drama drew inspiration, such as" ad madman", I think it is really like a cloak, because it can make people feel yourself another time."

If you are worried about wearing the cloak would be mistaken to Renaissance make-up party, then, choose the clothes with a decisive element.

" Cape is usually have a sense of being, very smart, so as the rest of the clothing to keep everything as simple as possible, to avoid the heavy feeling." Stanley said. She recommended mix is the pencil trousers high-heeled shoes, or mini dress with ankle boots. " In general, to avoid you in any other clothes reminiscent of Holmes's element, such as a grid or Houndstooth pattern will make you look like a detective."

The original arts and crafts sales website Etsy specialist Emily Bidwell was a cloak of the" senior collector". She said:" about two years ago, we saw someone to sell on Etsy cloak, which is caused by one of the nineteenth Century vintage style trend."

For the original studio Evolving Habitat designer Jenna DeRosa has just moved from Seattle to New York, she said she" completely by the Pacific Northwest Stumptown cafe and short jacket style influence." Evolving Habitat Etsy opened a shop, but DeRosa and her colleague Meri Vallo designer from the past four months began making cloak, the price from $58 to $145. " I like the cloak is because everyone can wear it," says Vallo. " I love the Hoodie, but I also want to wear a woman."

Vallo also noted that, now wants to try mafors man also there are plenty of people who, so Evolving Habitat immediately launched a men's section.

On the lower east side of New York Lindsey Thornburg studio from the beginning of 2007 production. Look in Thornburg, people like Cape part partly it was cool, and in part because it makes the wearer feel myself in my own world.

" Cape hood especially comfortable -- especially in the days when it's very cold, it bring you and are separated from the outside, let you have a sense of safety, you can even hide. Wrapped up feeling very good, like a child was wrapped in a blanket that," Thornburg said. But, interestingly, she is said to this season's design inspiration comes from the" psychedelic horror movies".

38 year old art designer Melissa Laux says, she bought the Thornburg silk linen cloak was in her journey as a blanket use. She has brought it to the Meng Tao g ( Montauk ) and the Fire Island ( Fire Island ), this month, she went to Vietnam vacation also planned to take it.

" However, the cloak is also very suitable for in the city in," Laux said," you can work out when put on it, which can only wear pajamas."