The Individualism Of Toms

May 29 [Wed], 2013, 12:31

Trade-off effect from the positioning point of view, companies chooses a location, the inevitable expense of another position. In order to meet Toms Wedges Shoes Women the needs of more people, the pursuit of higher sales and profits in the product line is not the ultimate end of the luxury brand to maintain its unique worth, resulting in blurred out of focus strategic positioning, product line extension of the final dilution of its own brand image of the original product or corrosion of the target company's competitive advantage.

Select luxury line itself means companies have to give up 80% of the general public 20% of target customers and top of the pyramid customers, thus limiting the company's products or services provided, if taken into account in the fence between the two approaches, only hurt their own strategy, and reduce the value of existing activities, the enterprise will eventually lead to fuzzy positioning the decline of business.

The word of individualism in American is a commendatory one, it has no relation with selfish and something like that. Its manifestations lie in freedom, self-struggle, self-expression, and so on. Individualism is the sigh of civilization of the United States. Not only people but brands of the United States have such character. For example, Toms Heel Shoes, Toms Sandals. Details are in the following.

Freedom of Toms.
Give me liberty, or make me death, the sound have been Toms Shoes Wholesale a motto for all Americans. With the right of freedom, people as well as brands have enough privacy to finish their own creation, self-development, and self-prefect finally. Toms have the freedom to accomplish its perfect: adding whatever elements on the Toms Heel Shoes, giving Toms Sandals the unique design etc. In a word, the right of freedom make Toms goes farther.
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