first entry ^__^~ 

2006年04月08日(土) 21時58分
sooo~ my first entry here! nice to meet you all~! ^___^
I'm Hikari, nicknamed Hikki ^o^
I've been learning Japanese for some month now, but as I'm
not that good yet, I'll be writing my entries here in English during
the first few month ^^; I'm still too afraid of making mistakes...
but hopefully I'll be able to write in Japanese sooo~on *o*~
etto...what's more to say? uhm...I'm 17 years old, female and from
Germany >XD though I won't ever speak about my sex again...
because I want to live in Japan one day and sing in a visual kei -
band...and maybe then I have to pretend to be a boy O.O'
hey...don't laugh! there isn't ONE vk-band consisting of girls that
is succesfull! that really should make one think...
so as you can notice when looking on my "goal for life" I'm very
much into Japanese music, especially Visual Kei.
My favourite bands are Kagerou, Gazette, Dir en Grey, Kagrra, Antic
Cafe, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Panic Channel, 176Biz and many, many be like them one day...that's my dream *___*~
that's all to say about me for now xD
see you later~!
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