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May 31 [Wed], 2006, 8:36
Today i went to college we just go over the questions we didn't understand i think im starting to remember how to do many things now but still some things im unsure of = =".I went home after college i wanted to make something new it took me like 25 minutes to put holes in 3 metal fairy coins my hand hurt afterwards ;---; but i made a keychain with 1 and a necklace with another and the last one is for my friend ^^.I was trying to decorate my Tinkerbell purse i don't like the design on the front its to big you can only see Tinkerbell >o< so i added some pin badges.I need to sew some buttons on some clothes but i don't have anything yet so i need to go out to buy something new like cardigan.Ah need to study a little after typing this though i really don't want to >u<.Ah no cosplay plans so far hopefully i can cosplay Akira and Ohtori Choutaro soon i want to have some fun.I want to buy something with butterflies so i can cosplay Soubi from Loveless but Kio looks more fun to cosplay ^^.Yay im so in love with Buck-Tick gah i have Trinity Blood's opening song stuck in my head right now.
Well i need to go and study =w=.

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