Also have a lot of friends, to the intersection

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 12:08

Also have a lot of friends, to the intersection deceleration prone to congestion, the brakes are more likely to cause a rear-end.

Ministry of Public Security is responsible for:air jordan 11 retro for sale

More open to not grab the yellow Road

Accident at the intersection more most Chuang red, yellow. After the enforcement of the new regulations, the violation of road traffic signals pass behavior decreased

by 66%, effectively reducing the accident rate. In addition, if you encounter a major traffic flow, break the behavior of the yellow light will cause the car blocking

the intersection central, will affect traffic, do not grab the yellow road will be smoother.

Automotive transportation industry veteran expert Jia Xinguang:

Even more critical to improve the level of traffic control

In fact, after the yellow light whether the forbidden line or accelerated access? In this regard is also controversial. The official argument is that one of the

purposes of the implementation of Chuang yellow light penalties is Empty intersection. Empty intersection better practice should be accelerated passage, rather than

forbidding. Because once forbidding, timely response vehicles blocked the intersection, and the accelerated passage is equivalent to increase the number of vehicles

through the intersection, more conducive to ease congestion. A few years ago, the capital of the media have reported that a Beijing traffic police command skills gap
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in each of the yellow light, get a bit more clearance two cars.

Forbidden line or accelerated passage mentioning intersection traffic order depends on the traffic control capacity, the most critical question is how to improve the

city's traffic control, strict penalties alone twelve departments and regulations, does not solve the problems.

SGX rules since the implementation has been much concern, yesterday submitted to the Ministry of Public Security, "" yellow forbidding enforcement based on the

government information disclosure application "Professor Wu Bihu of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, hoping to find the new rules of law basis. Dr.

Wu has not yet received any response of the Ministry of Public Security.

Application, Wu Bihu said that the laws, rules and regulations of the traffic lights, there should be a written document as the basis for enforcement. In the 2011

amendments to the Road Traffic Safety Law, adopted in 2004, "Road Traffic Safety Law Implementation Regulations 2012 apply for driving license and use of the

provisions of the" three kinds of traffic lights regulations file are no express provision of the "yellow light forbidden line". Based on the principle of "no legal

prohibition to as" the "Chuang yellow" 6 points deductionair jordan 12 retro for salepenalty of $ 200 shows enforcement behavior to the lack of legal basis.
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