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November 19 [Wed], 2014, 0:16
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Sichuan Maoxian learn from Lijiang City pull mode

September 23 [Tue], 2014, 2:01
Qiang area of ??2,000 acres of new city will become a scene in three years Maoxian, stimulating the local cultural tourism development, a living state Qiang culture protection pilot. On the 20th, Maoxian Culture and Sports Bureau Alvin Qiang told reporters produced a new city plans, will be built in the new city Maoxian Qiang Minjiang River in the West Bank town on the slopes, the Chinese Museum Qiang Qiang intangible cultural heritage chengdu expat travel constitutes a teaching center, its main . Deputy Magistrate Ouyang Mei told reporters that the new city will draw Lijiang mode Qiang, both Qiang cultural heritage and the development of tourism economy.
Planning: "a pair of eyes" to protect layout
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<-! Advertisement code end -> According to Alvin, the new city covers an area of ??2,000 acres Qiang, multi-part Chinese Qiang museums, Qiang intangible cultural heritage center pass along the two main buildings, and performing arts centers, residential areas etc. . The basic idea is to "protect + inheritance", "a teaching museum and the city center is a new pair of eyes Qiang Qiang cultural industry will focus on two main layout of the building." Ouyang Mei said the city will focus on the completion of the new Qiang cultural tourism on nine Link attractions, visitors become settled land. It is 8 degrees fortification, to avoid the seismic zone, into the original Qiang cultural elements. Its design solutions online more than three months after a public solicitation, selection, modify, improve, and ultimately determine a from a dozen programs. Reporter was informed that a joint venture to build the museum and aided by Mao County, Shanxi Province, the county with the heritage conservation value, will be carried out in this show. A teaching centers highlight the intangible cultural heritage of the Qiang take financial allocations and raise a combination of social capital construction. Clarify that a teaching center will serve as the rescue Maoxian Qiang culture, heritage core area of ??training, gathering around the Qiang "non-left" heritage, showcasing the essence of the Qiang culture. Bamboo flute, drums and other sheepskin production process will be here "original staged."
business: used Lijiang mode, extend the industrial chain Ouyang Mei Jieshao new Qiang City is not only a static protection built museum, will attempt to make a living state Qiang cultural protection, it is important that developers rely on Qiang cultural industries, the resources into capital. The new city by Qiang has rustic houses, worship sets, the original ecological protection areas, the hotel four blocks constituted, how to do "Midas touch"? Ouyang Mei said, will draw Lijiang mode "architectural style of the ancient city chengdu travel china guide of Lijiang to contradict more than 30,000 square meters of modern building demolition, reconstruction of Naxi style houses, bridges and landscape restoration. Fiscal allocate funds in the country's first government subsidized houses practice repair funds to encourage the enthusiasm of residents to protect traditional houses. "Alvin told reporters, pointing to the drawings, the museum is behind the Qiang culture industry area. Performing Arts Center is the essay attempts Qiang cultural industries, in a teaching center to show the sheepskin drum, bamboo flute, Sharon, etc., will be at the Performing Arts Center "Living interpretation" as the first step in stimulating the local cultural tourism chess. In addition, people chengdu travel living state protection Qiang culture, will also be an attempt to lengthen the industrial chain. Alvin said, people will live in the improved "new home", visitors can feel in the new town Qiang Qiang most original ecological landscape. In the new Qiang city, people can spontaneously develop a variety of industries, "such as market prospects Qiang embroidery is booming, a lot of people from the Qiang embroidery school." Ouyang Mei said, "static protection + Industrial Development + Living protect" will become the new business structure Qiang city.

Sichuan Fifth Ya'an Rain City Pig Day on December

September 23 [Tue], 2014, 2:01
Reporter today from the Ya'an Yucheng District Committee, District Government has learned that Ya'an Yucheng fifth "Pig Cultural Festival" will be held in Ya'an in town on the 19th.
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This year's "swine Cultural Festival" tourism festival from December 19 until January 3, 2010. Where the main venue in town, Ya'an Yucheng northern suburbs, southern suburbs, Fengming other towns (including scenic) as the venue. During the event the main meeting room in town will conduct worship activities, tea-horse trade parades, dragon and lion dance light show, pig racing in "Pig King competitions," "skilled sausages", "delicious sausage town Competition," "town twice-cooked pork." competitions and other activities as well as to chengdu travel china guide "drink soup Wang, New chengdu travel map Year" as the theme of the wonderful theatrical performances. All visitors arrived at the scene, the scene can subscribe adopt eco-Pig, buy site irrigation system sausage, taste delicious farmhouse soup blood prosperous, booming greet the new year.
reported, Yucheng Pig Festival series of events began in 2005 held the annual session. Organizers hope that through the years the colorful folk culture, and through the years to kill the pig, eating blood soup "Pig Day" pull, you can get more visitors to come Ya'an, in town to come and feel the ink in the bridges, rural scenery. In a pig's Day do not have fun activities - let outsiders adopt a head in the New Year on a pig, in the coming year, "Pig Day" subscribe slaughtered more travel companion chengdu popular.

Sichuan Chengdu Panda cassette fire October holida

September 20 [Sat], 2014, 1:56
According to the Chengdu Holiday Office statistics, "11" golden weeks ago three days, the panda base has 11,600 tourists trips, an increase of 141%. Chengdu major scenic tourists have increased significantly compared to previous years, half of which Panda cardholder tourists. Chengdu Holiday Office statistics show that on October 3, nearly one million visitors a taste of the major scenic spots in Chengdu rain rain go travel fun. "11" before three days, Ancient Town were tourists 86,000 passengers, an increase of 65%, the Cultural Park tourists 31,000 passengers, an increase of 72%. In addition, in April launched Chengdu Panda cards become an important factor with fire Chengdu tourism. Tourists can visit free card Temple, Panda Base, the number of Qingcheng Mountain, travel companion chengdu Dujiangyan, Xiling Snow chengdu travel map Mountain Front are sharp rise than in previous years. Hot tourism market, driven by growth in Chengdu, catering, accommodation turnover. Statistics show that as at 5:00 on the 3rd, into the "Eleventh" holiday statistical range of commercial enterprises, sales of the 3rd of 131,651,400 yuan, focusing on the chengdu travel info 3rd catering business turnover amounted to 4.9468 million yuan. Meanwhile, the 3rd city's major hotels average room occupancy rate of more than Liu Cheng.

Sichuan cold unstoppable passenger Tiger opener ac

September 20 [Sat], 2014, 1:56
From Yibin City Tourism Bureau, the Chinese New Year Golden Week, Yibin were tourists 1,372,300 passengers, an increase of 18%. Throughout the Spring Festival Golden Week, Yibin tourism to achieve a "safety, order, quality and efficiency," four unity of purpose, to win the New Year tourism "good start." The city received a total of 1,372,300 tourists trips, an increase of 18%, tourism revenue 392,396,200 yuan, an increase of 20.5%. Among them, the Bamboo Sea tourists 30,005 passengers, an increase of 36.9 percent, ticket sales 1.5434 million yuan, an increase of 37.08%; Xingwen 8736 tourists trips, an increase of 28.4 percent, ticket sales 672,500 yuan, an increase of 34.42 %; Li Zhuang town tourists 28,900 passengers, an increase of 11.15 percent, ticket sales 17,700 chengdu expat travel yuan, an increase of 1.72%; Xi Jia Shan houses 11040 tourists trips, an increase of 824.62%; national red tourism attractions Zhao Man Memorial tourists 46434 people. It is reported that, when the first month, in the Bamboo Sea immortal contain cave, a central enterprise leaders from Beijing saw the rain with tourists, can not help but sigh: "It's cold can not stop the passenger ah Yibin travel more fire! it!. " It is understood that the Tiger Spring Festival holiday seven consecutive rainy cold weather though so we are a bit upset, but did not affect the influx of tourists from all over the chengdu travel info country to explore the beauty of Yibin interest. Faced with the adverse effects of continuous rainy weather, the city's tourism industry and related departments at all levels, in close collaboration trip prominence before the holiday promotional marketing and safety supervision work, pay close attention to the section themed events and services, go all out to lay the Spring Festival Golden Week this battle. Security incidents along the city's major travel companion chengdu tourist and major tourist complaints did not happen.

Use Refrigerator And Business Card Magnets As Prod

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New Car A Better Deal Than A Used Car

September 09 [Tue], 2014, 0:06
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Multilevel Marketing Software For Growth of Your M

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The Leadership Effect

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Semco Forge The Growing Importance of Forging

September 06 [Sat], 2014, 0:12
Steel plays an important role in this modern world of technology. The influence and utility of steel in human life is intrinsic due to which it can be found in almost every household. In order to make use of steel in our household, it must be heated and treated in such a way that it can be used in our household. There are numerous forms of heat treatments applied on steel to achieve the desired qualities among which some of the popular ones are annealing, quenching, tempering and forging. Jimmy Choo Perfume Patent Leather Side Wedge Nude Forging steel is one of the earliest heat treatment Jimmy Choo Icons Greta Shimmer Suede Platform Sandal Black methods discovered by man and is widely used to bring out the desired quality steel in many industries. Traditionally, a blacksmith would perform forging steel operation with the use of hammer and anvil. Additionally, water was also used to cool the heated work piece. With the advancement in technology, today, blacksmiths are not supposed to manually labor with hammer and anvil because the process of manually doing is replaced by pressers, hydraulic or compressed air hammers. Forging is a common method used in the manufacturing of products. In the past forging was limited to certain types of shapes like swords and blades Jimmy Choo Patriot Gold Metallic Suede Espadrille Wedges because it was really difficult to produce complex shapes accurately with less technologies and machines but with the advancement and invention of modern and high class machines, forging steel is no longer limited to simple shapes. Industries can easily produce numerous types of complex shapes with the help of modern machines. Forging is mainly divided into two categories hot and cold. To bring out the accurate output, either hot or cold forging is done. The temperature at which the forging is done directly affects the grain structure of the forged part which ultimately affects its properties. There are many forging suppliers across the world providing their best and high quality services and products for the industrial use. Apart from steel forging, some of the other well known forging include carbon steel forging and alloy forging. Alloy forging is mainly carried at high temperature. Although, the process is carried out according to your requirements and needs but the manufacturing companies provide you the expert assistance for customized material sections too for your convenience and ease. There are many manufacturing companies that are dedicated to provide its customers and clients with the most cost effective alloy and carbon steel forging techniques and manufacturing processes available.