why the iPad but not either of the smartphone would be "rushed" under this schedule

July 04 [Thu], 2013, 17:11
In one of those faux-informed analyses typical of the iOSphere, Dave Smith of International Business Times, assures his readers that "we expect" Apple to release iOS 7, then Iphone mobile DIY case, and then iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, all starting Sept. 18.

In his post, Smith lays out specific dates with the precision of a Swiss railway schedule. And then somewhat confuses everything by skipping blithely between "introducing" the new products and "releasing" them.

"Considering how we expect Apple to release iOS 7 on Sept. 18, followed shortly by the release date of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 on Sept. 20 and Sept. 27, respectively, we believe Apple will introduce the iPad 5 at a separate event in October, just like last year, and push the release date of the iPad 5, as well as the sequel to last year's iPad Mini, to late October 2013," he writes.

Then he goes into a detailed analysis of the October dates for the iPad release, without really clarifying when it would be announced.

"Looking at the various Fridays in October 2013 -- the release date for iPad will always fall on Fridays, even when the unveiling oscillates between Tuesdays and Wednesdays -- Apple could choose to release the iPad 5 on Oct. 4, which would be the two-year anniversary of Steve Jobs' death," he writes. Perhaps the Death Anniversary Models will be available only in black.

"However, if Apple chooses two separate [September] weekends to release its iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 to avoid massive crowds at its retail stores, the company would essentially be rushing the iPad 5 unveiling just so it can release on time," he continues, without explaining why the iPad but not either of the smartphone would be "rushed" under this schedule.

But then Smith says the October 4 release date for iPad 5 "would make sense" if the tablet was announced at the same September 10 event as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. "[B]ut it's possible Apple will wait until later in the month to release the iPad 5 to give more breathing room for Apple to properly market its newest iPhones, but also to market the iPad 5 and the next-gen iPad mini at the same time," he concludes.

It's not clear why Apple needs "more breathing room" to "properly market" the new iPhones before the new iPads are announced, nor how that breathing room would make it easier for Apple to market the new iPads "at the same time," especially when both classes of iOS devices practically market themselves.

The entire post seems to be a long way of saying "I think Apple most likely probably will announce and release several new mobile products in the Fall sometime.
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