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December 02 [Sat], 2006, 23:39
last month has past just soooooo quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, done the last presentation for this term!
n it means the term comes to the end~~~
within next 2 weeks, i can have Christmas+New Year's holiday. yay!
but actually, it shouldn't be looking-forward one.........cry*
have to work for the cake shop.....over Christmas..........
maybe by 25,Dec.,i try to or ought to enjoy it instead.
wanna go to see the tallest Christmas tree! hoho~~~

now, im a little bit happier than usual for some reason.

one of them can be for.........iPod nano! i newly bought it.
the color is of course pink!
im just surprised by the technology as the body is sooo thin.

November...( missed October! ) 

November 05 [Sun], 2006, 0:03
im just surprised that ive not logged here for a month! A MONTH!
cant do nothing but laughing..........hehe

i even cant remember what ive done last month.
maybe nothing special.

though i need time to stop n think bout my future, i tend to miss out them.
always excusing for that saying ive been busy wiz uni n part-time job n so on.

i still cant make a dicision...........but i know i cant stay where im now n need to proceed even if its not what i really wanna do.
now, im even not sure if its what i wanna do or not.
this may dont make sense for most of them.


the things not always go well.


September 29 [Fri], 2006, 0:42
i had a strange but yummy ice cream.
its called 'Magicice' n is mixed up wiz fruits, choc, n so on.
as ive never had such an ice cream which is mixed on a special n cold tray,
it was really new n fantastic to me!

my close friend leave here for Spain soon.
she stays there for 3 months to improve her Spanish.
though im not sure if she checks my blog or not,
i just hope you r fine n have lots of nice experiences!
as i belonged to the class whose aim was for the improvement of English,
my friends in high school days are interested in foreign languages.
some of them including me have been or will be abroad for studying.

friday is week passes so fast.


September 27 [Wed], 2006, 1:07
ive been quite busy after the day i updated this for the last time!
had tight days.......
coming back home late at night n getting up early in the morning...
little bit tired.
but i really enjoyed going out for a theme park! Universal Studio Japan!

im sure spending time just for myself is important.
wanna read books,
wanna see some DVDs............etc.
but in fact, before doing these things,
have to have time for studying!

have lots of reading (in English!) for the coming presentation!!!
n others from other classes.
its OK to read them in English.
the concern is the amount............annoying.

with the friends in my uni, hoping to go o USA for our graduation trip!
no detailed info.,just hope n hope n hope! hehe
i of course wish to realize it.
in addition, i personally wanna go to Australia!
n England,earnestly.......


September 21 [Thu], 2006, 2:23
i am still awake n thats why ive been asleep in a train every morning...hehe

by the way, ive got Tim Tam this time!
its an Australian choc biscuit.
my another friend has just come back from Australia n gave the sweets to me.

i once was a Tim Tam lover n i know other friends who were also addicted to it.
its so yummy!

the essay that ive done at the end of last term has returned to me.
as a whole, it seems to be well done according to the comments on it.
my topic was not exactly what the tutor expected to, i think.
i researched more bout phonetics itself than bout the whole play.
the next one will request me to write all in English.
so,,,it could be better as i know how to organize it in English.
but its only the case if i still remembered that....


September 20 [Wed], 2006, 1:48
ive got the latest GLAMOUR magazine! yay!
Thai Sweet Chilli crisps as well!
they r from uk~~~
im sooooooo happy.

one of my friends has been in London during this summer vacation.
she kindly brought back those things for me!

as i like to read (actually, just have a look) a magazine, wanna say thanks to her.
an imported magazine costs 3 times more than its original price.
she, the friend, seems to have had a great time there.
i gradually hope to visit there again after talking wiz her.

a class reunion 

September 19 [Tue], 2006, 0:57
had a very nice dinner wiz friends in a high school days!
their face reminded me of the days.

girls' talk always go wiz love talk~~~~~~~

new term in my uni begins from today.
had to get up at 6:00a.m.

however......still am awake.
hard to fit myself to the new cycle.


September 18 [Mon], 2006, 1:35
a typhoon is approaching.......

i think it already HAS approached.


the end of vacation.... 

September 16 [Sat], 2006, 23:53
saw the DVD of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'.
n i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!
ive wanted to see it but i couldnt by today!

once, when i was in the high school, i saw the original one.
had to practice to speak aloud some of the lines from the movie.
it was for speech contest or something like that.
so i remember some of the lines vaguely though i dont think those lines were in rearranged one as well.

anyway i enjoyed it.

my uni begins from 19th.............
it means i have to commute there everyday again........hehe!
maybe, in the first couple of weeks, commuting can tire me!
though ill get used to it soon, i hope.

before the starting day, i have a small class reunion.
looking forward it.


September 11 [Mon], 2006, 1:01
ive been n worked in the shop today.
at first, i only needed to work there until 14:00.

today was one of the busiest day ive ever had there.

at 13:30,
10 gifts were ordered,
11 gifts were ordered,
14 another gifts were ordered,,,n keep going.

like this.

finally, ive finished working around 15:00.
then, i rushed out to meet my friend n go shopping.
we, of course enjoyed shopping! though i did just small shopping.
now, i want new clothes for the newly coming season.

oh! i i rather want more money to afford them.
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