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October 15 [Tue], 2013, 15:38
Carnevale is a xìng grid rebellious, full of things around mental alert people who want to Timberland Men's Boat get his full trust, it is not an easy thing. Warden told Chuang Ming song, if Chuang Ming-song did not accompany his alone to see Carnevale, then about 80% eat cold shoulder. Chuang Ming-song'd first seen back so cattle prisoners, originally thought to take him to the governor himself because of his "identity", did not think there was such a layer causes. Chuang Ming-song originally thought Carnevale is being held in a room "Advanced" his cell, but he soon discovered, Carnevale "rest" is actually where prison staff staff quarters. Song Chong Ming warden saw the doubts, his solution formula: "Carnevale only now released from prison less than two months from the time, simply because no one to bail him out, so I had to wait until the sentence be served before the Hell, we take into account his particular circumstances, specially arranged for him to move to the staff quarters, now Well, he enjoyed is the 'residential surveillance' treatment. "Chuang Ming-song on the Italian laws do not quite understand, he told the warden ask yourself from time to Carnevale can be released on bail, the result is a burst warden supercilious: "Mr. Corleone, I am sure you can afford this bail out completely, but the prison next week rì League final, do not think anyone Bail Andre (Carnevale). "Then the warden to react this does not seem a zhèngfǔ staff should be said, then immediately made a supplement," This is Andre's personal wishes, we need to fully support and respect for his private thoughts, which he should have the right. "Chuang Ming-song did not bother to show off to the side of the small smart warden, he took out his mobile phone to call the Qatar Football Association Phone: Carnevale of this let Qataris to bail out better. Qatar Football Association officials over the phone, I heard that song in prison Chuang Ming found a free sign of the "star players", or on behalf of the Italian national team participated in the last World Cup striker, suddenly elated, no gentleman yelling on the phone and said: "win! certainly win! bail this point we are starting out Qataris course! Mr. Corleone, I would like to thank you for the Qatari contribution to the development of football." polite with each other the two, Zhuang Ming song hung up the phone, inside the heart kept muttering, if not because you can contribute large sums of dollars to us, or else there will be willing to go to Qatar to contribute to the development of football. Chuang Ming-song saw until Carnevale, things Chuang song development and envisaged would not know the road. Chuang Ming-song originally thought Carnevale such as "radical" molecules can say to spend a lot of tongue action, did not think he was just in front of the Carnevale invited him to the idea of ​​playing a league of Qatar said have not had time for "plan" in the lobby, Carnevale has agreed down straightforward, that is like finally caught a straw gratification fresh, made some previous heart drumming song Chuang are amazed: so quickly agreed down ah? The eldest brother seems even his salary have not had time to ask is how much ah. Chuang Ming-song feel themselves accounted for a cheap no problem, he did not want to be the next one of Florence's Carnevale, but also by others an advantage, not yet take into account Carnevale brokers, Chuang song let the side Karin remove a brokerage contract to him. Chuang Ming-song for this arrangement, Carnevale no comments briefly looked at the contract, it is refreshing in the above signed his name, but before the contract, he asked the first brokerage firm lends itself to $ 50,000 "Emergency" Chuang song readily agreed. Through brief contact, Chuang songs from Carnevale who felt a grown man in adversity should have blood, there is a only truly love Men's Timberland Custom the sport of football talent with emotion. Although the contact time is very short, but some degree of "like-minded" people quickly narrowed the distance with Carnevale farewell, Chuang song distinct from Carnevale's eyes, saw an indescribable desire and expectations. Later, the warden told Chuang Ming-song, in fact, Carnevale's wife Paula has recently been in contact to help him previously played for the club, I hope Carnevale after release to get their acceptance, but unfortunately the result but people disappointed, Carnevale outset willing to unconditionally accept to go to Qatar league play, and in this area there are no small encounter relationship. In fact, no more nagging warden what song this is some Zhuang Ming ashamed, he is to understand the Carnevale family situation. Carnevale at a very early age his parents died, as a brother, he was almost single-handedly virtue, support from his own difficult life a seven. Needless to say, he asked GM's lend him the "emergency" of $ 50,000, is certainly eager to own home, there are difficulties to be resolved. In Carnevale's contracts, Chuang Ming-song can not call the shots, and he can do is to help prisoners after Carnevale adapt to a normal life, I hope the Qataris to generosity, so that he can get some of the more bonuses and salary. Carnevale completed the basic things, Chuang song good mood, he finally completed his principle of "first goal", the next targets basically only have the "economic value" and not much added value can be one song Chuang slowly convinced. Has passed from one week to visit prisons, Chuang song received a call from Carnevale, Carnevale phone Chuang Ming-song for the assistance provided thanked inform Chuang song has been released on bail themselves and with Qatar's Al Sadd Club signed a two-year $ 3 million contract. Chuang Ming-song on the phone to Carnevale congratulations, and he lost no time in inviting Carnevale in Florence later decommissioning work as scouts, frantic, unable to repay Chuang Ming-song "kindness" of Carnevale immediately agreed down , adding that this one will be written in a legally binding letter of intent sent to Florence a few days. Initially Chuang Ming heard this song was not too concerned about it, but so that he did not think that, in this call after just over three days, a former Carnevale daimyo employment letter of intent to put his own office table, this letter of intent by "experts" Karin identification, is legally binding, will be sentenced Carnevale defaulting at least three years in prison. Chuang Ming-song holds this Letter of Intent meditation for a long time and, ultimately, this letter of intent was signed, and in the letter of intent North Face Jackets of such a remark Riga: as long as Andrea Carnevale reluctant to leave Florence, then Florence will always hiring Carnevale! PS: Click seeking collection seeking recommend seeking votes ......
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