longer find anything wrong situation

October 15 [Tue], 2013, 10:39
Pan Baoshan apprehension, on entering the door Fangyan son's home after no trace five seconds, he felt that you can identify the problem, regardless of whether the work unless, at least well-founded. "Toilet door may change it." Pan Baoshan raising his hand a pointed and said: "Can not facing the main entrance, taboo." Sun Huasheng suddenly on the music and do not ask why, first to boast a down-excitedly, "I said Are you OK Well, look, just a door to find the crux of the matter. "" Can not necessarily into it. "Pan Baoshan also a little proud, I did not expect so easy to find a break point," look, there is no Other amiss. "Pan Baoshan finished, turn up in the house. The house is very spacious, Sishiyiting, but also elegant decor, a look that is impressive home. But this is not appreciate the time that the "live" do a good job is the right way. It took nearly half an hour, Pan Baoshan carefully read the house through and through, no longer find anything wrong situation. "Sun Minister, I might have on such a big point capability, so I really do not see another North Face Waterproof story." Pan Baoshan seems a bit unwilling, standing in the middle of the living room to see himself turning to look. "That explanation did not." Sun Huasheng Hehedexiao road, "Baoshan Secretary, I will give back to square Minister phone, put your opinions with him to talk about, the toilet door to seize the hands changed." Pan Baoshan flash head helplessly , said nothing. "That's OK, let's go." Sun Huasheng looks very urgent, said as he pulled out his cellphone, "I'll fight in the past." "Find a quiet place to say, immediately went downstairs, the environment is inappropriate, fix Party minister is not happy. "Pan Baoshan Road," this is something to say behind closed doors. "" Right Yes. "Sun Huasheng loaded up the phone," Go back again. "They returned to Radio and guest houses, Sun Huasheng into the house before starting to call in a sit in Baoshan Pan. Sun Huasheng did not say a few words, covered his cell phone, whispered Pan Baoshan, "Why should lavatories door?" Pan Baoshan waved. Sun Huasheng surprised a moment, but soon came to understand, at the mobile phone and said: "Fang Department, said the inconvenience this matter." Inconvenient fact not say, but Pan Baoshan feel no need, moreover, not that also seem mysterious, better reflect the His inscrutable. Timberland Sandals But Sun Huasheng is tempted to ask, and party rock by telephone, Oh laugh or two, "Baoshan minister, is not not disclose the secret?" "How can so iffy." Pan Baoshan Rocker smile, "but how much also have a little. "" Oh, in that case even if. "Sun Huasheng quite disappointed. Pan Baoshan understand Sun Huasheng mood, do not want to simmering him, then smiled and said: "But you and I have nothing scruples, others are not." "I know, you say, I know it is limited." Sun Huasheng very said seriously. "Ah." Pan Baoshan a nod, and said: "toilet of the land, out of the dirt, 'dirty' sound with the 'house', so 'the dirt' meaning 'out of the house', out the door against the door of the room dirty, in fact, is run through a General things do not stay, cited meaning out of the house is empty. "" Oh! "Sun Huasheng a suddenly said," Since the house is empty, that is to say the house is no man, no later citizenship. "" was such a meaning . "Pan Baoshan Road," the old stuff, or that is broad and deep jīng it, I just said that even after the DPRK is also used for pushing the Yuan and Ming dynasties, going to the toilet is also called Chugong, and then a Yan Shen, 'Christine' tone with the 'palace', 'Chugong' that is' eviction ', the Palace of the mass? mother of all things ah you think about it, Chugong the door on the door, that is, Chase, Chase, or nothing, in the final analysis it comes down to the' Palace 'No matter on, or a meaning, is still not out of basic meaning. "" high, high ah. "Sun Huasheng generously sigh, said:" really is a mammoth effect, jīng through catechesis. "" OK, stop there, Not much to say. "Pan Baoshan pricked palm facing the Sun Huasheng, said:" This is nothing more so, with or without effects, not to mention all back. "" No problem. "Sun Huasheng a nod," out of the heart effortless things, we have a few hearts. "Pan Baoshan not talk to this topic, talking about the evening meal thing. "Minister Sun noon, did not drink wine, good night, you had better let go." Pan Baoshan Road, "Let's go save two strokes, so that they come up with the highest standard of treatment." "You're familiar with two strokes?" Sun Huasheng laugh again. "I'm not familiar with the noon meal cooked Tanjin Wen Tan Zhuren and there, two strokes is a hard relationship with his director." Pan said Baoshan phone out to Tan Jinwen played in the past, ready to explain things about. A connected phone, Tan Jinwen did not speak first laughed, and said to give him a call is talking about, did not expect to actually fight over. "At night there is a gathering place is for you, and invite you to look at." Tan Jinwen Road, "Finance Minister Kan Wang hosted a dinner." "Kan Wang?" Pan Baoshan rapidly in my mind a thought, "In the past he has been in contact with , that would be great Douling Village building when he went Fuxiang, and then later I Rensong Yang City Vice Mayor, when the provincial flood control and fight for investment and he also has a simple exchange, others feel pretty good, but other than that there is no too much contact, how he remembered me a drink of? "" This year without incident does not rely on the body, is certainly something to ask you for help. "Tan Jinwen Road," If you are not willing to excuse me back is that it's nothing. "" Do not worry, I still do not understand. "Pan Baoshan," I remember you did not mention him, tell him how you came together? "" I'm not really familiar with him, only that they know . "Tan Jinwen," we grind room this way, the time to engage in large material and various departments and units in contact, some time ago to the Department of Finance to carry out economic research on the go, Kan Wang The reception, he is now righting, and is the number one hall long. dinner occasionally chatting, talking about the employment of children thing, Kan Wang said his daughter, a senior this year, a student of professional radio host, employment is too narrow when I more words, when it comes into broadcasting Bureau Well, Pan Juzhang familiar to me, is always able to say hello to a little care. Kan on a serious look, and said he knew you, but not too familiar with, so let me be a middleman, invite you. "" Oh, . "Pan Baoshan laughed, wondering for a moment, and said:" You say this, I would not agree they have promised, or not to make you lose face? "" yo! "Tan Jinwen obviously very excited," Brother you terrific I immediately gave Kan look back to a word! '"first and so on." Pan Baoshan Road, "Kan Wang asked me to drink, is not talking about his daughter to do the work of our Board? If this is okay, not a problem or have other high demand, I should not come down, when the scene is not very good read. "" The last hearing he meant it should be. "Kan Wang Tao," in addition there should not be anything, right? "" Maybe he was looking for me just pad a bottom, chances are he still has higher goals will not be achieved just in case their daughters to arrange our radio and television system. "Pan Baoshan Road," who do not want their children to stand taller? Moreover, he, as Finance Minister there is a certain convenience. "" also. "Tanjin Wen nodded, smiled and said:" That this is not a better thing, but also save you the trouble. "" Why, then charge anything at all, back overdone think, in fact Logically speaking I invite Kan Wang drink fishes. "Pan Baoshan," We broadcasting system, although most of the units are self-self-supporting, but relatively speaking, is to go over what's finances, if they there a little card really easy to set up, as with other units, Department of Finance for us is the God of Wealth. "" If so, then do not hesitate. "Tan Jinwen answer immediately gave Kan Wang put things finalized down. 6:00 pm Pan Baoshan and came to the dual Pro Tan Jinwen hotel, accompanied by Sun Huasheng, he told Kan Wang also considered understanding of research before Kan Songyang beheld when Sun Huasheng reception several times. In addition there are two people, covers mao and Su Liansheng, they heighten the atmosphere is. Kan Wang also brought a few people here, a deputy director of a good relationship, there are two people in the office. A meeting, Kan look very warm. "Pan Juzhang, we can also say that an old acquaintance!" He cheerfully smiled, stepped forward and Pan Baoshan handshake. "Kan Minister, this I have to thank you for saying it na!" Pan Baoshan haha ​​laughed, "when I was in Songyang, Songyang you gave a lot of support, particularly to fight flood that investment, you right Songyang, for me personally, it was all impress. "" This say is past, you now have is a radio and television people! "Kan Wang Baoshan arm leaning Pan, pendulum palms," Sit down , sit down. "" Well, Minister Kan you please. "Pan Baoshan very polite. "Originally, please Pan Juzhang should in their own cafeteria, insiders say, but not outside the fishes." Waiter pouring when Kan Wang said smiling, "but it happens being renovated, a bit messy, so I come here. But this is also an opportunity, such as canteen packed, and then invite Pan Juzhang in the past. "" Thank you, Minister Kan kind, I see opportunities for the right time, but also to invite you to our radio and television canteen to sit. "Pan Baoshan laughed, "You know, can go to the God of Wealth is not an easy thing." so to speak smile, and the scene is very open to open, along with two glasses of wine over, introduced after the wine is mutual understanding, Women's Timberland Boots a further not over, the atmosphere will heat up. Su Liansheng particularly active. Pan Baoshan imagined sigh, the environment and people, from the microscopic point of view, the former is always changing the latter. Department of Finance Office, Ren Xianjing the Su Liansheng cup, so he answered, when direct large cup end, to say great. Kan Wang would like to see this scene occurs, immediately said OK, director of the Office in relation to drink two points, beating strengthen exchanges and communication. Subsequently, Kan Wang also ported large cup, Pan Baoshan one can not see signs of backwardness, but also end up waiting for him to speak up and say get rid of. See the wine market character. Kan saw Pan Baoshan really is always straightforward, no longer hide, and change with him talking about the whispers, talked about his daughter's affair. Although Pan Baoshan psychologically prepared, but Kan Wang an opening, he was stunned. Because Kan Wang said after his daughter not to arrange things into the optical system to work, but on the front of the Chinese radio host upcoming competitions Golden Microphone Award to Pan Baoshan help, hoping to walk between giving her daughter get hold of the prize times. China Golden Microphone Award radio host, radio host community in the equivalent of the Nobel, Oscar, let alone a college students, that is, where the performers are almost only helplessly see copies harsh conditions imaginable. For a time, Pan Baoshan smile did not fall, but a little stiff.
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