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September 10 [Tue], 2013, 15:48
Because this place; Luo month not to common sense speaking, who know that they will not suddenly threw a bomb? Even lost North Face Outlet missile over, you will go to Luo month to declare war? If other countries, the vertical integration will go to sanctions, but Luo month two times, sanctions are sanctions. The Union will be in some state interference, two times in a row without reason of Luo month invasion, so they said to the Los month, and fart no two. For a time, many of the country side North Face Hoodie Outlet in the longitudinal joint will be warm inside, and began to separate contact Luo month, hope to achieve mutual understanding. These countries did not think of is, Luo month unexpectedly good talk, so long as war reparations thirty billion Luo Yuan on it. Thirty billion Luo Yuan is huge, but the people of Los month's loan, you can loan. And relative to a country, thirty billion Luo Yuan can afford, spend money disaster. Once there was a national leading out of the money, then the rest of the country thinks that money is nothing, lest be Los month this madman. As long as any a missile fell on their land, so their losses are more than thirty billion the number of. Finally, even if is Mens North Face Gore Tex Outlet the world to unite the Luo months off, so what? Lost always lost. So in addition to outside of the U.S., nearly thirty in the second coalition countries all agreed on compensation plan. Longitudinal joint will not think, their meeting is still warm, and Luo month a legacy of the war has been to more than half of. Although know many countries contact alone in and Luo, but unite together would wish it the sooner the better solution. Looks like the Luo month make those moves, is not really crazy to the Third World War, they just want the money. As for the u.s.. All of the people all know, thirty billion Luo Yuan, it is impossible. Ken Turner became another tragedy Rao later, although he was not the people down, but the two war coalition failed. He had to resign. Once again the mass demonstrations broke out the US, even smashed burning and robbing. Some people are against the US launched second invasion of Luo months of the war, some people began to the third invasion Luo month, ask the rest of the world to Los month war, U.S. support for. It is a pity that just wishful thinking. And Luo months of negotiations launched in America's new president Darchy under the auspices of the. Darchy didn't seem to want to have it continue to entwine. He just took office, he needs to get back to us as soon as possible the economic and stable. Both sides reached a final agreement, the U.S. war compensation Luo month loss of two hundred billion Luo Yuan, people's spiritual loss fifty billion Luo Yuan, an additional one hundred billion Luo Yuan redemptive captured American soldier three hundred and sixty thousand. Finally we have compensation for economic loss of three hundred and fifty billion Luo month Luo yuan. So many of the claims, even staging reparations, even the U.S. economy again strong also fell into the whirlpool. Moreover, this war will not show the loss of these. Their Pacific Fleet was almost crippled, army and air force loss is incalculable. Maybe they need some time to slowly resume, even if is ten to twenty years, but the Pacific is a strength to speak.
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