The famous brand discount store into Chinese tourists are happy to be bestowed favor on newly

February 20 [Wed], 2013, 11:00
That famous brand manufacturers ZhiXiaoDian (outlets), big shopping center, Beverly inclines, everywhere is visible towards Chinese tourists shopping. But lately there are some Chinese tourists learn to turn their attention to be able to T. J. MAXX, Ross, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and a outlet famous brand discount shop, it may be said "le may not be exhausted". But, compared considering the traditional Fitflop Walkstar shopping site, discount stores are cargo mainland tourists continues to be relatively small, usually from the had study abroad knowledge, for the United Says discount store more know young gens give main concern to.
All along with virtually all local consumers TJMAXX, Ross in addition to an outlet famous type (store) discount stores, lately also let some short-term in order to Asian guest "le may not be exhausted".
Chinese, ms. zhu 2010 from Chicago returnees to Shanghai a new multinational enterprise, because the task needs all the year near the two head run. From Tufts University (Tufts University) finish graduate student amount of Jenny said, on the east shoreline school students by the nation to famous brand low cost chain Filene 's Downstairs room tao clothes, the first job job interview outfit is spend below $100 tao CK agree with, and a pair of $90 from your sale of more compared to twenty dollars Nine Western high-heeled shoes, so in the nation for years has happen to be "le tao not tired", the department store and not too much interest. Right now often to America with business, although personal fiscal ability than student great amount many, but still can't assist in have been a "taobao" craving, "a pair of Vera Wang boots and shoes market may sell to get -, but in the Nordstrom Rack only spend below 80 yuan" cabbage value "to win, one of the best luck spent not even half of the money, the shop price around Marshalls cleans out a pair of Shiseido, protect pores and skin to taste than accountability free shop cheap".
Did wonders in Santa ABALA/' design = "color: # 000066" Fitflop Walkstar 3 target = _blank > Barbara increase training 3 months of ZhengXiaoJie, many classmates and friends in the nation, often someone on online community sites "sun" tao "good thing", therefore to T. J. M AXX, Ross these "mecca" seriously isn't strange. Last November, leading to the nation again for a four week period, decided to try fortune, accident tao to first cost nearly 300 yuan nonetheless discount for 120 yuan UGG boot styles, and from 150 yuan for you to fold for fifty yuan Tommy Hilfiger great coat, compared to the tariff of the outlets and slightly advantage. But ZhengXiaoJie explained, in these discount retailers home things are most significant problems is time-consuming, and can be from a pile of by the actual businessman eliminated Peggy working things right out the "baby", in addition to check the patience and style, "the element of luck is incredibly big also, " for once to FitFlop Walkstar Slide the United Expresses or stroke more restless tourists, they could certainly not experience the fun.