because from this pavilion area circle cut into face gently, rather than steps. This may be because the table is cut so popular

September 11 [Sat], 2010, 12:09
Diamond cutting table

Any diamond that you buy the most important part is to be eliminated. It can have incredible clarity and color, but they look absolutely terrible, if it is cut off poor. Even on earth, the most brilliant diamonds hope diamond, looks terrible, worse if it was to cut it. Diamond cutting on the quality of not only shows its natural beauty, but really as good as we can.
On the diamond cutting is divided into several different aspects. The first part is the belt. This is part of the largest diamond cutting. Lou pavilion in the region of the shoulder strap and belt known as the crown above the surface. Per unit area of the table is the top of the crown. Part of the diamond crown Replica Watch is the most obvious.
Many people believe that a diamond's cut is its most important part of the table. This is the biggest part of the after the stones have been cut off, but also the region where most of the light into. This is important because the way the table to change the cutting gems glittering.
On the reduction of one of the most famous type of cutting table. This is when the diamond has been cut off the table, it is not like a square or rectangular shaped. In what was considered a rare modern cut.
The table is more popular cut in the old days. It is considered a traditional cut, because it is in the style of 16 and 17 hundreds. On diamond jewelry, mostly from the era of cut diamonds in this way.
However, Fake Welder Watches just because a table has a diamond cut into a square is not necessarily a table cut diamonds. Also, as bread to reduce or cut square with a square top, but the obvious difference is that the other cuts. With these cut gems Pavilion sides parallel with a similar edge on both sides of the pyramid.
Reduce the table looks a lot different, because from this pavilion area circle cut into face gently, rather than steps. This may be because the table is cut so popular, it really makes the stone sparkle.
Have more choices than it is today simply because the old computer-aided technology, other cuts. Some of us are looking for a hand tool for today's jewelry can be impossible to pull.
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