heartache that blood crossbow

May 20 [Mon], 2013, 11:35
> Hey, better late, I'm sorry, there is a chapter, may be late tomorrow morning, we can look ...... whirring, the tragedy seeking votes! ! ! ...... City of splendor base, covers an area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometers, divided into various areas, including four districts, north, south, east, west, and most prosperous, but it is the central area. Www! QUaNBEN! COM seeing the sky has not earlier, Yang Xuan thought for a moment and decided to go to the weapon shop tomorrow. At the moment it was late, find a hotel booked a fine private dining room, a nucleus in a night! Bath for clothes, lying in a soft bed, and Yang Xuan hearts filled with emotion. The world, as long as you go to fight, there will be a better life! Yang Xuan lying in bed, tossing and turning, until the middle of the night, and drift off to sleep. The next morning, Yang Xuan just woke up, he immediately surprised, sat up, looked around at the same time. Just a look, he was stunned, and then smile: "forget, here is a base, not the wild." Sleeping in the wild, a little sign of trouble, he will wake up immediately. In the field to be used to it, trance here as a field. Get out of bed, freshen up again, wearing a set of clean clothes, and left the hotel. At the base of the downtown area ...... extremely busy, looking ahead, a row of towering buildings layers, the steady stream of passing crowds in the streets. In an area of ​​great front of the building, a stone fence on end, carved with a two-edged huge ax pattern in the building above the door at the same time, there are three golden characters: Weapons Court! The weapon Court brilliant the base City,Poppy Collection Coach Cheap, one of the best weapons shop, up and down a total of three, inside the decoration is very luxurious, all kinds of weapons placed on the counter, on the wall, see dazzling. Yang Xuan asked a few people to find the weapons shop, he went in, and immediately there will be a beautiful waiter came over, her sweet smile and said: "I ask Keguan, you need what level of weapon?" Yang Xuan asked: "There is the Crystal level or the remains of weapons did not? girl slightly surprised a moment, she was somewhat surprised authentic:" You have to crystal-grade weapons? generally use the strong will of the God of War level, the price is very expensive. "generally how much?" "are basically more than 1000 crystal!" Yang Xuan frowned, but said: "I look for it!" girl's eyes flashed a hint of color be surprised, she nodded and said: "Well, come with me, crystal-grade weapons, usually on the second floor!" Yang Xuan followed the girl behind him, went to the second floor. This second floor is smaller than the first floor area of ​​some, but the placing of a weapon, Gold, only a few are Silver. In addition, there are some fine style weapons, weapons of different colors, red, almost transparent color, green and other colors. Yang Xuan surprised authentic: "These weapons of different colors are crystal-grade weapons?" Smiling girl nodded and said: "Well, these weapons are made with diamond or crystal jade and other things, very hard." Yang Xuan point nodded, went before the judgment seat of weapons, carefully watched. "Huh? Bow and arrow?" Yang Xuan eyes fell on hanging on the wall of a whole body blood-red bow, "close-up I can use the chaos stick, remote can use the bow and arrow!" When the Killing Fields, in order to complete the task he faced a variety of challenges. Sticks and stones, almost everything to learn. Can not say everything looks superb, but it is absolutely no problem. "Bit!" Metal watch suddenly trembling, Yang Xuan, above a row of information. Material type: stone! Material grade: S-class! Yang Yi Zheng Xuan, this ... Is this bow? Yang Xuan immediately turn the watch, a Gold weapons test. The type of material: metal! Material class: B! "Really able to detect!" Yang Xuan somewhat surprising, he always thought, this piece of metal watches, can only detect some biological, able to detect even the weapons did not expect! "Gold is the Class B, then the other?" Yang Xuan whim, weapons detection around again and found silver-level weapons,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK, the class is a class C! Gold weapons and some crystal-grade weapons, Class A! As for the S-class weapons ...... and it seems that only this bow only! "This is the blood crossbow!" Just then, out of the old man behind the weapons station, he wrinkled, smiling and looking at to Yang Xuan said: "This blood crossbow to take the mysterious ruins Bloodstone production, bent very hard , even Ares strong, can not be destroyed! which bowstring is very rare ice silk production, tenacious! say this blood crossbow, which should be on the third floor, when the remains of weapons for sale! "Yang Xuan asked: "This bow How much?" the old man smiling authentic. So expensive! "Yang Xuan face stunned crystal is equivalent to a purple grade nuclei, purple nuclei, only more than 100 times the power of monsters to hunt! The equivalent of a Mars-class monster! The old man smiling authentic: the "blood crossbow is very rare, very powerful attack force! Not blackmail your crystal Price, has been lower for you!" General profiteers say. "Yang Xuan Pielepiezui. Old man a moment, immediately laughing, said: "Well, young man you do not count your 1800 crystal!" "No crystal like it!" Little brother you bargain too hard, it can not be cheap! "Do not sell or leave it!" ...... This is the bottom line! "" I only have you figure it out! "" Young man, I want to live an old man is not easy, you have pity crystal really can not be less "" Well, I would add 10 crystal! "......" the old man completely lost the battle down, eventually to 1210 the price of the crystal, sold to Yang Xuan. Next to the beautiful girl looking at this little old and a two clown bargain with each other, stare. "Little brother!" Old man heartache that blood crossbow to take down to the Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan submitted 10 blue nuclei and three yellow nuclei in the past, looking also 90 white nuclei. "Yes, you have arrows?" Yang Xuan asked to buy a bow, naturally, want to buy arrows. "Of course!" The old man aroused, chuckled: "You want what?" Do you have what? "There are different levels of iron 2 crystal tube, a tube of copper level crystal 10 a barrel! Silver 100 crystal tube! 200 Gold crystal tube! crystal class 500 a barrel crystal! "the old man smiled and introduced. "Damn it, so expensive!" Yang Xuan stunned and said: "Even if it is a weapon, it does not take too expensive right!" "You do not know these arrows will kill those monsters, you can also take it up again, rather than one-time general a barrel of arrows, than a weapon but also durable! "!" Yang Xuan thought,Jordan 11 Shoes, said: "Then give me a tube crystal class!" Hey old man smile, removed A barrel of bows and arrows. Tube bows, arrows, and upper body are almost transparent crystal production. The lower body is transparent color material synthesis, do not pay attention to see that simply can not. Yang Xuan could not help secretly nod, almost transparent bow and arrow, it is hard to detect! 400 crystal sell me! "Yang Xuan smiled, said:" I once bought so much a discount! "Old man eyes stare," discount the my blood crossbow to sell it to you at a loss, tube bows and arrows, in any case, can not be cheap! "" I have only "I rely on, you just said that only now saying that only those who believe in it! "......" Yang Xuan nuclei in the space ring all take out a total of only his smile: "Only so much, you do not sell even. "Old man eyes squint, all of a sudden pick up a few pieces of blue nuclei, hehe smiles:" I know your kid is rich, take it tube Arrow, later run out again. Yang Xuan rolled his eyes, I thought, devil to do this murder you also not happy what? Took his quiver, back in the body, directly under the leadership of the waiter, left the weapon shop . Xuan, Yang left, the second floor of the weapons shop, the old man looked at the hands of a bunch of blue and yellow nuclei, could not help but laughed, "Today really is a case of a rich man, hey, unfortunately This kid is too fine, else slaughter. But he is clever, I earned more than five hundred nuclei! "... Leave weapons shop to Yang Xuan carrying blood crossbow, walking in the street." Really a nucleus not! "Yang Xuan sigh of relief," It seems to hunt some monsters, too poor, and had meant to buy armor and now appears to be impossible. "Hey, there was nothing so busy? Yang Xuan look to the front, where the voices, crowded with dense crowd, seemed to be very busy. Xuan Yang went over. "Wow, a cow, actually reached 95 times the power! "What a pity, if this person that will be able to get the God of War titles, when would certainly be the major associations as a guest! "You know what? The brilliant base city, Ares strong only a few, even if he did not reach the God of War level, with 95 times the strength, the same will be invited by the major associations. "Jiji babble buzz sounded in the next, and Yang Xuan into the crowd, looking ahead, in an open space, a tall burly man, standing in front of the instrument of a refrigerator in this instrument shows a row of figures: the biological level: Medium creatures! race of creatures: take the beasts! Intellect: 78 Strength Speed ​​cells strength: 95 <
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