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> Residual fall to the ground, the surface now angry ... but no way. www, QUanbEN com under these girls Although there is no one of his opponent in the open, he will be all broken. Happens leading to the bottom of the channel has already been wacke sealed, and can not get a time, and the the with his paint Liyingwaige ghost and died too soon, if we insist on a little paint ghost, at the moment these girls must have come into his hands. Now, however, he was only angry in vain, but it is afraid to try again. The girl is not old, but all with do not know where to wonderful magic, especially tall the town died paint ghost mysterious pagoda, Glory amazing, even if they have thousands of means, if it tries to dominate only fear are escape death. Swerved his mind the idea of ​​thinking about how can we extract several girl, re-recapture huā of God. At this point, he suddenly birth induction, hurry back. A black sè Jianguang, buttressed by sharp domineering to darting comes from the sky. Over the Palace of the hundreds of soldiers riding Fakie around, but breaking into the room around that Jianguang, block Phi rejoice. Residue was shocked, and shed her mysterious air, even as a huge fireball, that step jianguang illness hit away. Boom rang the Jianguang with fireball hit with, flashed round after round halo surrounding soldiers will just flash to these aura, already turned into a shower of blood, have scattered. The more residual gathered body skill, without setting can Jianguang push back the slightest heart jing. With his strength, and the kingdom of God has always been second only to the a hot topic kingdom of God invincible hand, the God Emperor Enthronement emperor, however, come Jian Qi violent, mysterious air of weird, actually let him not to discuss any advantage . Residual thundered: "You are who?" Jian Qi rotary drill days through the drill bit, and constantly drilled into the thick firewall. Jian Qi Tang Xiaofeng came from leisurely voice: "Master, Tang Xiaofeng!" Sky flying naturally solved the history of quiet exploration rush back. His ink Hongjian inserted quiet exploration of the history of the body, with sealed in "Xiang Fei tears so he is evil witch sword. The evil witch sword of the the feijian he for Yan Ziqiong tailored, both large and heavy, he in fact is not very handy. But this sword comes with a domineering, his days flying, big bang, relying on strong momentum Hongxiang residue, and then rapidly rotating drill into the scorching firewall to notice any residue is difficult to resist. More is residual Youjingyounu, but this Jianguang elan, so he did not dare recklessly, only backwards and one vertical, yù first moved away, and then hold our ground. Next to another "one-eyed Cang Tiger" Wei wrinkled, "extinguishing mat collection" by two dragons, "Wudu insufficiency Golden Mutian python shot trying to assist more disabled. The underground but sprang offering the Buddha chaos, straight wrecked Tianhundian. Shot, but Lin Shuxiang, she heard the son of voice, worried that he themselves they rush sprang to assist son. In fact, even if she was not shot, Tang Xiaofeng there will not be anything, but her this upset, Wei wrinkled, by two dragons, golden wood day Python together immediately flaws, Tang Xiaofeng actually they no longer cared for the body twist, odd sly to emerge from the three attack, the the evil witch sword no block continue to strike residue. More shouted residue, the sleeves Yifu not to fight Tang Xiaofeng, but headed towards the forest scholarly. Since this girl out to help the young man, between the two naturally intimate of friends shallow. He Gongdi will deliver in order to take the opportunity to gain an advantage. Seeing more residual blasted inflammation of gas would have to hit the forest scholarly Tang Xiaofeng do not cross-sectional inflammation gas, but the body of a spin, to actually hug together with Lin scholarly. Two fast wěn who Jumping Buddha's Light. Inflammatory air strike on Fo Guang, bang, residual anti-collapse, officials take a step back. Tang Xiaofeng its potential non-stop, with Lin Shuxiang a turn, the sword and the tower hit. Residual sleeves Yifu, left sleeve cut-Tang Xiaofeng thorn evil witch sword, right hand shot fly forest scholarly resorted to wheel tower. Tang Xiaofeng secretly admire this old guy is really amazing. But he can only do this point. Tang Xiaofeng left hand to shake sash residue instant volume. More residues covered with mysterious gas immediately disappeared without a trace, Tang Xiaofeng with a sword Jia Zhu had a long sigh, wait to die,Online Coach Outlet Wallets. Wei wrinkled meaning yù rescue is too late. Around the soldiers see even more disabled adults will be captured, both surprise and fear, too timid. Tang Xiaoshan drifted out, said: "brother, do not kill him." More residual sighed: "So is the the hill girl's brother, and she is his sister must have his brother, the young hero, so terrible." Tang Xiaoshan slightly smile, looked more residues: "What is the day Saint adults, I do not know Majesty?" the more residual sighed: "Your Majesty has died in the hands of demons cases Vamp, even the red cloud wild in tandem with him forever, on hill pool was seriously injured, survived. "Tang Xiaofeng already guessed this result, did not say anything. Tang Xiaoshan but until then, to know God Emperor is dead, has quite stunned. Tang Xiaoshan looked up, and thunder and lightning in the sky, vision clusters. She looked at Day St. residue, said: "Despite the fact that the thing has become so, adults now even then forty-eight sisters Qinxia to, nor can save Heaven throughout the fate of the collapse of the God Emperor is dead, adults most important, not the people of the kingdom of God in mind, as soon as possible with nationals to leave here? "more residual cold tunnel:" people read these managed to keep the kingdom of God ... "" useless "Tang Xiaoshan Road "Your excellency Let us look at the sky, Heaven reason why the environment has not been like other territory crash, just because there are nine mirror on the contrary the door with the outside world, and Diejin Ninth flows slowly, turn forcibly pull into the outside world of Reiki Heaven environment. Diejin Nine Stars are those sisters congenital Reiki energy, those sisters have been rescued "non-human ... just the shadow of the human world, of stacked gold Ninth dark to go. The world the Aura has begun to return to the human world. Adults even then those innate soul sisters pushed Diejin Ninth, I'm afraid too late to wait until the return to Heaven dispersed world of Reiki environment here already collapsed. Moreover, if you are forced too fast, we would rather kill those sisters, so that they reincarnation, than you so take advantage of depriving well Xingshenjumie. "And said:" you for Heaven throughout the surviving scourge Divine, from time to time confused chaos because no one knows what you did. Since we know that the kingdom of God as a behind, upon his return to China to tell the world lie everyone knows Seoul steal the kingdom of God, the world of Reiki, which led to the human world Aura lose a great deal, the matter of the people living in dire poverty, then Greatly jī anger, Seoul kingdom of God under the outrage, even if Heaven environment does not collapse, it is difficult to preserve the. Residual cold smile was about to speak. Tang Xiaoshan already smiles: "Could adults want relied on you there are a lot of us forced to leave? Unfortunately, God Emperor is dead, adults falls on our hands, kill adults, the kingdom of God within, the people in place to stay next to my brother? "residual silence. God Emperor Majesty dead, the Eightfold death casualties injury "Tang Xiaoshan Road" day Holy adults you then die once, and others without adult so prestigious, is bound to fall apart, but also my calculation Heaven environment subsisting time, they are just ten days and a half months, further chaos, the people of the kingdom of God, can safely leave ten, twelve have been rare. "the more residual heaved Road:" You want to do? " Tang Xiaoshan smile: "We just want to get out of here safely." Tang Xiaofeng also smiled and said: "In fact, you would not let us leave safely does not matter kill you, so break to see who blocked lives. The more residual looked up at the sky, the sky thunderbolt profusion of lightning constantly. he knew that the past few months finally gathered to Heaven throughout the world of Reiki is part of the rapid loss of, according to this, I'm afraid, as the hill a girl with , then how to do it have been too late.'s more, as they said, at worst they killed the girl with congenital soul, calmly away, here is unstoppable,Coach Outlet Handbags Online, had no choice but authentic: "in accordance with Haier the is words. "Residue the summoned forty-eight Fakie, sleeping difficult to wake up girl carrying forty-eight to Ji Shan Lin Shuxiang, Luo red lotus waited at the side, to prevent them sharper Yang Mo Siang holding the same sleeping unawakened Shuyuan Tai Ji Yuying, Hongying to bring Tang Min and monthly rainbow followed behind., May Rainbow know God Emperor is dead, I think his last ten years, in fact, on their own is also good, the idea is some sadness. Tang Xiaofeng hijacked Day St. "more residues, with the last, the Wei wrinkled from the Tang Xiaofeng is the past few days there have been in front of them do not know" swim far more "just to see, the ability of this young, even the day of St. adults does not fall into their hands, he is not his opponent, since not dare to take such action with the outside mirror on the contrary door a total of nine, one of which will be hidden in the depths of the Memorial Ceremony for Mountain Ling Yu Tang Xiaofeng gas and sister five sè pen, break the seal, find out the door mirror on the contrary, of course, not difficult to find the mirror the contrary door, Lin Shuxiang, Yuying protection, Miss, first through the door mirror on the contrary, to reach the other end. Luo red lotus quietly slipped out of the festival Hill, looking for her father LUO. Tang Xiaofeng there waiting, but to see Yang Mo Siang holding a dog ran over. "This is ..." he strained Yang Mo Siang Road: "This is not the owner last picked up the dog? I look at it ran pretty poor, wanted to take it home ...... "puppy children tears Wang it. Tang Xiaofeng direct it picked up, flew to throw outside, then come back here, deadpan: "not allowed to have a dog at home. "The maidservants tears Wang Ann Tang Xiaofeng Feng cough loudly:" at least only allowed to raise ...... "Tang Xiaofeng, for a moment, but first back Luo red lotus, she know that the kingdom of God could disappear soon, this is to father away with , LUO has other plans, but it turned out in the kingdom of God this decade, LUO addition gotten married, Heaven throughout the collapse sooner or later, but there is ample time of ten days and a half months, he did not want to drag her daughter , Italy yù own with his family, departed from peach huā source was another pause, Tang Xiaofeng is free for my sister and scholarly Yuying worried, but they wear back sister said: "the other side of the seal. unlock, the outside Shanbengdelie, I can not see where. "Nine mirror Conversely gate connected, but mainland China in last year's collapse of the nine places, such as Qitianling, Taishan, Taihu Lake, Changan, both are one of them. Tang Xiaoshan only know the outside world is the human world, and not when they enter Heaven throughout the Qitianling by, but in the end at which eight can not judge a moment. scholarly Lin, Luo red lotus, Yang Mo Siang Yu-ying, Hongying batches forty-eight Rainbow name the reincarnation huā God, Tang Min, month sent out, Yun Chi, Rosie the two sisters behind. till the others all left, Tang Xiaofeng This release the more residue laughed: "offend offend. "Holding my sister down in straight sets. To to mirror the contrary door, Tang Xiaofeng see painted around many cents seal knowing over:" Sister, you are to explode? I said: "Well, the one so you can prevent those who chase, and secondly, as long as the Diejin Ninth and nine mirror the contrary door still holding the last glimmer of hope, and perhaps come up with any excuse. Ruin a mirror the other hand door as the site too Nine-palace ceased to exist, even though they has caught more huā God ... is useless. Through the mirror on the contrary door upside down two siblings changed on the fly, Tang Xiaoshan Fu Zhi readily dropped a mirror Conversely door began to explode, and Tang Xiaofeng arm around her sister, into Jianguang straight into the sky. falls on the ground Lin Shuxiang, Luo red lotus, uncles, Aunt May, who has long been waiting for. Tang Xiaofeng to see the surrounding barren here, he flew to the sky, glancing away, the collapse of the mountain peaks to the outside looks with the collapse of riding fields Ridge is somewhat similar, and he can only judge by no means Chang'an and Taihu Lake, Changan and Taihu Lake is also the collapse of nine places, but one is the famous fortified city, the other is one of the five lakes, this will never be look when he thought of The Yan Ziqiong also in environment with Heaven, dead or alive, seeing just worried for her this time, but he can not do for her. dark clouds gathered in the sky inexplicable, incredibly hard. showers approaching, and we all a little tired, Tang Xiaofeng they his five elements metamorphosis Jian Qi, coupled with the help of several maidservants, several bamboo houses built in the secret place, and all shift into those huā God. Not long after, Shu-Yuan Tai Ji finally woke up and saw that they somehow went to such a place, surprised month rainbow headache, but still a good while huā mind before all things to her explain Shu-Yuan Tai Ji until this time, and they knew his father "someone else" can not believe how Tang Xiaoshan two siblings come together, and repeated explanation of the truth. Shuyuan know the tour is far more "turned out to be the brother of the hill and sister in disguise, but also his cousin, this is better than to know his own father, otherwise others more surprised she could not help but flutter in the arms of the mother set to cry. , father and daughter finally made known, his arm cry. Tang Xiaoshan see uncle finally together with his wife and daughter, the hearts happy for him. Tang Xiaofeng shift the sister pull it out. Tang Xiaoshan thought his brother wanted uncle like family have a conversation, do not bother them, my heart still thinking brother is really sensible, no one thought the brother pulled her away, told her another secret. raining cats and dogs outside, Tang Xiaoshan stunned original Shuyuan really God Emperor daughter, not uncle and monthly aunt's daughter? "sister you know you can, do not go out," Tang Xiaofeng whispered "Anyway, God Emperor and the Sha Luona have to die, the secret addition to you and me, and then Nobody knows. If exposed, Shuyuan suddenly became an orphan, Uncle sensitive and aunt even know their real flesh and blood just born God Emperor killed in vain sad. Sister rubbed his xué, helpless authentic: "I know. "As the brother said, let Min the tert-month aunt, Shu Wei so wrong wrong, anti-is a good thing for them. Tang Xiaofeng but said:" Sister, the days women bulk huā figure it? "Here. Sister days women bulk huā Figure taken out. Tang Xiaofeng took days women scattered huā diagram, pondered the question, and slowly opened it. A translucent figure suddenly sprang, the sister was shocked. Tang Xiaofeng relieved: "Kam heart girl? "Flying out from day female loose huā of figure, turned out to be words Kam the heart hún soul words Kam heart watching them, but it is a burst of Mang the ......... bamboo outside, thunder and lightning, thunder constantly waves wet intended volume in the clear cool. Tang Xiaoshan Lin Shuxiang help people to take care of those the extremely weak huā God went to Tang Xiaofeng the beautiful ghost Kam heart girl standing by the window, looking at the outside wind and rain. Tang Xiaofeng huā for a while to explain to her that day female scattered huā of the existence of the map, and said: "this kind of thing has happened before, a pair of sisters, in the beginning of the mutiny in Luoyang, Huang Heaven to public generals killed, hú ; n soul and not put yīn Cao to the government, but it is to fly this painting, why, not even I did not even know. "Words Kam Mou faint" Oh, "a cry. Tang Xiaofeng looked at her:" Do you really understand? Introduction Kam heart deadpan: "have been like this, do not understand what can? Tang Xiaofeng was silent for a moment, sighing loudly: "At that time, I was able to early step in to help you deal with the history of quiet exploration, it will not become like this. I'm sorry cousin. Coming across a ghost turned around, looked at him in astonishment: "You told me what? Tang Xiaofeng smiled and said: "Did I guess wrong, you can actually not my cousin? "Ghost, looking at him:" when you guess? "Know Shuyuan in fact not the Ming empress own daughter,Coach Oline Kristin Bags, somewhat suspect" Tang Xiaofeng said "Do you know, when you laugh with my sister really like? The only doubt for the benefit of the doubt, but it is not sure. So before leaving the kingdom of God, know that you kill the God Emperor and the red sky, allows on hill pool survived, this became convinced. You have no reason not to kill him, you do not kill him, just because he is your cousin, right or wrong? Tang Kam heart looked at him a long long time before a smile: "You are very clever. "There is such a clever cousin will not be very proud? "Ah" Tang Jin Heart snappily authentic "too proud to want to die. "Cousin ... you're dead. "............... You Tube? "! <
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