Rescue exercise Rui Xi also perish row Winter Guard

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:41
Gong Rui Xi and Shen to exercise temporarily get rid of pursuers, Gong Rui Creek excuse for their own fate and let Shen exercise done hugged himself, he took the opportunity to exercise with drugged Mongolian halo. Originally,
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Canvas And Suede Wedge Sneakers Gong Rui Xi and his father had a good discussion collusion location alone made her determined to risk, to rescue Shin exercise to buy time. Gong Xi Rui saw Yamaha Swagger, appeared in front of their pursuers Guard. Nefarious Guard directed Gong Xi Rui fired several crossbow, passionately devoted to exercise Shen Gong Xi Rui expense of their own lives to protect their loved ones. This lovely and poor girl, before dying the applicant to exercise his turn to drive over Dingqingzhiwu support Su Yi-Ching.
Shen woke up after that exercise the truth, to the Gong Rui Creek and avenge his father. Gong t severely slapped him a slap
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Western-Style Wedge Ankle Boots In White in the face, and then inform the applicant to exercise, Guard dare decree the case in the absence of chasing murderers, in fact, because someone behind the manipulation. At this time, the king requested Hastening Cao Yuan Shen exercise to ascertain the cause of death, found behind it, so as to rescue Shen Zi Mu, as well as Gong Xi Rui revenge. Shen cool down exercise carefully combing event procedure, he sneaked into the capital requirements Cao Yuan careful examination of the corpse.
Shen exercise found that Cao Yuan multiple stab wounds to the body just flesh wounds, fatal in fact, was inserted in the needle behind the ear. Shen Lixing reported to the king himself in the morgue found the king deliberately speculate that all this is that as Liu Ji, he would like to set out the conversation that night and Cao Yuan Shen exercise of. A different view of Shanghai Lixing Yuan Cao lied just trying to find what the actual situation of the case, then an excuse to get some daily necessities home. Su Yi-Ching worried, hurriedly rushed to apply force along
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Snow Leopard Sneakers with experts in Shanghai Lixing fear will kill Liu Ji Shen Zi Mu silenced. Sure enough, the next day to see the official Su Yi-Qing official document, so Shen exercise surrender, otherwise immediately beheaded Shen Zi Mu. Shen filial feel ready to exercise surrender. Su Yi-Qing analysis, the applicant will conduct in the exercise so treacherous Liu Ji, only to find the truth in order to be killed Cao Yuan rescued Shen Zi Mu.
Shen Li Wei learned in the exercise, it has been found stabbed to death several people in the needle into the home of Liu, Shen Lixing vengeful murderer finally believe indeed Liu Jin, Liu Ji was behind that, he was looking for help to catch the king Liu Jin check the truth. And Liu Ji has more power of the king secretly generously agreed to apply the requirement to exercise, immediately find Zao discuss the matter.
Zao heard the king found something important, he believes that the king found the winning weight, Recently apathy of the king, he immediately met with the king, and immediately sent investigative hand. Liu Dong Chang in manpower into the home found a large number of needle, also made an excuse for both winter is friends nor enemies, consistent purpose, took the opportunity to take a pack needle. Evidence in hand, also made winter led six doors Detective Guard give a blow. Sun dried see six doors in the hands of the needle, immediately and without arrogance so arrogant, but still do not want to put Shen Zi Mu. Winter also made the trip with respect to the investigation into Liu needle users, because he has a major suspect. Six doors and refused to give the Guard, the situation is now tense. Dongchang men rushed to inform the king and talk positive Zao, the king rushed Zhen Fu Division, see Liu Ji was about to demand the release of Shen Yan Zi Mu Zhen Fu also winter blasted Guard Division. Liu Ji and the arrival of the king not only failed to ease the situation, but to make matters worse, the two sides battle imminent. In this case, the applicant to exercise in order to keep six doors brethren do unnecessary sacrifice, to surrender, the king again and Liu Ji Shen exercise of the dispute over the fate of the issue. At this time, Zao inform you that the emperor was awake all so the next day North Korea will again see the outcome. Liu Ji Shen adhere to exercise custody jail, Zao secretly to Liu Ji Shijia pressure to ensure the applicant to exercise his safety.