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June 04 [Tue], 2013, 18:26
> Amy regained freedom. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM he was not far from the airport and military forces. He regained freedom, but not happy. Because he understands that this means that Li Fei find that person, the one in Taipei, also known as Chen person. Also means that he will be with Li Fei, respectively. Where he was sitting on the roadside outside the military team. His heart pain, he does not know how to bear. Motorcycle horn, suddenly called out. Amy looked up, only to find thirty meters away on the left, parked his motorcycle, car beside standing Li Fei. "Doing it? Sitting on the ground out daze, child-like, mature point okay? I like mature men." Amy was surprised, he thought Li Fei gone. "You did not go?" Li Fei step onto the motorcycle rear, shook hair, smiled and said, "walking up, do not let me open the car How about you?" Amy step onto the motorcycle. "Where?" In fact, he knew. He also knows, Li Fei will go after today, this day, is her stay, as they put an end to this affair of the day. Amy wanted to say something, but he endured. Li Fei did not say that he can not wait to say. "First go back to school." Amy start motorcycle, carrying long hair floating dàng flying with Li Fei, the winds rushed into the street. "Hurry up, hurry up to open the road allowed the brakes!" Li Fei Fuer, screaming. Li Fei Chen read minds. She was very sad, very sad. So her adventure, she thought, if something happens, they are dead, it is dead. She just wanted a thorn in the adventure jī in dilute all the pain, to meet at the moment because the pain arising from the self-destructive tendencies. "Well!" Chen promised the sound, everything possible speedup. Because he was very tough! Soon reach a top speed of motorcycles,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, carrying them on the road speeding surges. Although the speed fast, but Amy did not therefore alter the usual walk. The leap across the overpass, he still leap across the corner where he still turn ...... he a fearless, Li narrow too. They indulgence emotion, exposure to danger. Again extremely thrilling, high-speed taxiing into the corners. However, never out of control. Every time when the high-speed taxiing into the statue, Chen Li and Li Fei are looking forward to the kind of speed and angle will make people lose control. But each time, are not out of control. When the motorcycle drove to the school door, when Li Fei stepped on the foot brake. When the motorcycle parked at the moment, their hearts, feel then if the account known ...... "Do not say, what they should not ask." Li Fei Chen holding, proactive wěn which he, slim double tuǐ, Sheban around his waist, tightly wrapped, holding. J Chen responded to her four love, holding her in hot wěn in jī Lie caress each other up the stairs, walked Li Fei dormitory door. Door ajar, touch that is open. After the door, the door was kicked Chen's closed, issue the 'bang when', and vibration noise. They hugged each other, hands are inserted into each other's clothes, jī Lie ask mō forward. Firmly affixed together chún, always never separated. Together when poured chuáng double chún only slightly separated. Li Fei pulled off a child on Amy kù buttons, Chelan kù chains. Shortness of breath, jī move saying "I am devastated! Fiercely hesitate trample me! Enjoy trample jumped me!" She Yexia of Amy's kù son, spitting hot air chún room, there is no masking The saying "you've ever fantasized about though with the hope that I have had in any way gan! do not control will not hurt me, will not ruin my body, I just want you to enjoy the ravages of bitter , kept gan! I want to remember you, never forget, remember you! "- Li Chen Fei tightly holding, the exhaustion of the effort of holding him tight, nails, caught Chen established meat. But regardless of whether she, Amy pain with, but this pain, let his emotions as being ignited gunpowder, the outbreak of more crazy. He tore Li Fei tear a shirt, a ripped off Li Fei's text xiōng, a ripped Li Fei's kù son, a ripped Li Fei inner kù. Whether this will make Li Fei his pain. Because this pain is Li Fei want, deep memory. His grip force, rubbing Li narrow rounded tún, towering peaks, forced to put her under pressure in the body, regardless of whether it will let her breath. Li Fei double tuǐ dish tightly in his waist, full of haunted exhausted, his best efforts to bear his tyrannical trample jump. ...... (Omitted hundred words) meaning they indulge in consultative hugged exhausted sleep. After a short nap, and again, and indulge in consultation noting intertwined, the release of the pain of parting, cherish moments together were before. Time and again, as if they were going to originally hoped, all future lingering in one day make up. Wall clock, from the time of their entry into premises four o'clock,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, walked four in the afternoon. When once again indulge in consultative intended catharsis ends, Li Fei cried. Not because her body was hurting Amy, too fast because of the passage of time, because her body to the limit. "Amy, Amy ...... Do not hate me, I love you, I can not control their feelings, no way to deny your love ...... Do not say'll wait for me, do not expect I would say certainly in Taipei waiting for you. I do not like to say that this self-deception, I do not like immature kids. "Li Fei wiping her tears, but the eye immediately smell but gush, Amy holding her face, laughing, talking. "After the break, you may seriously life, the love to love, to love to love you always say they want to know what love is, I tell you, love is not detached from reality, nothing ethereal illusion, but not naive child otherworldly elusive. "" I know you want to say this is not a full stop, but I do not want to hear, if this is not a full stop, then we will all begin again. If there that day, I hope to see you, is a understand women,cheap jordan shoes, understand love, understand life, mature man Do not daydream, innocently waiting for the future can not be determined, as a small boy will never understand what love is. "Li Fei said, sobbing and grief , my voice has become a cry. She hugged Amy's body. "Do you understand? Hear me?" "Ah, I understood." Amy gently promised. Yes, he understood. In the past he would not admit the idea of ​​love is the heart of the childish fantasies. Unwilling to accept Li Fei pessimistic predictions for the future. But now, he had to admit that he's naive, his fantasies. Love he had for the courage and determination to die, but to no avail. Such courage and determination can not change the harsh reality, love is the separation can not be determined, or spend. Amy wanted to laugh, when he was in the TV movie, saw those affecting those he has called love. He was at that time merely preached era, the art of fantasy story fooled results. Before today, he has been a story of being fooled fantasy art kids! The fantasy art of love story as the only definitions and standards. ! . <
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