Let Star Battle consumer publishing Samsung P7310 Ultra-thin flat panel evaluation

September 27 [Tue], 2011, 21:35
To further refine the market flat screen?
Today, Apple iPad massively occupy the lion's share of the market, Google Andrews tablets to make up for camp, in which international brands represented by the "Tegra 2 + honeycomb" combination of more catchy, East IT giant Samsung has launched a whole new generation in the tab this year's Galaxy Tablet PC, Apple Tablet PC as the (Sony VGP-BPS13 Battery)major component suppliers, want to work hard with the Google system, their own place in the world.

In April, Samsung announced a Tablet PC Galaxy Tab, the composition of a 7-inch, 8.9 inch and 10.1-inch range. Which last year released a 7 inch Galaxy Product Tab P1000 portable use, the market was good, a series of models to follow to earn a good reputation.

* 8.6 mm temptation Samsung P7310 Tablet Review

10 inches is the size of consumer PC Tablet, the first half of each top-level manufacturers have introduced products in the size, in the second half, 7-inch debut at the beginning, these products are ultra-portable is the greatest evidence. We can see in the comments section, some users reported that seven inches too small, 10 inches too big, then the manufacturer is ready to release between products? Silence, the Samsung has a first example, launched a tab Galaxy 8.9, we have reviewed today is the Samsung P7310, the size of it is really rare in the industry.

8.6 mm of the appeal of the Samsung P7310 Review

Configuration, the Samsung P7310 is not shrinking, is still the general public NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 1 GB of memory and Android cellular system, coupled with Apple iPad 2 as ruthless as the design of ultra body thin, Galaxy Tab is very easy to get global concerns of consumers. So since it's 8.9 inch screen, with P7500 and P1010 Brother Big Brother that any particular advantage, it is worthy of our attention. (Sony VGP-BPL13 Battery)

Tips: Samsung introduced three total in the country, Tablet PC, or P1000/P1010 7 inches by 8.9 inches and 10.1 inches P7300/P7310 P7500/P7510, in terms of the model, such as P1000 , P7300, P7500 entire model for the 3G version of the model bits, such as P1010, P7310, P7510 to use "10" at the end of the model for the WiFi version of the model.

In addition to the original screen the power of the ultra-thin body IPAD 2
* Slim beyond the power of the original screen iPad 2

Software used: Benchmark Test MultiTouch

In March, Apple iPad 2 release tablet, 8.8 mm body thickness thinner than the old model of 30%, even thinner than the iPhone 4 some, started in the first half, we came out on top of the Tablet PC Hengping stars. In the second half as Eastern IT giants, Samsung Electronics, the power and breath release a variety of cellular systems based on ultra-slim tablet.

Samsung P7310 with a 8.9 inch touch screen

June, I talked when we worked Samsung P7500 10.1-inch, "was so thin!" It is the assessment given by the people around them, 8.6 mm thick body of the thin banner banner pull down the altars of the Apple iPad 2 Today, in my Samsung P7310 hands to keep the perfect body as well, but the screen goes from 10.1 inches by 8.9 inches, to meet the needs of different markets, only the thickness, the Samsung flat-shelf products since no one in the can be the enemy.
8.6 mm beyond the two iPad

Piece of 8.9-inch touch screen resolution of 1280 × 800, has not lost in the course of 10.1 inches from the current model, to ensure better clarity chart. Screen colors and viewing angle, the screen as the Apple iPhone one of the main suppliers, Tablet Tab Galaxy uses its own panel, we have been getting P7310 and iPad iPad 2 were compared .
Screen brightness, contrast, color saturation

In contrast, most comprehensive color P7310, a brighter screen, both the side view left and right, looking down, looking more or less, have better performance. Samsung P7310 screen continuation in strong light, while the Apple iPad Although brightness is relatively low, but in most circumstances quite normal to meet the reading needs more attention to the real situation and life. It is particularly worth mentioning is that before we did a similar test, the same conclusion.

Next, we tested the touch screen quality, so that the first stage of the application.
Ten-point touch screen(Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery) technology to support
And white in the digital domain, re-injection of Samsung products very elegant design, this style has also been made for the Tablet PC. P7310 with the screen before endless wrapped around the body by the silver frame, the back is white with a plastic porcelain style, this design we saw on the Samsung P7500, P7310 P7500 can be said is a version reduced by the full, in addition to the appearance of the screen size and almost no change.
Continued online Galaxy Tab is still back in White America Design
Samsung Speakers edge of the fuselage dedicated data interface (double)

Looking around the body, there is no USB port, no high definition HDMI interface, but all external experience to slim phones. School practice do not worry, by the original device, can be extended to USB2.0, SD card reader for the common interface.

Button, the interface based on the top of the fuselage
Unit Weight: 0.447 kg Weight Travel: 0526 kg

Model Weight / Size
Samsung P1010 (7 inches) 376 g
Samsung P7310 (8.9 inches) 447 g
Apple iPad 2 (9.7 inch) 599 grams
Samsung P7500 (10.1 inches) 568 g

Know that there are multiple ultra-thin flat panel do? After weighing, one can see, the Samsung P7310 unique weight 0447 kg, 0526 kg weight count the travel adapter, Apple iPad 2 lighter than about 150 grams, of course, and the size of the screen and Do not use a metal body a certain relationship, lighter than the P7500 with about 120 grams alumnus at the expense of some level of portability display space, the next. (Sony VGP-BPL9C Battery)

3D gaming performance does not compromise a little video action
* Small performance does not compromise the measured 3D game video

Software used: test of the device Z / Galaxy on Fire 2 THD

Samsung P7310 Tablet PC now equipped with most major Nvidia Tegra 2, Fengyun dual-core processor by Motorola Xoom, Asus TF101, stars such as Acer A500 models used, and Google combined into a single cellular system, a combination of hard and soft, like a laptop Wintel architecture, NVIDIA Tegra processors today as much as the popularity of his series of GeForce graphics cards.
View the Android system hardware configuration tool for the general public
Equipped with dual-core processor running at 1 GHz ARM (Sony VGP-BPL10 Battery)

Dual-core 1 GHz processor (Tegra 2), 1GB RAM, cellular honeycomb, Google is once again flat Big Three.

NVIDIA Tegra processor with two dual-core Cortex-A9 chips, daily browser, JAVA supported by both processors. Above all, he built a 2D/3D graphics processor - GeForce, greatly improve the Tablet PC experience high-definition playback and gaming applications.
2 Tegra processor internally by eight bullets, they have their own areas of expertise

At the same time, Tegra 2 also has a low power consumption, improved power management processor and its frequency will be adjusted when the load changes, it does not always work in the two main running at 1GHz, a core that can automatically turn off when the load is low, combined with energy-management, dual-core Tegra Tegra 2 generation as the most energy efficient.

Built-in GeForce is the biggest highlight of the Tegra 2

However, NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, the ability to do what? Here "Bath of Fire Galaxy 2 Galaxy on Fire 2 THD" This 3D game to check it. It had Apple iOS popular platform, he moved to the Android platform in April this year, the German company of this Fishlabs 3D space-themed popular games of the user's favorite plate, now this game is free to download, beautiful screen, the sense is strong operator functionality. (Sony VGP-BPS9A/B Battery)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy Bath Fire on Fire 2 THD

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Popular 3D games using the Android platform: "Fire Galaxy 2 bathroom"

It is particularly worth mentioning is that the THD version is designed for two Tegra processors in the GeForce optimized, there will be better in the actual performance on for the game to the highest quality we have. The video can be seen from the above, the Samsung P7310 Tablet PC is powered by Tegra 2 processor with high performance GeForce GPU Computing can be executed smoothly, "Galaxy 2 Galaxy Bath Fire on Fire 2 THD" This game in 3D if it is through a virtual control button or the detection of gravity is to slow down the phenomenon.

Panorama shooting without proper third-party tools
• No good third shot panorama tools

Because the software Samsung GALAXY Tab Tablet PC with a unified shooting, the camera quality is essentially the same, from P1000, P7500, P7310 in today, shooting, photo quality are not changed significantly, so here we refer to the content prior to introduction. (Sony VGP-BPS9/B Battery)
2-megapixel front / rear 3-megapixel

Galaxy Tab P7310 fuselage are built around the camera, front camera can be used for video calls, better rear camera for shooting photos and video. Lateral grip, the upper back of the machine embedded in a 3 megapixel autofocus camera that can shoot up to 2048 × 1536 high resolution photographs (1280 × 720 30fps 720p video), it is next to the design of a flash LED, in automatically when the light switch.

As a digital product, Samsung has done in the shooting of the software is very hard, hit the "camera" icon to enter the recording interface, you can see the entire user interface design easy to use. In addition to a single stroke mode, and all the GALAXY Tab, like native support for the panoramic shot, smile and use the front camera self-timer function. In the configuration, the resolution integrated, white balance, the measure can be manually set, but can also select different effects for the photo shoot. (Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery)

Samsung P7310 multitude of shooting options

Panorama shooting and smiles are the differences between the Galaxy Tab other products which may be the first of eight synthetic images, this process will guide the user to rotate the camera lens, to facilitate the hand-shake or turning too fast for conditions; Xiaolian shot is standard on many digital cameras, the lens to the person photographed, the camera automatically smiled and pressed the shutter button is a nice feature and very useful.
3000000 camera shooting events
3000000 camera from the eight images of the sample from the assembly of panoramic photos (click to enlarge)

Features of the camera phone has become mainstream, and Tablet PC 8.9,10.1 inches in the open-air photo necessarily somewhat unexpected, but the quality of the camera is always at the center of each competition, as committed to the field of 'digital consumer electronics leading manufacturers, Samsung mobile phones, cameras and other product lines have exceptional shooting performance, the Tablet PC is more knowledgeable of their successful experience.

Audio and video playback and evaluation of endurance
* Audio and video playback and evaluation of endurance

Software used: mvideoplayer

The rapid pace of technological development is often surprising, there is a high degree of integration of electronic products, mobile devices are becoming more intelligent, such as frequency GHz phone, 3D eye, a laptop or a bar popular dual-core PC hardware market for the race in full swing, and the configuration of the accumulation can not help but ask, do not connect the power of these machines for how long? Samsung P7310 8.9 inch internal life 6100mAh lithium polymer battery then?

In fact, the decision of the Tablet PC battery life by many factors, in addition to the brightness of the screen, operating practices, interface, power, sound, size and other non-standard factors, the processor, the battery capacity and operating systems of these same factors also indirectly affect the life, the video playback application is one of the tablet core, the product is currently evaluating the nearest the endurance of a practical and objective. (Sony VGP-BPS9A Battery)
Endurance depends on many factors

Speaking of video playback, but also the Tablet PC is an important application, the Samsung P7310 is equipped with a video player, if you want to play RMVB format movie, you need a third-party software, Android cell system, the mvideoplayer greatest video playback software, benefits rockplayer, moboplayer, three software and disadvantages, here we use words better mvideoplayer mouth to be tested.
Android cellular system, video player, the three main
Use video MoboPlayer play (Sony VGP-BPS9B Battery)

Select the advantage of reading software from third parties, all without video format conversion. moboplayer use ffmpeg decoder to decode the packet, in theory, can play almost all video formats, mainly because of restrictions on the performance of equipment and the video resolution and constraints of speed of resolution frequency is too low or large media files, there may be an image and sound is not synchronized, etc., see below on the plate in the Tegra 2 will not happen.

We are a section of MKV, RMVB, WMV video format to copy the Samsung P7310 and the moboplayer to play three videos can be played normally. Although the tablet is not designed for HDMI, but the devices can still be high-definition video output, you need to buy accessories.

Smooth battery life playing video 6 hours 17 minutes

We use the Samsung P7310 MP4 film playing a source. First, the screen brightness to medium high, medium volume with headphones selection and close the various models of the "Auto Sleep", "automatically adjust brightness" function, the WiFi network status video test loop until the battery runs out when played continuously for six hours and 17 minutes of video (the performance of different applications of different life), built-in lithium polymer battery 6100mAh for P7310 to Samsung has also reached the mainstream of the plate dominant cellular standard (Sony VGP-BPS10 Battery).

Further potential applications review system based
* The completed application system based on the potential revision

Operating system, the Samsung P7310 Tablet PC pre-loaded Android 3.1 Chinese version of the system before our assessment of the P7500 with exactly the same, may be due to reasons of product promotion cycle, and have not upgraded to the latest version 3.2, but believe that there is a complete official introduced. Different from other cell flat, uniform application of its own Samsung TouchWiz developed Tab GALAXY 4.0 interface, it is a popular review of the system by modifying the user interface, adding new features and other means to improve the user experience.
Samsung P7310 revision 3.1 of the Android operating system
Cellular system to provide the panel interface Task Manager of the fault can not close the program, the user wants to completely close an application, often using third party software to complete, but has only a very small number of these product management software pre-installed tasks, Samsung observed in every detail, P7310 combines the task manager, memory clean up these utilities, through the interface of the system below the arrow to start, while the timing , World Clock, screenshots, sketch memo, calculator, and music can be transferred through the shortcut bar, very convenient to use. (Sony VAIO PCG-5K1L Battery)
Samsung has developed the system extensions Android 3.1
System interface is better than the Samsung's native system interface

Application icon, define the interface, compared to the native system Android, the Samsung P7310 icon on the revised system is more rounded and full, set the interface, although the structure changes little, but it seems more elegant, has not lost on Apple iOS, dare efforts in this area for "hard to do," the company is none other than the current non-Samsung, the relative movement of other manufacturers are still relatively conservative.

Assessment Summary:

The PC software market is mature with another, the system Android Tablet PC is not perfect, missing function, the initial performance is not satisfactory third-party developers, then they need to carry flat-panel manufacturers first application of the banner. Actually get the product, we found that manufacturers are not willing to do more, but fortunately, more interested in the Samsung human experience, the P1010, P7500 and P7310 are used today, the design evaluation TouchWiz interface, the operation more efficient. (Sony VAIO VGN-AR630)

Summer, we presented a P7500 10.1-inch, fall ushered in a P7310 8.9-inch, long ago, in Berlin, Germany IFA, Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Tab Tablet PC 7.7, with 7, 7-inch touch screen, if still in use with the P1010 7 inch, then the Samsung Tablet PC market will be at least four different configurations of different sizes of products, diversified market strategy has been established. Since the pile of material has been difficult to succeed in the mobile space and to use part of their experience in the IT field and the upstream edge, the product down to, do not experience a chance to compete with Apple in the future to catch the market.