July 20 [Wed], 2005, 18:45
Like yay, tomorrow I should go to confirmation school's camp.
I bet that it will be like nightmare, 'cause I don't know anyone of them, and at the "meetings" everyone'd just laughed at me.
Then there's one of the big brothers [I don't know what do they call it in english and such] teased me, when I was on seventh and eight class.
Thank god he's not in our school anymore, I wouldn't take it anymore at the nineth class.
So yes, he's one year older than me, but he's acting like 10-year-old kid.
A week without yaoi, _what a nightmare_.

I really do wonder, what I'll put on to BLOOD's consert.
I ordered one corset from RorasaH [], but I won't get it in time.
And I bet that I won't find anything, which'll fit with my skirt and victim boots.
But hopefully I'll find something nice.

Just came back in, walked MINAMI for a while.
Hmmh, he's sometimes just so stupid puppy.

I was going to write something but I forgot it like usually.

First post 

July 20 [Wed], 2005, 2:04
Yay, first post in here.

The day went by pretty well, only that my victim-lolita shoes killed my feet, or mostly.
Never walked so much with them without stockings.
And yeah, I still remember that when we went to Kamppi with Nora and Qia, and there were that tiny store, there were mirrors almost everywhere. Qia was like "OMFG I CAN SEE UNDER YOUR SKIRT!"
What can I do for it that I like to wear short skirts?
No, I'm not trying to be any kind of slut, like someone'd say about me, I bet.
And with that makeups, maybe.
But well anyway, that was two days ago.

I'm tired but can't sleep.
There's spider somewhere in my bed... fucking Arachnophobia.
I just so do hope that I could heal it somehow, but no.
Mommy doesn't allow me to use any kind of medicine, 'cause she's afraiding that I'll try to make suicide once again.
Why would I do so?
Well okay, too many reasons are pushing me to do suicide, but anyway.
Of course I could go to sleep on the living room's couch, but I also afraid of dark.
Not nice at all.
I hope that at least MINAMI [chihuahua puppy~] can sleep, even that I'm listening Jrock with almost maximum volume.
Hotwaxsex... not.
Oh shit, maybe I should stop drinking coffee almost ten cups durning the day.

Randomly I remembered that one day I saw a girl, who has five piecerings on her tongue.
It looked very nice.
I'd love to take even one, but parents won't allow it either.
But then again, they didn't realize that I've taken navel piecering on november.
It grew out and I had to take it off, how sad.
Maybe someday I'll take new one.

Maybe I've got too sharp corner teeth [only know the word in finnish and I'm too lazy to take dictonary].
I was sucking one button and bit it, and now it's in two parts.
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