Okay I... 

2008年03月15日(土) 5時44分

...Haven't been here in like.. forever O__O;
Well what i have to say, pretty much nothing >.> as always lol,
but okay let's go straight to the point.
I'm bored 8D !!!
Tomorrow gotta go wrok,
yeah fuck . . . but whateva. it's fun after all 8D

Yesteday I got something I won't never forget damnit,
it made me melt literally.

lei non sa quanto significa per me,
e forse mai riuscirò a esprimerlo completamente;
quello che so è che il mio cuore è suo.

Ormai lei è tutto ciò che significa x me,
il mio obiettivo è poterle dire "TI AMO" guardandola negli occhi e tenendole la mano.
Spero che tutto questo si realizzerà al più presto, sono stufa di aspettare...

Anche ciò che accompagnava il fiore era dannatamente stupendo,
quelle piccole frasi dedicate a me, e a me soltanto..
Riesce a farmi sentire importante e il suo amore e supporto è tutto ciò che voglio.





I'm starting to get "fanarts"..
It's just amazing, wonderful.. >D
I feel loved, finally.
Thank you !!!

Well nothing more to say right now !!

Suckey Day >> 

2008年01月31日(木) 23時27分
Hell yeah, Suckey day yushh !!! 8D
>>;;...okay today sucks major asses ya know?
I fucking woke up with the curses escaping my
mouth like normal words and hell
im very proud of myself.. 8D
not that in the other days i don't curse >>
but whatevah.. well, that was the woke up part..
I spent a lot of fucking time searching for my
apparently lost phone O_O;
The question would obviously be..
"wtf is wrong with you?" >>
Ugh.. ok i found it in my bed though >>

Lalala Ohhh let's spread some Elmo love 8D

Well i stole this pic from JasmineYou's blog XD
I wanna poke elmo's nose so fucking badly GOSH!
and his eyeballs too O.o
Blaaah as you can realize by yourself this is one of my lame posts...
I was bored..


2008年01月23日(水) 20時12分
..this post conteins °boobs°..
so if you are an under aged or something,
leave now >> ! kthx..

Okay fellows, here we go, this HAD to be showed:

yeah yeah ..
the question now is...
wtf is wrong with the boobs of this chick?!
We will never know.. (_ _)||
But they are ODD !!!!
she has a boob under her armpit , hell yeah cool ! >>
okay i guess this was so lame ya?ya >>
but hell!
i hope mine will never be like that >>it could be frustrating !!!
Today i called for a jobby 8DDD
Well i called a lot of people lately >> either showing up to them >>
Fuck i woke up at this odd hour cause the goddamn chicks don't work in the afternoon ...
whatevah.. i so need fucking money,
i cant wait anymore, damnit >>
duh duh...
hopeing that this fucking job will come soon,
i go to fucking eat.

See ya !!


I oddly feel like.... 

2008年01月22日(火) 0時05分
..Play Resident Evil so badly O__O;;
ya ya >.> the Nemesis one !! *-*
i mean that dude rocks !
He chases you saying "zzzzzzztarzzz" awww,
that's the real meaning of cuteness !
And btw...

Isn't he adorable!?
Yaaaa !!!! 8D

Gna, it's sooo fucking cold, wtf?!
And that fucking bastard of a sun,
a weak one of a shit, that pisses me off, honestly...
It was snowing badly my BIRD-day *o*
But it soon stopped i was like "NAAAAH WTF?;__;"
But duh...

This foocha day started wrong >.>
I woke up late (cause they woke me up >.<)
and i fucking realized that there were NOTHING
to fucking eat as breakfast..
I mean I'm not a fan of breakfast but wtf?!...
I had my cappuccino >.> (again) and stop @___@
i don't fuackin' feel like go to buy food >.>
Today is a lazy day u.u
deal with that !!!


Okaaaaay, well.. 

2008年01月21日(月) 2時31分
First post evah 8D
It took me ages to figure all this out, and with the instructions, i took..uhm.. some good hours to complete all !!
Special thanks to Kira who helped me greatly with the thingy she gave meh, thanks baby 8D

Uhm, ya being the first post evah,
it will be laaaaame >.>;; Ya ! Deal with my lame-ness,
due to the fact my tummy asks for food 8D
Pff, right, when I'm hungry i can't fucking produce a single shit >.>
Lmao firts post evah ;___; -hugs her post-
>.> <.<

Ohhh yeah, I figured out I live in something called "Silent Hill"..


Isn't that hella creepy !?!
There was a zombie walking around but when i took da pic he ran away scared 8D !
Just kidding obviously >.>
But he fog sometimes creeps me out DXXX !!!


Sayonara fellows >]

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